Throne and Liberty | New coupons available (TL Live 2)

Throne and Liberty | New coupons available (TL Live 2)

During the last TL Live, Throne and Liberty released new coupons with which you can get different rewards in game. These coupons are valid until January 17 regular maintenance. Find out what the coupons contain and how to redeem them below.

How to redeem coupons

1) Web registration:  Register the coupon in [ Coupon ] ​▶ Log in to the game and go to Special Shop (F8) ​▶​ Top right [Storage Chest] ​▶​ Receive coupon rewards

2) In-game registration: After accessing the game, go to the Main Menu (F10) ▶ Register the coupon number in the [Coupon] menu at the bottom left ▶ Receive the coupon rewards.

※ Coupons can only be registered once per account.
※ Coupon registration and use is available until January 17 regular maintenance.​

■ TL LIVE Coupons

Coupon nameCoupon CodeContentQty.
1Equipment Acquisition and Feature SupportTRAITFORALLContract Token: Dimension x10015
Rare Extraction Flame30
Rare Convert Potion30
Precious Extraction Flame10
Precious Convert Potion10
2Play SupportPLAYREWARDINLIVE2Resistance Contract Extra Count Pass20
Quality Food Selection Chest20
Quality Remedy Selection Chest20
Quality Stellarite10,000
3Skill Enhancement SupportSKILLFORALLQuality Improvement Book Selection Chest30
Quality Training Book Selection Chest30
Rare Improvement Book Selection Chest15
Rare Training Book Selection Chest15
Precious Improvement Book Selection Chest3
Precious Training Book Selection Chest3
4Equipment Enhancement SupportGEARGIFTINLIVE2Rare Weapon Growthstone5
Rare Armor Growthstone10
Rare Accessory Growthstone10
Precious Weapon Growthstone3
Precious Armor Growthstone5
Precious Accessory Growthstone5


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