Throne and Liberty Live: 100th Day Celebration, Dungeons, New Coupons and more!

During the Throne and Liberty new stream “TL Live 3” developers talked about updates and event details commemorating TL’s 100th day and the long-term plans for TL’s. This report was made by translating the live content from Korean into English so we apologize for any translation errors.

New Dungeons

A cooperative dungeon will be updated every week for 5 weeks starting next week. It seems that the new dungeon will have rewards designed so that there is something to be gained for every weapon, so you will have to play every dungeon for each dungeon. In addition, since it is a ‘Tier 2’ dungeon with higher difficulty than existing dungeons, survival will be possible only if you pay close attention to your party combination. As the level of difficulty is high, you will be able to supplement abilities that could not be achieved with existing equipment or obtain equipment with a different concept, so you will be able to feel a clear difference in both experience and rewards.

First, three of the five dungeons – Tyrant’s Island, Butcher’s Canyon, and Manawaste – are added as high-level dungeons with new concepts and gimmicks. It’s an enhanced version of the existing dungeon, so it doesn’t just increase your vitality. You have to attack new patterns, and there are patterns that are different from the existing ones, so if you do what you’re used to, you may end up struggling. In April, new dungeons Blood Fury Island and Screaming Torture Chamber will be added. Unlike the dungeon that will be added in March, there is no prior information, and the method of dealing with the boss is expected to be different from before by emphasizing the balance of the entire party and skill combination rather than performing a gimmick.

In preparation for this, ‘party cooperation skill’, an essential element for conquering Tier 2 dungeons, will be added to each weapon in next week’s update. For example, a two-handed sword can designate a party member to take some of the damage received by that party member, and a wand can bring a designated party member to its side. In addition, in addition to the addition of party cooperation skills, there are changes to defense skills, so you must select and use defense skills according to the boss pattern.

Existing cooperative dungeons will also undergo changes. The ‘Challenge’ difficulty level has the same pattern as before, but monsters are strengthened and the reward drop probability increases, which can increase farming speed. In addition, existing set equipment is assigned to each dungeon, providing motivation to play various dungeons. The reward system has also been changed, with the ceiling concept added to all dungeon rewards. Whenever you clear each dungeon, soul stones for each dungeon are dropped, and you can collect them to obtain the hero equipment of the desired dungeon. We are planning to introduce integrated party matching across all servers in early May.

PvP & Guilds

Next, the story about PvP continued. Guild-level interserver PvP surrounding the occupation stone will be added in April. Guilds holding the same dimension stones are field bosses, and guilds holding origin stones hold dynamic events with other server guilds. Since only guilds with occupation stones can enter the content, the power of a single guild is more important than an alliance. During May, server conquest battles will also be changed to guild-level 1:1 battles. Interserver Siege is scheduled to be introduced in June.

Dynamic Events

Improvements to dynamic events were also mentioned. During dynamic events, monsters are greatly strengthened and event loot is dropped in large quantities. And the loot will be distributed in proportion to the contribution to killing the monster. This is a measure to ensure somewhat fair competition, and we plan to modify the content itself in the long term.

100-day commemorative event

Afterwards, the contents of the 100-day commemorative event were revealed. During the event period, you can purchase various items with 100 Solant, and various rewards will be paid as 100-day souvenirs and 100-day mail. There are two events related to dungeons. First, you can receive Dimensional Soul Stones from Paola’s Thank You Letter depending on the number of times you clear the dungeon until March 13th. The exact payment amount will be announced in detail through a notice next week. Boost Festival is an event that speeds up farming by providing discounts on the cost of dimensional point consumption in new dungeons, weekly dimensional point payments, and more dimensional crystals and dimensional soul stones. In addition, various events linked to the community will be held.

Lastly, Producer Ahn Jong-ok said that he prepared this update with great care and that he hopes you will enjoy it. Design director Lee Moon-seop ended the broadcast with a closing statement saying that he and Throne & Liberty will help themselves become better.


▶ About Tier 2 dungeons
ㄴ 1 dungeon per week, 5 new dungeons scheduled to be updated for 5 consecutive weeks
ㄴ Tier 2 dungeons include 3 types of enhanced versions of existing dungeons and 2 types of new dungeons
ㄴ Entry goods are as before, tokens of contract: dimension Consumption. However, there will be changes in token consumption and daily payment amount
. Cooperation skills, which are essential for conquering Tier 2 dungeons, are automatically acquired at level 50. Progression of growth with omnipotent skill book
ㄴ New reward ‘Soul Stone’ is dropped when clearing a dungeon, and introduction of the ceiling concept of collecting them to create dungeon-specific rewards
ㄴ Tier 2 dungeon reward options, set effects are currently being adjusted
ㄴ New equipment information will be announced next week To be released. It is designed to be obtained by clearing new dungeons evenly.

