Throne and Liberty: Patch Notes (January 10)

Throne and Liberty: Patch Notes (April 11)

Take a look to the updates applied through regular maintenance on Wednesday, January 10, 2024.​ The patch notes were translated from Korean from the official website, so we apologize for any translation errors.

Milestone: Change and Challenges

Changes are coming to Ruins of Turayne, the land of the dead

  • Dynamic event “Dark Destroyers” is now open with new rules.
  • The revived priest ‘Adentus’ appears.
  • Ruins of Turayne Boonstone and and Adentus Riftstone will be unlocked.
  • [Boonstone] Turane Ruins
  • [Field Boss] Adentus
  • [Guild Raid] Adentus
  • [Riftstone] Adentus
  • [Dynamic Event] Dark Destroyers

‘Sanctum of Desire’, a secret place for demons with an insatiable thirst for knowledge is now open

  • Junobote, the seeker of destruction, appears. 
  • [Dungeon] Sanctum of Desire
  • [Field Boss] Junobote
  • [Guild Raid] Junobote

※ ‘Sanctum of Desiree’ can only be entered when it rains.

Update details

The effects of some skills are changed

  • We are continuously improving the combat between Greatswords and Staffs, and further improvements are scheduled for January 17th.
  • Fixed an issue where some skills behaved abnormally.

※ In the case of battle balance, we plan to continuously monitor the gameplay situation and improve it.

​■ Dagger

  • Fixed a bug where the poison effect would not be applied when fighting high and low with ranged weapons after using [Inject Venom].

■ Greatsword

  • The specialization effect of [Precision Dash (Epic)] has been changed.
EpicAttack distance increased by 10%When hit, Heavy Attack Chance is increased by 160 for 3 seconds.
  • Targets that are immune to the stun effect of [Stunning Blow] and [Iron Point Parry] are given the ‘Shock’ effect instead of ‘Stun’.
  • Added “Shock” to the damage multiplier targets for [Death Blow].
  • Fixed an issue where the next 1 skill damage bonus would not work after a successful parry with [Iron Point Parry (Epic)].
  • Fixed an issue where [Devastating Tornado] would cut off during use.

​※ The following content is scheduled for further improvement on January 17th.
– Each time [Valiant Brawl] hits the target with a hard strike, the cooldown time of [Valiant Brawl] is reduced.
– If [Stunning Blow] hits hard, the duration of ‘stun’ increases by 1 second.
– If [Ascension Slash] hits with a hard strike, the duration of ‘Prone’ increases by 1 second.
– The effect of [Cold Warrior] has been changed.

Uncommon, Rare, EpicIncreased critical strike on stunned targets
(225 to 360 by level)
Stuns, increases damage to shocked targets
(180 to 288 by level)
Epic specializationIncreases blow against stunned target by 75Critical hit increases by 90 when stunned or shocked.

■ Staff 

  • Instead of dealing 1 additional damage, [Chain Lightning] deals amplified damage to the burning target.
Uncommon, RareAdditional 4% of basic damage per 1 stack of burningDamage from [Chain Lightning] increases by 2% per stack of burning.
EpicAdditional 9% of basic damage per 1 stack of burning[Chain Lightning] damage increases by 4% per stack of burning.
  • The effect of [Asceticism] has been changed.
UncommonIncreases Mana Regeneration after not moving for 5 secondsIncreases Mana Regeneration after not moving for 4 seconds
RareIncreases Mana Regeneration after not moving for 4 secondsIncreases Mana Regeneration after not moving for 3 seconds
EpicIncreases Mana Regeneration after not moving for 3 secondsIncreases Smite Hit by 100 while Mana Regeneration is increased

​- The effect of [Forbidden Sanctuary] has been changed to increase skill damage instead of increasing mana consumption.

EpicDamage 2 or more people with one attack
When applied, damage reduction increases for 3 seconds (12~20 by level).
Mana consumption efficiency is reduced by 15%
Skill damage amplification increases (100~140 by level).

​- The effect of [Echoic Barrier] has been changed.

EpicWhen affected by a silence effect, silence resistance increases for 45 seconds.
If you are silenced while the effect is active, your silence resistance increases further (440 to 640 by level).
Reduces the duration of silence effects by 2 seconds.
If silenced, asleep, or rooted, Resistance increases for 9 seconds (440 to 640 by level).

