Dungeons and Abyss Points

A points system that helps playing in dungeons

What Are Dungeons?

There are many high-level dungeons in Solisium.

It is recommended that you go with a party when you explore these dungeons.

Some Dungeons can be entered only under the specific circumstances and conditions.

* Dungeons are considered as Conflict Zones, and PvP is enabled.

What Are Abyss Points?

Abyss points are used in a points system that helps playing in dungeons. 

Players gain or use Abyss Points based on the basic EXP they gained or used in dungeons. 

These points are unique to each character and are not shared with others.

Abyss Contract

When you use Abyss Points while hunting monsters in dungeons, the “Abyss Contract” effect is applied. 

Once this effect is activated, you receive additional EXP, Sollants, and a chance to receive Dungeon exclusive items.  

If you do not have enough points, the effects will not be applied.

1Abyss Contract BuffsBuff info in the area where the Abyss Contract is applied.
2Abyss Contract Zone NotificationA system message displayed when entering an Abyss Contract applied zone.

Abyss Points

Raising Abyss Points

Abyss Points are given based on the EXP obtained in hunting grounds outside of dungeons. 

You cannot collect more points once they reach the maximum level. 

Spending Abyss Points

Abyss Points are given spent on the EXP obtained in dungeons. 

The Abyss Contract effects are activated every time the points are used, which would increase the EXP and Sollants rewards, and grant a chance to receive Dungeon exclusive items.

1Notification MessageEXP and Sollants gained under the influence of the Abyss Contract are displayed in red.
2System MessageThe total amount of the EXP and Sollants gained under the influence of the Abyss Contract.



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