Throne and Liberty: Menu and UI Introduction

Basic Screen Elements

1Character InfoShows your character’s Health, Mana, Morph, and Amitoi information.Shows the resources that you currently have.At the bottom of the Character Info window, it also shows the buffs and debuffs that are currently applied to you.
2Content ScheduleShows the schedule of content that takes place in your world.
3Auto-Move to BaseActivated when you are inside a base, this feature allows you to automatically navigate to functional object locations.
4Game MenuThe game’s main menu is displayed on the right side of the screen.
5Environment and MinimapShows the environment of the world (time, weather, and wind).Shows the minimap and region properties.
6NotificationsShows a list of the content you are currently on and your progression.
7Chat (Simplified)Shows a simplified version of your chat history.
8ChatShows the Chat UI.
9Change CameraYou can switch between different view modes: Center, Shoulder, Quarter, and Follow.
10Volume SettingsYou can easily set the volume of your game.
11Fixed Quick SlotsThese Quick Slots are fixed, regardless of your current weapon.
12Edit Quick SlotsEdit items and skills to place in the Quick Slots.
13Quick SlotsThese Quick Slots change, depending on the weapon you equip.
14Swap WeaponSwap weapons. The Quick Slots change based on the weapon swapped.
15Basic AttackThe Basic attack of your current weapon.
16Astral HuntingSelect to activate Astral Hunting.You can also configure Astral Hunting.
17StellariteSet up Stellarite that deals bonus damage when you attack.
18Amitoi RecoveryYou can enable or disable the Amitoi Recovery skill and check the number of World Tree Leaves you have left.
19InventoryOpens your bag.
20ReturnSends you to the nearest base.



Gaming Interactive Maps


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