​- Fixed an issue where [Ice Spear] was not affected by the range increase effect.

​※ The following content is scheduled for further improvement on January 17th.

  •  The special effect of [Flame Condensation (Epic)] has been changed.
EpicBurning duration increased by 0.6 secondsPer 1 stack of burning applied to the target increases skill’s slam hit by 10.
  • A hard hit from [Judgment Lightning] grants an additional use, and a second hard hit from [Judgment Lightning] reduces the cooldown.
  • When [Inferno Wave] hits, 2 ignition is applied to nearby targets.
  • [Lord of Frost] The movement speed reduction effect of this ice-type skill is applied as a ‘frost effect’ effect.
  • Adds a caster-applied “Frost” target to the AoE conditions of [Mystic Shield], [Chain Lightning], and [Judgment Lightning].

Some rules and rewards for Dynamic events have been changed

  • The acquisition rights for event items obtained from dynamic events have been changed.
  • The proportion of ‘Performance Reward’, which is a participation reward, has been increased so it can be earned with a higher percentage.
  • We’ve changed some rules to make it easier to run dynamic events when a large number of people are involved.

■ Event items drop

  • Changed drop rights for event items at dynamic events.
BeforeHighest contribution to killing monsters
AfterAuthorizes 1 of the characters who contributed to the monster kill (proportional to their cumulative contribution)
Change acquisition permissions to not be shared with party members
Event items only last 10 seconds after being dropped

■ Reward weighting

  • Rank rewards that were previously available up to 100th place are now available up to 150th place.
  • Changed rank/luck/performance rewards for dynamic events.
    • Reduced the amount of top rank rewards and luck rewards, and roughly doubled the amount of performance rewards.

■ Event Rules

  • In [Lift the Moonlight Spell], the number of Wolf Runes that can be used has been changed from the maximum of 2000 to 9999.
  • In [Desert Caravan], the limited quantity that can be delivered to each shipyard has been increased from 1,500 to 5,000.
  • In [Requiem of Light], when the requiem is activated, monsters possessed by evil spirits have been changed to appear at certain intervals.​​

Improved party playability

  • Some improvements have been made to the ‘Find a Party’ system.
  • The rules related to party contribution have been improved.

■ Party recruitment

  • A function to update the [Find a Party] list has been added.
    : [Find a Party] – Use [Refresh]
    : Search for party recruitment posts
  • A shortcut key has been added to immediately open the [Find a Party] window.
    : Can be set in [Preferences] – [Shortcuts] – [UI].
  • [Find a Party] A business card is provided that allows you to immediately check the information of the party leader who posted the post.
  • The chat in the [Find a Party] channel has been changed to display in [Chat] – [All Messages].​

■ Party

  • When a party member is in another area, we’ve improved to show their location directly.

■ Party contribution

  • The right to acquire items has been changed to apply to members of the same party with the same probability regardless of their contribution.​

The rules for earning “Activity Points” have changed

  • The amount of activity points provided has been changed depending on the content.
  • Changed the weighting of activity points based on performance difficulty for the same type of content.

■ Guild Contract

  • The contribution limit for activity points paid in Guild Contract has been removed.
  • Additional activity points for each ranking that were awarded in Guild Contract have been deleted.​

■ Paola’s Dimension Circle

  • The activity points that can be obtained from Paola’s Dimension Circle have been increased.
Specter’s Abyss1020
Temple of Roar1035
Underground Cave of Desperation1040
Death’s Abyss1050
Temple of Slaughter1050
Underground Cave of Destruction1050
Cursed Wasteland1050
Butcher’s Canyon1050
Tyrant’s Isle1050

■ Mystic Globe / Mystic Portal

  • The scores provided from Mystic Globe and Mystic Portal have been changed.
Mystic Globe2010
Mystic Portal5025

■ Field Boss / Archboss

  • The score has been changed depending on the region where the Boss appears.
Morokai, Excavator-9205
Chernobog, Talus2010
Malakar, Cornelius2020
Ahzreil, Minezerok, Kowazan, Adentus, Junobote, Grand Aelon, Nirma, Aridus2025
Queen Bellandir, Tevent10050

