Throne and Liberty: Guild Raid

A feature that players attack bosses along with fellow guild members

What Is a Guild Raid?

In this feature, players can participate raid boss battles in the guild area along with their fellow guild members.

Every week, players can defeat the raid boss for the given number of times, and receive rewards.

Guild Raid can be accessed from the Guild Base (or Legion Base for Legion members).

Starting Guild Raid

Starting Conditions

Each raid is unlocked based on the Milestone and Guild Level progresses.

Guild Raids can be started by Guild officers who are above the Advisor rank.

There must be a remaining battle counts to participate.

Only one Guild Raid can be started at a time. If the actual battle has not started yet, the guild can switch to another raid.

How to Unlock

Interact with the Guild Raid entrance within the Guild Base to open the Guild Raid screen.

Choose which raid to open from the Guild Raid screen, and press the button to start the raid.

How to Participate

While the Guild Raid is active, press Enter Raid button to enter the Raid area.

When the boss is defeated within the Raid area, all guild members will be teleported to the base within 3 min.

Death and Resurrection

If you die during a raid, you can use one Star Return to revive yourself.

You can resurrect and continue the battle until the Star Return count runs out.

The Star Return count will be reset when the battle starts and ends.

Guild Raid Rewards

Defeat the boss and rewards will be dropped based on the set dropping chances.

※ The rewards are distributed according to the rules that are outlined in the [Guild] – [Management] – [Guild Distribution].

Every guild member who was present at the raid area when the boss was killed will receive personal rewards in their Inventory.

When a boss is defeated, the guild will receive guild EXP, and guild rewards will become available in [Guild] – [Rewards] for every guild member for a certain period of time.

Notes Regarding Guild Raids

When the boss is defeated, every guild member who participated the battle will be teleported to the base after a certain period of time.

If a player leaves the guild or gets banned, they will be moved to the outside of the Guild Base.

When a battle has not started yet in the raid area, the guild can switch to another raid. If they switch the raid, every guild member will be moved to the Guild Base.



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