Throne and Liberty: Patch Notes (December 20th)

Take a look to the updates applied through regular maintenance on Wednesday, December 20, 2023.​ The patch notes were translated from Korean from the official website, so we apologize for any translation errors.

Milestone: Age of Chaos

Starting on Wednesday, December 20th, we’ll be releasing new content over the course of the week through our “Milestone” system.

New Dungeon and Boss

3rd and 4th floors of the Syleus’s Abyss opens, and the powerful boss ‘Cornelus’ appears. The field boss of the Manawastes: ‘Malakar the Watcher’ appears.

You can challenge ‘Cornelus’ and ‘Malakar the Watcher’ through guild raids.

  • [Dungeon] Syleus’s Abyss, 3rd and 4th floors
  • [Field Boss] Cornelus
  • [Field Boss] Malakar the Watcher
  • [Guild Raid] Malakar the Watcher, Cornelus

New Dynamic Events and Conquest Battles

Dynamic Events “Stop the Mana Frenzy” and “Talisman Delivery Operation” with new rules are now available.
The Enchanted Wastes and Akidu Gorge’s Origin Stone are now open.

  • [Dynamic Event] Manawastes: Stop the Mana Frenzy
  • [Dynamic Event] Akidu Valley: Talisman Delivery Operation
  • [Boonstone] Enchanted Wastes
  • [Boonstone] Akidu Gorge
  • [Riftstone] Talus
  • [Riftstone] Malakar

Update Details

The proportion of peaceful events in dynamic events has been increased, and some rewards have been adjusted

  • As the chronology progresses, dynamic events increase and the proportion of ‘Conflict’ mode increases.
  • The number of simultaneous dynamic events has been limited to 7, and the proportion of dynamic events in ‘Peace’ mode has been increased.
  • Low-level dynamic events will always be held in peaceful mode.
  • We have changed the compensation that was overly concentrated on some guilds through compensation for all guild members.

 Change of progress rules

  • The number of simultaneous local events is limited to a maximum of 7.
  • The local events below are always ongoing and only take place in Peace mode.

: Wolf Hunting Contest / Starlight Stones Ritual / Lantern Seed Festival

  • The rules have been changed so that two of the remaining four dynamic events, excluding the three above, must be held in peaceful mode.

> Up to two dynamic events taking place at the same time will be held in conflict/guild mode.​

 ■ Reward

  • ‘Contract Token: Abyss’ is excluded from the guild reward box received by all guild members depending on the guild member rank.
  • It is provided at approximately twice the amount of ‘Contract Token: Abyss’ that can be obtained from the ‘Guild Reward Chest’ in the local event ‘Placement Reward’.
  • The maximum amount of ‘Contract Token: Abyss’ reward provided as a local event ‘Performance Reward’ has been increased.

Improvements to party recruitment

  • The “Party Recruitment” system will be added to make party recruitment easier.
    We will continue to improve the convenience of party recruitment.

■ Party Recruitment

  • You can recruit party members through the Recruit Party menu.
  • You can search the list of parties and join any party you want.
  • The validity of party invitation links has been changed from 5 minutes to 30 minutes.

Improved rewards for all content

  • Added Field Boss participation rewards and a “Special Resistance Armor” lithograph.
  • Added a reward for completing the Level 50 Co-op Dungeon, which will allow you to craft the Epic Grade Accesories.
  • Added a “Weapon Selection Chest” to the level 50 Co-op Dungeon so that all weapon types can be obtained.

■ Field Boss

  • When participating in a Field Boss fight, you will receive a “Conquest Participation Award” chest, which will grant the following items upon opening.
    : Special Resistance Medal: x1
    : Rare Skill Growth Schema Chance Chest x1
    : Restoration Coin Chest (75) x1
    : Quality Recovery Crystal x5
    : Astralite Bundle (x1,000) x1
    : Mana Regen Potion x5

> Collecting 40 Special Resistance Medal will allow you to craft the “Special Resistance Armor” lithograph.

※ Even if you participate in multiple boss battles that appear at the same time, you can only receive one participation reward.
※ When a boss is killed, characters outside of the boss’s area will not receive participation rewards.

 Paola’s Dimension: Level 50 Area

  • After defeating the boss, you can obtain ‘Dimensional Crystal’ through the reward chest.

> Dimensional Crystals can be used to craft Epic grade rings, “Dimensional Eternity Ring” and “Dimensional Insight Ring.”

Item nameEffectsSet Effect
Dimensional Eternity RingMagic Defense 180
Strength 1
Dexterity 2
Movement Speed 2.4%
Stamina Regen -10
Dimensional Insight RingMagic Defense 180
Perception 2
Wisdom 2
Range ▲ 1.7%
  • Changed some weapon items that were dropable after defeating a boss to “Paola’s Dimensional Chest”.

> When using Paola’s Dimension Chest, you can choose one of the items below.

: Karnix’s Nether Sword
: Shaikal’s Purity Scepter
: Toublek’s Thunderous Soul
: Rex Chimaerus’s Rake Bow
: Magnaduke’s Taunting Blade
: Karnix’s Hell Bow
: Requirus’s Thorny Edge

 Adventure Codex Reward Added

  • Leather items suitable for ranged weapons have been added to the final rewards of Adventure Acts 6 to 10.​

 Elite Monster

  • ‘Special Material Chest’ has been added to rewards for elite monsters in fields and dungeons.

