Throne and Liberty: Content Notifications

What Are Content Notifications?

It is the UI space that manages the content items currently a player can or will perform.

It notifies the user of the information and progress rate of the goal activity to progress with each content.

It provides functions such as auto-move, detailed information display, and reward payment to help with the progress of each content.

It is divided into HUD that is always displayed on the screen and Notifications that manages the displayed content.

Content Notifications UI

1Content TabYou can check only the relevant content from the notifications through the tab for each content.
2Registered ContentYou can check the content items registered in the Notifications.
Depending on which content is registered, actions that you can perform will be different.
The content title, goal activity, content detail view, progress, and Add-pin button are surely included in common.
Additional functions such as auto-move and Remove notifications may be available, depending on the content.
3Auto-add pinWhen the selected content item is registered in the Notifications, it is automatically added as a Pin under this setting.
4Clear all pinsIt clears all pins currently added to the Content Notifications.

Content Notifications Operation

Add Content Pin

Can display the content in HUD by clicking the Add-pin button in the Content Notifications.

Auto-Move to the Content

Can auto-move to the content region by clicking space other than the Content Notifications buttons.

IN the content where auto-move is not possible, the auto-move icon is not displayed.

View Content Details

Can check details of the content by using View Details button in the Content Notifications.

Additional UI will be displayed depending on the registered content.

Cancel Content Notifications

This operation is available only in the Exploration Codex.

It removes the relevant content in the Content Notifications. Can register it later in relevant UI.

Claim Content Reward

When an item registered in the Content Notifications is completed, you can immediately obtain a reward in the Rewards tab.

You can obtain the Content rewards through individual content completion items or the content button below.

Content Notifications HUD

Notifications HUD

Displays the content that the player registered as a pin in the Content Notifications and the content that is currently in progress.

Types of content displayed in HUD

All content, including UI, existing on TL is displayed through a viewer.

 ▶ Milestone, Resistance Event

 ▶ Dynamic Event, World Boss Event, Tax Delivery Event, Siege Warfare Event

 ▶ Codex Personal Space, Secret Dungeons

 ▶ Content items added as a pin to the Content Notifications.

HUD Operation

Can access to the relevant content UI by clicking an icon and title in the Content Viewer.

Can control the relevant content UI by using Hide/Show button in the Content Viewer.



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