■ Guild Raid

  • The number of points that can be earned when challenging a high-level guild raid has been increased.
Morokai, Excavator-92020
Chernobog, Talus2040
Malakar, Cornelius2080
Ahzreil, Minezerok, Kowazan, Adentus, Junobote, Grand Aelon, Nirma, Aridus20100

■ Dynamic events

  • Scores are applied differently depending on the region where the local event occurs.
  • In the case of dynamic events where multiple first place winners are announced, the scores for each rank have been adjusted.
The Wolf Hunting Contest1 to 551 to 20
Starlight Stones Ritual (7 Ranking Announcements)1 to 251 to 10
Lantern Seed Festival1 to 551 to 80
Hidden Brown Mica (4 Ranking Announcements)1 to 551 to 25
Desert Caravan1 to 551 to 115
Blood Mushroom Gathering1 to 551 to 115
Stop the Mana Frenzy1 to 551 to 120
Operation: Talisman Delivery (4 Ranking Announcements)1 to 351 to 36
Requiem of Light1 to 551 to 150
Festival of Fire1 to 551 to 150
Lift the Moonlight Spell1 to 551 to 150
Dark Destroyers1 to 551 to 150

Improved operability

  • Improved the usability of Action Mode.

​■ Action mode

  • A function has been added to automatically select a target close to you when attempting an attack without a target.
    : You can set it in the [Preferences] – [Gameplay] – [Character] – [2nd priority: Priority selection of nearby targets] options.​

Adjusted the gameplayplay experience of some content/systems

  • Added Dissolve Rewards to change unwanted rewards into opportunities to earn other rewards.
  • The types of Greatswords that can be obtained from Paola’s Dimension Chest have been added.
  • Changed the reward experience for monsters and Archbosses.

■ Paola’s Dimension Chest

  • Magnaduke Broadsword has been added as a reward for Paola’s Dimension Chest.
ItemSkill effectDetailed Effects
[Magnaduke Broadsword]Magnaduk’s Berserk[Stunning Blow] If the skill causes a stun or shock effect, increases close range strike by 50 for 6 seconds

■ Paola’s Dimension Circle: Epic Equipment

  • You can additionally obtain ‘Dimensional Crystal’ when dissolving epic equipment acquired within Paola’s Dimension Circle.
  • We provide 12 weapons and 6 armors and accessories.

■ Monster Rewards Rules

  • Damage caused by falling damage has been changed to be excluded from monster rewards contribution.​

■ Archboss Changes

  • Archboss Queen Bellandir’s maximum vitality has been increased by 50%.
  • The quantity of epic equipment dropped by Archboss ‘Queen Bellandir’ and ‘Tevent’ has increased.
  • Among the epic equipment indicated in the drop list, 4 items are guaranteed to be dropped according to a set probability.​​

Exploration Codex improved

– Fixed some inconsistencies in exploration codex progression.

■ Exploration Codex

  • Nesting Grounds
    : [Seeds Popping]’s goal of ‘Defeat Tradepack Goblin at the Lantern Seed Festival’ has been changed to ‘Obtain performance rewards at the Lantern Seed Festival’.
    : [Seeds Popping]’s goal of ‘deliver double rewards at the Lantern Seed Festival’ has been changed to ‘during the first Lantern Seed Festival, deliver at least once to all three Watson Brothers’.
  • Sandworm Lair
    : In [Blood Mushroom’s Seduction] Changed goal from “Have 80 Mushroom Spittle from blood mushroom harvest” to “Have 70 Mushroom Spittle from blood mushroom harvest”
    : In [Blood Mushroom’s Seduction], the goal of ‘Collecting Giant Blood Mushrooms from Blood Mushroom Harvesting’ has been changed to ‘Obtaining performance Rewards from Blood Mushroom Harvesting.’
  • Manawastes
    : Changed the objective in [Barrier Improvement Request] to “Defeat an Enchanted Imp Lancer, an Enchanted Sand Basilisk, an Enchanted Evil Eye, and an Enchanted Evil Eye Sentry”.
  • Shattered Temple
    : The goal of [Requiem to Seal the Darkness] of ‘Activate the Requiem at the Requiem of Light’ has been changed to ‘Obtain performance rewards at the Requiem of Light’.
  • Ruins of Turayne
    : [Chaos for Purification]’s goal of has been changed to ‘Holding 80 chaotic beasts from Dark Destroyers’.
  • Akidu Valley
    : The goal of [No Magic to give the Orcs], ‘Defeat theCruel Orc Butcher in Operation: Talisman Delivery’, has been changed to ‘Obtain performance rewards in Operation Talisman Transfer.’​​

Equipment effects modified

  • The skill effects of some epic equipment have been improved and modified.

