Environmental Change

Various Changes in Solisium happen all the time


The environmental factors in TL change over time.

As the environment changes, the NPCs and monsters living in the World react, and the terrain also changes.

The time of day, weather, and wind currently happening to the player can be checked through the visual difference in the World or through the Environment UI displayed on the minimap.

* A specific player can temporarily change the environment of the World by using a Master Skill.


Time Flow

Day and night in the world can change in the flow of time.

Influence of Time Change 

Different morphed monsters and collectibles will be found at a specific times of day or night.

Some specific skills change their effects and Stats at different times.

Dungeons will open based on the flow of time.


Weather Change

Weather changes with the flow of time.

There are sunny days and rainy days.

Influence of Weather Change

Different morphed monsters and collectibles will be found during specific weather.

Some specific skills change their effects and Stats by the changes in weather.

The water level in certain area will change based on the changes in weather.


Wind Change

Direction and strength of the wind changes with the flow of time.

Influence of Wind Change

Some specific skills change their effects and Stats by wind changes.

The direction and strength of the wind affects the player’s gliding distance.

* For skills affected by wind, whether the wind effect is applied or not is displayed.



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