Throne and Liberty: Bosses, hunting zones and Dungeons details in Producer’s Letter Part 2

TL’s producer, Jongok Ahn, published the second part of the Producer Letter (this is the link for the Producer Letter Part 1 in case you missed it). In this opportunity he digs into the details of the content that we will find in Throne and Liberty after level 30. Below is the complete translation of the new producer’s letter, in which you will find details about Bosses, hunting zones and party dungeons.

Hello. I’m Jongok Ahn, producer of THRONE AND LIBERTY.

The weather has become cooler, and I can almost feel myself shivering as I walk down Pangyo Street in the late evening. It’s clear that the seasons are changing once again.
How are you all doing?

Since my first letter, I’ve seen a lot of interest and concern. I’m grateful for the support and encouragement, and I’m taking your advice to heart. What we can’t explain at this stage, we’ll have to show you in the game, so stay tuned. We’ll do our best.

Today, as I mentioned in my last letter, I’d like to give you a glimpse of some of the content we didn’t get to show you in the beta. What adventures lie ahead for you as a rookie resistance fighter?

More powerful enemies

Malachar, the Eye of Death

In Norse mythology, the supreme god Odin sacrifices an eye to drink from the fountain of knowledge beneath the world tree Yggdrasil. In TL, there is also a character who gave his eye to gain endless knowledge.

One of the minions of Silabeth, the God of Destruction, Junobot willingly gives an eye to the Archdemon in exchange for forbidden knowledge. Under the Archdemon’s power, the eye transforms into a monster and watches over the deaths of adventurers in the Enchanted Wastes.

The Eye of Death is an interdimensional being, often summoning its own alter ego in other dimensions. If you don’t intercept the energy beams that his alter ego shoots at you, Malachar’s power will be too much for you to handle, and you’ll have no choice but to take the hit instead. Be careful though, as taking the hit for too long can be dangerous.

Archboss Tevent

Remember the Queen Blendy from the beta? This monster, which could only be defeated by a group of players on a server, left a lasting impression on many of our testers.

There’s another archboss waiting for you in TL, and his name is Tevent. A former court wizard who fell into madness, he was resurrected by a mysterious force as an enormous skeleton. His physical attacks are powerful, but as a mage, he can also overwhelm players with black magic and powerful curses.

As the most powerful creature in the world, Tevent cannot be defeated by simple means: its curses react to water. The Tevent’s lair is surrounded by a circular moat, which must be cleansed of its curses by the clear water that flows through it. On rainy days, the water level in the moat rises, making it easier to access. Be careful, though, as the curse can also contaminate the water.

A larger world

TL’s vast continent holds many stories yet to be told.
Here are some of the regions we’ll be traveling through and the stories they hold.

Fornos Basin, Valley of the Orcs

The Fornos Basin is home to the altars of the Fornos Orcs, the fiercest fighters the continent of Solisium has ever seen, and the Rathlan Watch is always on high alert to keep an eye on them, never knowing when they might run amok. Can you smell the battle already?

This is where the orcs live, so don’t expect to return home unharmed, and good luck surviving the flying axes and fireballs. Good luck!

In Fornos, you’ll experience the transcendent power of summoning an eclipse.
What happens in an orc barracks after dark?

Every once in a while, the Fornos Basin is lit up with unearthly fires.
Check out local events to see the festivities in flames.

Beast of the night, Grayclaw Forest

The Lycan Kowanjukis, the original inhabitants of the Grayclaw Forest, have lost half of their territory to human settlements. Enraged, they continue to fight fierce battles with the resistance today.

The great bridge to the north of the Grayclaw Forest is in ruins. The Kowanjukis don’t like to talk about the destroyed bridge, but you might be able to uncover a secret in the Grayclaw Forest.

The Chief of the Kowanjukis is the strongest and bravest of warriors.
But what he fears most is a human girl… why?

