Discover some of Throne and Liberty features: Taedal’s Tower, Magic Dolls, Timetable and more!

Auto Path

The auto path feature is included in more and more MMORPGs. Throne and Liberty is no exception. Use the autopath to travel automatically through the world of Throne and Liberty.

Mirror Boutique

Mirror Boutique allows you to change your character’s appearance and profile picture.

Codex: Adventure, Exploration and Collection

Throne and Liberty has a lot of different ways to encourage you to explore the world and all the different features. One of them is the Codex. Complete the tasks of the three categories (Adventure, Exploration and Collection) to receive various rewards.

Crafting System

You can have a small glimpse of Throne and Liberty crafting system and the list of all the weapons: Sword, Two-Hand Sword, Bow, Daggers, Staff, Wands and more.

You can also see the usual equipment grades, where the white items are the common ones, followed by green, blue, purple and finally orange.


The guild system is one of the cores of Throne and Liberty. Here you can see the options to Create a Guild. You can choose a guild crest the colors.

Guild Quests

In the Guild UI you will find all the guild information, ranking, occupation, and many more options. In the image above you can see the Guild Quest section, where you can earn points by contributing to the Guild’s growth.

Guild Raids

Another way to contribute with your Guild’s growth is to participate in the Guild Raids.

Taedal’s Tower

Taedal’s Tower is one of the dungeons you will find in Throne and Liberty. As the name suggest, is a tower in which you will have to clean the floors to get to the next one and get the rewards. There’s no penalties upon death within Taedal’s Tower.

Equipment Growth

You will have different ways to improve your stats. One of them will be the Equipment Growth. Enhance your armor, weapons and accessories with the Equipment Growth feature.

Friend List

You will be able to add your friends to the Friend List. Send friend requests, accept the request and block anyone who annoys you. You will be able to find your friends locations and invite them to your party more easily.


Summon a Guardian to assist you in battle! The Guardian lends its power to your soul, call it at any time to use their power.

Skill Books

Use the Skill Books to learn new skills.

Kill Records

Keep track of your PvP battles with the Kill Records. Kill records are stored for up to 30 days, with a 1000 entry limit.

Resistance Events

Complete the tutorial to participate in the Resistance Events. Defeat the enemies, earn points and go up in the ranking to win rewards.

Season Pass

Season Pass will have two versions, a free Season Pass, and a Premium Season Pass.

Magic Dolls

Magic Dolls are going to be one of your companions in Throne and Liberty. Not only are really cute, they also can give you a few extra effects, like recovery and heal your PS. Take a look to all the Magic Dolls of Throne and Liberty.


Take a look to the Marketplace, a place where you can buy other people’s equipment or sell your own.

UI Customization

Rearrange your UI with this Throne and Liberty feature. Change the game UI distribution to fit your game style.


Check the Memorial and contribute to complete the goals and win rewards.


In Throne and Liberty World Ranking you will find different categories: Growth, Activity, Kill, Guild.


Find out about important events in Solisium: open the World Map and check the Timetable. With this feature you will be able to set the time to receive notifications: it will notify you 30 minutes before the event.



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