Throne and Liberty – FAQs

1) What kind of game is Throne and Liberty?

  • It’s a MMORPG (not isometric view) set in a fantasy world, for PC and Consoles. It’s not set in The Lineage universe, the game set in a new world with new characters, continents and rules.

2) What kind of content does Throne and Liberty have?

  • Combat system influenced by weather and time of day (day/night)
  • Ability to turn into different creatures, from fish, birds and boars to siege golems
  • Quests, exploration and puzzles
  • Battle with different bosses, PvP, inter-player wars, castle sieges

3) When will Throne and Liberty be released?

  • There is no exact date, but it is expected to be in the second half of 2022. Unofficially there is talk of November 2022. The launch is planned to be global.

4) What game engine is the game being developed on? What are the system requirements?

  • There is no exact information, but it is supposed to be developed in Unreal Engine 4. There are no system requirements yet.

5) Who is the publisher and what regions/countries will the game be released in?

  • It was announced to be released in North America and Asia. Published by local NCSoft offices (NCSoft West, NCSoft Taiwan, etc.), but some partners may be involved. No plans have been announced for a full transfer of publishing rights in any region/country.

6) What is known about localization languages?

  • In February, localization into 12 languages was announced. In addition to Korean and English, Japanese (jp), Chinese (中文 – 繁體) and Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt) are indirectly confirmed.

7) Which platforms will Throne and Liberty be released on?

  • It was announced that the game will be released simultaneously on PC and Consoles, versions for Windows, Mac, PlayStation, Xbox and Steam are being prepared for release, there is no information about support for previous generation consoles. There will be no cross-play. The game has been confirmed for release through Purple.

8) Will Throne and Liberty have Blockchain and NFT technology?

  • No information at the moment. Currently, no NCSoft game supports these technologies, although it was previously reported that these technologies were being studied for implementation in new projects.

9) How many players are the servers designed for, and what is known about regional restrictions?

  • Server architecture, regional and online restrictions are still in question, there is no exact information. The game trailer shows groups of 100 to 150 players in a small venue.
  • Previous games were launched on Amazon Corporation servers.

10) How many classes will there be in Throne and Liberty?

  • We play as humans, but in the universe there are elves and orcs. Your class depends on your choice: you can choose 2 weapons and upgrade them, you can change your choice at any time. There is no classic “holy trinity” in the game, the player creates a class for himself.

11) RvR game? what about guild system and pvp/pk?

  • Guild system has been announced, but no details. The presence of RvR is unlikely.

12) Project E and Throne and Liberty?

  • Project E is being developed in the same universe as TL, but the game will take place on a neighboring continent. The game has been in the design stage for about a year and is now moving into the active development phase. Some of the ideas and developments not included in TL will go into Project E, events will cross over within the same universe. There is a theory that Project E will not be an mmorpg, but a game of a similar genre (game-service, battle royale), but this is a rumor.
    Considering that active development is just beginning, Project E will probably be released in 2 or 3 years. Created in Unreal Engine 5.

13) Will there be a CBT of Throne and Liberty? will the game be shown before release?

  • It is not known if there will be CBT, NCSoft’s latest projects have only passed internal testing and NDA testing. In February, NCSoft announced that it revised its community policy and will talk more about its plans. In late April, information surfaced that there might be player testing, but with no details or guarantees.


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