Throne and Liberty: All CBT Events

NCSOFT has planned several events for the Throne and Liberty beta test in Korea. Here you can find all the details of the events, how to participate and what the prizes will be.

Personalization (TL셀소)

Share your character during the CBT period. 50 winners will be selected.

Winners will be announced on June 15, 2023.

■  How to participate

[Official website] – [Community] – [Participate in the event] Upload an image with an introduction. You can use any title you want, but you must include the phrase [TL 셀소]

■  Event reward

The 50 winners will receive a Gifticon, which will be sent to the information registered when signing up for the CBT.

Video Contest (TL 영상 ೵모전)

Create a video of your CBT experience and share it between May 24 and June 4.

The winners will be announced on June 15, 2023.

The video can be about any experience you have had while participating in CBT.

■  How to Participate

1Make a video about Thrones and Liberty during the beta testing period
2Upload the video to YouTube or Afreeca TV
3Post it on the forum, [Official Website] – [Community] – [Event Participation], including in the title [TL 영상 공모전].

Include the following keywords in the title and hashtag.

TitleInclude both keywords in the title: 쓰론 앤 리버티, 베타 테스트
hashtagInclude at least 3 of the following 5 keywords: #Life, #TL, #Life, #ThroneandLiberty, #Life

■  Event reward

1st Price2nd Price3rd Price
GeForce RTX 3060STORM X Dual OCD6 12GBDeathStalker V2
Pro TKL Keyboard
Razer Death Adder V230 Mouse

Raslan Dream Team

During the CBT period, join a guild and complete guild quests! 10 guilds will be randomly chosen from the guilds that have completed the quests, and all guild members will receive the reward.

The winners will be announced on June 15, 2023.

■  How to participate

Join a guild and complete the following quests

1) Reach guild level 5.

2) After reaching Guild Level 5, defeat Guild Raid: Morcus (Normal) at least once.

■  Event reward

10 guilds will be raffled among all those who have completed the quests and all members of those guilds will receive Gifticons that will be sent to the information you entered when signing up for the CBT.

How much do you know about TL?

During the CBT, the GMs will host a daily event. Solve the daily quiz in the [GM Daily] announcements and get the rewards! The more people participate, the better the rewards.

Rewards will be delivered to the email at 12:00 the next day.

■  Event reward

Number of people participating in the event. Reward 
1,000+ 500 leaves of the world tree 
2,000+ Starburst Bundle (1000) x1 
3,000+ Starburst Bundle (2000) x1 
5,000+ 1 GM Cheer Box
8,000+ 2 GM Cheer Box
GM Cheer BoxObtain the following items: World Tree Leaves x1000, Recovery Arcana x20, Stellar Booms x2000 

A memory

During the beta test period, take a screenshot framing a memory from Throne and Liberty. 50 people will be selected and will receive a gift.

The winners will be announced on June 15, 2023.

■ How to participate

Upload an image and its story to the forum, including in the title [추억 한 컷]  and the hashtags #TL, #쓰론앤리버티, #추억한컷

upon sharing it on social networks to increase the chances of winning.

■  Event reward

The 50 winners will receive a Gifticon, which will be sent to the information entered when signing up for the CBT.



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