Alleged Alpha Tester give details about Throne and Liberty

This is an eventful week! at least regarding leaks. Throne and Liberty is currently being tested internally by Amazon Games and the test is under strict NDA. But, in an unofficial Discord server, there’s a person claiming to be one of the Alpha testers, and he answer a few questions about the game.

This is not official information, and is not confirmed by Amazon Games in any way. That being said, here’s a translation of the questions and his answers about Throne and Liberty:

Q. On Korean forums, they said that melee classes are not recomended, due to the combat system. Are there any advantages for mages and archers?

A. The tester plays as a mage and the gameplay is good. We don’t know so fat how the melee class gameplay feels. If he changes his class we’ll see.

Q. Are there arenas in the game (1 vs 1 / 2 vs 2 / 5 vs 5)?

A. The arenas are still unknown.

Q. What about optimization? Can you compare it to some other game to in terms of system requirements, and is it really possible to play on the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060?

A. Optimization is excellent. You can play on PC with minimal system requirements. We will have to wait to see what happens when we have a lot of players on screen.

Q. Which languages are already available in the game?

A. We have seen only English at the moment.

Q. Is there any NFT features?

A. It isn’t.

Q. How many members can guilds have at the start? Is there a way to increase this amount? How does the guild system works? Through adena contributions or daily quests?

A. The guild is initially limited to 50 people, but you may enhance it as you progress.

Q. What about Auto-Attack? how much is needed in the game? How does it work? Is it similar to Lineage 2M?

A. You can use auto-attack, auto-potions, and auto-hunt in a small radius. But mobs are not easy to farm, and you must always remember to dodge and parry. Therefore it can be easily configured, but will only be really useful for mobs that are lower level than you.

Q. Is there a penalty for killing players?

A. In a the open world, there is no PK system, but we are so far unaware if that would be possible on dungeons, raids, and events.

Q. What’s the penalty for death? Experience? equipment?

A. 5% EXP penalty, same as Lineage 2.

Q. Are there any 100% peaceful or 100% PvP locations?

A. 100% peaceful areas have been confirmed, but 100% PvP zones have not yet been confirmed.

Q. Are story quests interesting or not?

Story has been interesting so far, the cinematics are great, and you can see your character with all customization during the cutscenes.

The alleged tester also said that the Alpha version of Throne and Liberty does not have a cash store, so he cannot say if this will be a P2W feature or not.

Once again, this is not official information.



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