Throne and Liberty Meet Up | Combat, New Region, Coupons and more

Throne and Liberty team had their first live meeting with players where they answered questions about the current state and future of the game. The event lasted more than 4 hours and below we leave you a translated summary from, all credit to them.

Developers have 2 game development schedules: long-term, at least until the beginning of 2025, and short-term, until the fall of 2024. In the summer, the game will receive two major updates: July 27 and August 21.

The July update will focus on changing some key elements of the game and adding new mechanics. Active combat skills of weapons can be customized and the effect can be changed. For example, the “fireball” can be changed in such a way that the affected area and flight speed will increase, and the skill itself will not require standing still.

The character growth system will become simpler and easier to understand. This includes reworking the difficulties of cooperative dungeons, they will be added 30 levels with a linear increase in difficulty. In these dungeons you can get “runes” that are inserted into slots in equipment and increase the character’s stats.

New pve activities will appear in the game: fishing, cooking and the “Amitoi expedition”, which allows you to transfer the collection of resources to your faithful assistants. In addition, on July 24, a new server will be opened with accelerated development for newcomers and returning players.

New Region | Throne and Liberty

The second major update will be released on August 21, and the main feature will be the long-awaited third Talandre region and the “artifact” system. The new region is almost equal in size to two of the base ones and will offer players 6 locations, 3 open and 5 cooperative dungeons, 4 world bosses and 2 arch-bosses. At the same time, the maximum character level will be increased to 55.

Artifacts are a new type of equipment to improve your character and his skills. You will be able to collect the necessary items, combine them and get the characteristics you need. You can get artifacts in open dungeons.

In addition, players will be able to obtain Tier-2 equipment not only from difficult co-op dungeons, but also from open dungeons and world bosses. Items received from archbosses will have unique features.

Main points from the Q&A:

  • The fight against macros and cheaters continues, several waves of bans have passed, but not all cases can be easily and quickly detected.
  • The weapon mastery system will be reworked so that players do not spend a week of time leveling it up.
  • The arena will appear before the release of the new region (early August?). Developers want to focus on small formats, for example, “3 by 3”. There will be different modes and PvP seasons.
  • New weapon skills will appear, including more ability to deal AOE damage.
  • Around the end of August, a raid (for 12 people?) and battlegrounds will appear.
  • The game currently has a very lenient monetization system, and there are no plans to tighten it.
  • PvE events will be reworked, but there is no exact time frame.
  • Outdated content (starter dungeons) will be reworked in the future.
  • Weapon balancing continues, and in the future the time it takes to kill players will be increased, as there is currently a problem with “one-shots”.
  • There are no plans for any differences between the global version and the Korean one. This applies to both the monetization system and content.
  • The developers are aware that large associations of players have a negative impact on the politics and life of the server. Possible solutions to this situation are discussed.
  • Various elements will be improved as we receive player feedback. For example, inter-server guild battles are currently taking place in test mode. In the future, this system will be finalized and launched on an ongoing basis.
  • Costumes, paint jobs, etc. are constantly discussed, and those in charge listen to the community. Several costumes will be available this summer.

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