Throne and Liberty developers talk about CBT results, community feedback and Global version

Throne and Liberty developers were interviewed at the Summer Game Fest event by Amazon Games’ Merv Lee Kwai, NCSOFT’s Design Director Moonseop Lee and Lead Producer Jongok Ahn answered a few questions about Throne and Liberty, the differences between Korean version and Global version, beta results, and more.

Ahn declared that the reason behind the long development time was to get as much content as possible before release, to prevent users from leaving for lack of new content.

“So that’s why we prepared content, enought content, diverse content, and then hit the market. And the developers feel that it’s almost ready.”

About the latest CBT results and feedback from users concerning the combat system and auto play, they ensure that players’ comments are being taken into consideration. But for those who expected global version to be different from Korean version, that doesn’t seem the case.

“So you’ll know that with Korean MMOs, it’s often that it’s released in the origin region for maybe two years or a year and then we publish it in the West. And in the West, maybe Westernization changes occur to the game. We’ve been trying to minimize that as much as possible. So it’s been working with NCSOFT to create a global version of [Throne and Liberty] rather than siloed versions for different regions[…] So we’ve been in lockstep working towards a global version. Now, that means coming out of the Korean CBT, players provided feedback, and we are iterating against that. The NC team is addressing that player feedback directly.”

NCSOFT developers don’t think Throne and Liberty global and Korean version as two separate things, they are looking at it as a whole, one unifyed version. Ahn and Kwai also confirmed that the two major things they are working on after CBT feedback, are combat and progression.

Hopefully, we will see some changes following players feedback on the next Throne and Liberty Tech Test to be held by Amazon Games.




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