■ Effect modification

  • The Greatswords ‘Shock’ effect has been added to the equipment skill conditions for [Junobote’s Destroyer Blade] and [Tevent’s Despair Blade].​

■ Error correction

  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Queen Bellandir’s Explosive Insect’ effect of [Queen Bellandir’s Domination Wand] inflicted damage to friendly and neutral targets.
  • [Lequirus’s Thorny Edge]’s ‘Lequirus’s Gale Blade’ effect has been modified to apply only when the dagger’s maneuver skill is used.
    : Fixed an issue where the dagger’s maneuver skill would not activate when using another weapon’s maneuver skill or while using another weapon.​


■ System Modification

  • Contract Token: Fixed an issue where Dimensions were not properly aligned within bags.
  • The dissolution rewards for Reindeer Hood and Giant Star Tree have been removed.
  • Fixed an issue where Amitoi did not acquire event items when the bag was full.​

■ Content modification

  • [Taedal’s Tower] The issue where the wrong minimap was displayed on the first floor of Taedal’s Tower has been fixed.
  • [Archboss] The issue where the Peace Archboss event was displayed as Conflict in the tooltip has been fixed.
  • An issue where, when changing the guild emblem, the emblem would not change until the game restarted, has been corrected.
  • In the tooltip for Queen Bellandir’s ‘Contaminated Body Fluid’ debuff, ‘Sandworm’s Neutralizer’ has been changed to ‘Queen Blendy’s Deadly Poison Neutralizer’.
  • An issue where different BGM was played in some areas of the Moonlight Desert has been fixed.
  • The Gigantrite reward provided as an additional Christmas event has been removed.
  • Fixed an issue where mushroom spittle was not consumed when collecting some blood mushrooms in [Dynamic Event> Blood Mushroom Gathering].
  • Fixed an issue where Ahzreil’s location was different from the field when entering the instant space inside the ‘Ahzreil Riftstone’ of the Shattered Temple.
  • Fixed an issue where certain skills of Ahzreil were not hit when the boss of theShattered Temple was out of sight.
  • Fixed an issue where progress would be reset when dying while completing a dynamic event objective in the Exploration Codex.
  • An issue where the quest level limit for Canina Village quest manager Olin was set to level 46 has been corrected to level 45.
  • Some of the terrain on Saurodoma Island has been modified to make it impossible to enter the interior except for Gigantrite.​

■ Adventure Codex Modification

  • [Act 4. The Terrific Trio of Carmine Forest > Mysterious Lithograph Book > Crafting one of the high-quality accessories] We have corrected an issue where the ‘Crude Meditation Belt’ was not completed.
  • [Act 7. Sandstorm Overlord> Luring Device Mana Source] The issue where the target marker for re-entry is not displayed when leaving the instant space has been fixed.​

■ UI modifications

  • An additional menu has been applied so that you can check the details of box items in special dungeons.
  • An issue where the party pop-up UI was displayed after death in some situations has been fixed.
  • An issue where search could not be performed using the “Enter” key in some UIs has been fixed.
  • On the world map, the pop-up position has been adjusted so that the instantaneous stone pop-up does not cover the instantaneous stone UI.
  • Fixed an issue where the minimap transparency setting slider was always exposed.
  • Fixed an issue where the gamepad HUD friendly target UI and NPC target UI were displayed overlapping.​

■ Graphic Errors

  • An issue where some quality options were saved incorrectly when setting using the [Simple Overall Settings] function in [Settings] – [Graphics] – [Quality] has been fixed.
    • This phenomenon will be reflected normally if you re-perform the batch settings once.​


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