Lycans grow more ferocious where the Moonstone is located.
To stop them, you must work together to find the Moonstone.

Forbidden Zone, Lizard Island

Lizard Island is a volcanic island off the coast of Stoneguard. Though it’s close to the continent, it’s not for the faint hearted: it’s home to a tribe of Lizards who roam freely by sea and land. They’re so belligerent that any ship attempting to travel by sea must be prepared to be wrecked.

If you do manage to make it to the island, the environment will be just as challenging. With rampaging raptilians and venomous vegetation, what adventures will you encounter?

There’s no way to get to Lizard Island the normal way.
The only way to get there is to fly… but is there any way to fly across these rough waters?

Party Instance Dungeons

One of the most important aspects of TL’s growth has been diversity. We’ve balanced and balanced our content so that players of all skill levels can find something to challenge them. We’ve already announced large-scale content like the Adventure & Exploration Codex and the personalized staged dungeon, Tower of Tydal, for those who prefer to solo, and Siege and Archboss for those who love massive community play. Today we’re excited to announce Party Instance Dungeons, optimized for 6-player party play.

The idea of party instance dungeons is to keep the party play that field dungeons were designed to provide, but with more restrictive conditions and a greater challenge. Personally, I’m pouring my experience and know-how from creating instance dungeons for Blade & Soul.

The Breach

Party Instance dungeons are divided into two sections: the “Breach” leading up to the boss encounter, and the “boss section” where the real action takes place. We want every part of the dungeon to be interesting, so we want to make sure that the breach part of the dungeon isn’t just consumed by the boss fight.

To accomplish this, the dungeon design is very simple. Party Instance dungeons are aimed at the fun of classic squad combat. You’ll work together as a party to aggro, mesmerize, and single-shot your way forward, but the sections won’t be long. We’re balancing the density of the dungeon and the difficulty of the encounter so that it doesn’t become a meaningless time-suck.

We’re also making sure that each dungeon has a special gimmick that you can use to overcome it, like solving a puzzle, rather than simply fighting your way through. The difficulty will be simple enough that it doesn’t get in the way of play, but it will still offer some quirky fun with the world’s interactions.

The Boss

Boss sections are the highlight of Party Instance dungeons, requiring a total of six party members to overcome a controlled environment. The confined situation requires a high degree of strategic formation. We are looking forward to creating more variability through weapon combinations, which is a major system in our game.
Unlike field bosses, which can be fought with all players in the vicinity, this will provide the tension and fun that comes with high difficulty.

Our party instance dungeon bosses are very powerful, especially if you’re looking for something that will make you sigh and crave a challenge.

Heliver, Guide of the Abyss

Sileus, an evil spirit created by dark magic, turned an ancient catacomb into his laboratory, the Abyss of Sileus. It was a labyrinth of immortal beings and demons, and Sileus gave his power to his minion, Heliver, to guide him through it. Heliver became a guide through the Abyss, but he was also a grim reaper who would lead all trespassers to their deaths.

Heliver is an eerily relentless stalker who picks out one member of a group attacking and focusing on him. Helliver often uses AoE magic, which can instantly kill the target he has his eye on. The target cannot survive unless other allies enter the area of damage to spread the damage around. If you don’t save your allies from the instant death attack, you could be next.

So there you have it, a summary of the world and adventures you’ll encounter after level 30. We can’t wait to see all the people we’ll meet in the world of TL.
There’s a lot we haven’t covered due to space limitations, but we can’t wait to show you the rest of your adventures in the game.

In my last letter, I mentioned that I’ve been thinking about ways to communicate with you, and you can post your questions about the game and development on the Talk to TL board, and I’ll take the time to clarify any questions you may have, along with the content that everyone is dying to know.

Then I’ll get back to working hard on the game, and hope to see you all sooner rather than later.
As always, thank you for your interest.

Posted by Jongok Ahn, Producer of THRONE AND LIBERTY.




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