▶ Equipment-related story
ㄴ The existing equipment set was intended to be worn in a mix of 2 sets, so the effect of the 4th set was relatively weak.
ㄴ The new equipment should have satisfactory effects from both the 2nd and 4th sets.
ㄴ I think the Arch Boss weapon is the best in the game. As new equipment comes out, it will be upgraded accordingly
. There are no plans to add the 5th set effect. The intention is to wear a mixture of equipment with high single-site efficiency.
ㄴ We are planning to add quick slots for equipment, but it is difficult to provide clear information on the timing.
ㄴ Legendary grade equipment is planned to be equipment that uses a different system, rather than simply raising the tier.
ㄴ We plan to continuously add new hero equipment.
ㄴ Like this new dungeon equipment, equipment with a high status within the same grade will be added, and transmission is also possible.

▶ Are you intentionally changing the equipment meta?
ㄴ I agree that meta changes happen too often.
ㄴ The update is not being carried out without a plan, and is intended to prevent elements that may worsen the game experience.
ㄴ The change in defense stats at the time of integration of near/far/magic was adjusted based on the judgment that there was a need to increase survivability.
ㄴ Recently. The purpose of the added stat bonus is to provide guidelines for each stat and to alleviate the preference for high-end and rare equipment. ㄴ We
believe that the balance is gradually improving, so you will feel more stable than before from the March update. ㄴ
Strengthen the current accuracy ability. It is expected that the avoidance meta will not last long.
ㄴ Once the evasion meta ends, the importance of other abilities such as endurance and resistance will increase.

▶ Regarding party matching
ㄴ We are preparing a server-wide integrated party matching function.
ㄴ Interserver content is also linked, so adding this function is considered a top priority.

▶ PvP-related story
ㄴ The addition of the arena is expected around summer, the exact date will be announced later.
ㄴ It will take some time to build systems such as rating, ranking, and matchmaking.
ㄴ It is expected that various aspects will emerge when using cooperation skills, which are an element of Tier 2 dungeon strategy.
ㄴ There are no plans to add a 24-hour PvP area because we believe it does not fit the game.

▶ If the occupation war is changed to a declaration method, won’t the guild whose ranking has been lowered due to the server move suffer a loss?
ㄴ The guild ranking calculation method is based on recently acquired activity points, and previously earned points are gradually deducted.
ㄴ Although there may be temporary damage, it is believed that recovery is possible after some time.

▶ The additional bonus to the wisdom stat seems to be insufficient compared to other abilities.
ㄴ Because the effect of the Wisdom stat itself was good, the additional bonus was set to be somewhat small.
ㄴ I’m hoping it will be presented as an option that requires maximum mana. Among this new set, there is an option related to maximum mana.

▶ The number of skills is increasing, but are there any plans to expand slots?
ㄴ I think that changing skills and quick slots to suit the situation is know-how.
ㄴ It is difficult to increase quick slots by the number of added skills. However, in the long term, we will consider slot expansion.

▶ About camp war
ㄴ Camp war is an improvement plan for events in conflict areas.
ㄴ Users who participated in the dynamic event will randomly belong to one of the two camps and proceed with the event.
ㄴ In this form, it seems that even a small number of people will naturally participate in the event.

▶ It is difficult to increase weapon proficiency. Isn’t there a need for skill transfer?
ㄴ We are exploring ways to improve weapon proficiency.
ㄴ We are also talking internally, and we plan to introduce a direction for improvement after comprehensive consideration.

▶ A characteristic transfer function is required.
ㄴ We know that it is difficult to unlock the characteristics of equipment dropped by arch bosses or high-level field bosses.
ㄴ Arch boss characteristics will be unlocked through Tier 2 dungeon play.
ㄴ We are also considering adding an all-purpose unlock stone that can be supplied 1-2 times a month. The exact timing has not been determined.
We are considering ways to lower the hurdle for unlocking characteristics while maintaining the value of the item.

▶ New regional Tolland
ㄴ Scheduled to be added around July.
ㄴ New weapon ‘Spear’ and daily life content will also be added. I will tell you more details later.
ㄴ Before Tolland, we will focus on party-level PvE content, and a 10-person raid will be added after the launch of Tollend.

▶ There are plans for an integrated exchange?
ㄴ Yes but it is difficult to give an exact schedule. 

▶ Some transformation rewards can only be obtained by winning first place in dynamic events. Are there any plans to expand compensation? 
ㄴ Some Army toys, transformations, etc. were assigned rewards in the hope that the person who acquired them would feel proud. 
ㄴ I will consider ways to expand compensation. 

▶ I wish it rained more often
ㄴ There is currently a 20% chance of rain. We will look for ways to increase the frequency compared to now. 

▶ Regarding entry to Saurodoma Island
ㄴ There are no plans yet to make entry to Saurodoma Island easier. 
ㄴ The characteristic of Saurodoma Island is that it cannot be entered at any time, and everyone must enter at the same time. 
ㄴ With this update, we are considering ways to add treasure chests and utilize the characteristics of each dungeon. 

▶ What are the plans for new costumes to be released? 
ㄴ I will show you something good in March. 

▶ Regarding various illegal activities 
ㄴ The use of macros and bots is defined as abusing. 
ㄴ Abusing is an act that goes against the efforts of general users, so we will respond strictly. 
ㄴ Speed ​​hacks, location movement hacks, etc. are being monitored and sanctions are being prepared. 

▶ There is a phenomenon in which friendly targeting is released. 
ㄴ This is a currently recognized phenomenon and a high priority fix. 

New Coupons





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