All the details of Throne and Liberty Director’s Preview

NCSOFT posted a ten minute video dedicated to their upcoming MMORPG Throne and Liberty on their YouTube channel. The developers repeated previously known information, but also revealed more details of the game and showed new images

The word “Throne” in the game title refers to the battles and competition between players, while “Liberty” refers to the freedom to enjoy adventures in a dynamic game world, and all this is united by the setting. According to the developers, the essence of MMOs is to meet more players and the communities that are created with a wide variety of people, and it was for this reason that the decision was made to combine the game world in a common zoneEach player writes his own adventure story, and in the future they will be able to share the experience and memories, which will be completely different from the experience of other players. 

As an example, the producer talked about a dungeon, which can be entered immediately from the main zone of the game. It has several floors, each of which is a separate space combined into a common area. If you wish, it will be possible to immediately go down to the lower floor, to help or attack those who are already in the dungeon.    

The game world is fully alive and adapts to the environment, be it weather conditions or player actions. Those players who understand the rules of this world and are also able to adapt to it, will discover a variety of opportunitiesThe surrounding area, depending on the circumstances, will change and feel different, leading to the beginning of intriguing events that will occur sequentially and with a certain probability. 

Predictable events, such as the change of day and night, will allow players to plan in advance, while changes in weather and strong gusts of wind will require some reaction and adaptation. The environment is important to make small but important changes. They fill the world with a sense of life and fill your game with bright colors. 

The developers created a strong story for Throne and Liberty, although they are convinced that the most important story in an MMO is the one created by the players themselves. In the backstory of Throne and Liberty, you’ll see the connection between the present, the past, and the future, and experience centuries-old stories that transcend time .

In Throne and Liberty , the developers decided to abandon the traditional character class systemgiving players an independent choice of what role they want to play in the game, depending on the situation. This is accomplished by changing the character’s weapon.  The Free Class system, which the developers are very proud of, will allow players to control the finer aspects of combat at the micro level, creating many combinations.  

Throne and Liberty - Free Class system
Throne and Liberty - Free Class system
Throne and Liberty - Free Class system
Throne and Liberty - Free Class system

The studio spent a lot of time developing rules for PvP battles.  The main goal is to allow players to decide for themselves whether they want to participate in battles with each other or not. Most areas of the game are safe zones. But with the arrival of competitive content, like special events or boss raids, PvP is available in certain places. Players can choose in advance if they want to participate or not. In whatever area the player is in, they can always see what events and competitions are planned and avoid open PvP territories if they wish. Battles last about 20 minutes, and participation in them will bring glory to players. 

There will also be areas where battles will only be available to guilds . Two special items can be possessed during Guild Wars, the Origin Stone and the Dimension Stone. Both stones are collectively called the Stones of Possession. By getting the stones, your guild will be able to expand its capabilities, as well as acquire raw materials. To get these stones, they will have to participate in bloody battles. To defeat the enemy, it is necessary to understand the terrain and know the location of the Possession Stones, calculating strategy and tactics.    

Throne and Liberty will be released for PC and consoles , with each version having its own interface. It will also be possible to play on mobile devices through the streaming service . 

Visually, the game promises to be bright and detailed. An example is the facial expressions of the NPCs. It will be possible to customize the appearance of the character based on real photos using an AI. Also, the appearance can be changed after the hero’s creation. 

Throne and Liberty is intended to be an MMO with infinite simultaneous players, so the developers put a lot of work into optimizing the game. The team promises to make TL as smooth as possible.

Throne and Liberty is scheduled to release in the first half of 2023 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series.



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