Adjustments to factors that affect growth experience

  • The number of daily quest recharges has been changed, and some rewards have been increased accordingly.
  • The charging and consumption rules for Contract Token: Dimension and Contract Tokens: Abyss have been changed.

 Request Change

  • Contract rights charged per day changed to 10 times.
  • All quest rewards except for ‘Experience Points’ and ‘Contract Tokens: Abyss’ have been increased.
  • Fixed an issue where rewards did not increase by stage for quests from the same hunting ground.

 Adjustment of the maximum amount of ‘Contract Token: Dimension’ creation

  • The creation and possession limit values ​​for ‘Contract Token: Dimension’ have been changed.
LevelDaily ChargeMaximum
20 – 29240720
30 – 394401,320
40 – 495201,560

 ‘Contract Tokens: Abyss consumed

  • The issue where ‘Contract Tokens: Abyss’ was not consumed properly when hunting low level monsters has been fixed.

​■ Leveling Log

  • Leveling Log > A new adventure “Pact Between Fire and Darkness” has been added.
    > Adventure Codex Chapter 9. Pact Between Fire and Darkness will be completed automatically for players who have started it.
  • Growth diary > A new adventure “Nightmare Déjà Vu” has been added.
    >Players who have started Adventure Codex Chapter 10. Nightmare Déjà Vu will automatically complete it.​


  • The amount of parchment obtained when dissolving mastery/boost books has been adjusted from 8 to 5.
  • The general store has changed to no longer sell ‘Smoked Meat’, ‘Golden Rye’, and ‘Dried Roots’.
  • All grades of ‘Convert Potion’ have been changed to be able to be purchased with Sollant at the general store, and have been removed from the guild store.​​

‘Paola’s Dimension Circle’ experience enhanced

  • The entry level conditions for low-level areas in Paola’s Dimension are lowered.
  • The health and attack power of normal/elite level monsters within Paola’s dimension have been lowered.

■ Entry level adjustments

  • The entry level for each dungeon has been lowered.
    ※ The related growth log and exploration codex missions have also been adjusted according to the changed level.
Specter’s Abyss3020
Temple of Roar4030
Underground Cave of Desperation4540

​■ Difficulty adjustment

  • Common
    : The vitality of regular and elite monsters in all cooperative dungeons has been lowered.
    : Monsters in Paola’s dimension have been modified to detect the ‘Shapeshift’ state.
    : The target object icons for the Temple of Roar,Temple of Slaughter, and Tyrant’s Isle have been unified.​
  • Specter’s Abyss
    : The number of regular monsters has decreased.
    : Fixed an issue where Karnix’s tracking scythe would not appear intermittently.
  • Temple of Roar / Temple of Slaughter
    : The number of regular monsters has decreased.​
  • Underground Cave of Desperation / Underground Cave of Destruction
    : Changed so that “crystal energy” is obtained when ascending a crystal pillar during the Lacune/Lequirus attack.
    > Attack power increases by 35% for 1 minute and 30 seconds.​
  • Cursed Wasteland
    : Avolos Aeromancer’s Tornado skill has been modified so that hidden targets also receive damage.
    : Avolos Hydromancer, Pyromancer, Aeromancer, and Geomancer have been modified to use swing skills when silenced.
    : The vitality of the elite monster Blath has been reduced by 50%.
    : The elite monsters Blath and Belrog have been modified to use special attacks even when they are silent.
    : When the battle with the elite monster Blath is reset, the Tide Sorcerer summoned by Blath will disappear.
    : The issue where gathering for exploration codex was possible from the beginning has been fixed.
    : The problem where regular monsters could not be tracked beyond a certain distance has been fixed.
  • ​Butcher’s Canyon
    : The second Orc Key Administrator has been modified to always appear in front of the drawbridge instead of at a random location.
    : The dungeon area has been reduced so that abnormal paths cannot be used.
    : The vitality of the Orc Shadow Elder has been reduced by 50%.
    : The problem where regular monsters could not be tracked beyond a certain distance has been fixed.​

 Reward change

  • Jewelry items have been removed from the boss rewards.
  • Boss kill reward boxes and drop rewards have been changed.
    : [Heliber] ‘Rare Lithograph: Darkness Distorted Plate Boots’ > Changed to ‘Rare Lithograph: Dark Warrior’s Visor’.
    : [King Chimaerus] ‘Furious Sniper’s Longbow’, ‘Ruthless Worshiper’s Two-Handed Sword’, and ‘Foresight Wand’ have been added.
    : [King Chimaerus] ‘Rare Lithograph: Dark Warrior’s Visor’ > Changed to ‘Rare Lithograph: Darkness Distorted Plate Boots’.
    : [Lacune] ‘Brutal Slaughter Dagger’, ‘Strike Battlefield Sword’, ‘Enraged Quick Sniper’s Crossbow’, and ‘Destiny Worship Voodoo Staff’ have been added.

Playing experience of some content/systems adjusted

  • The system has been strengthened so that content can be opened according to chronology.
  • When using ‘Sleep’ during battle, the mechanism has been changed.
  • The detection method of field monsters has been changed and the balance in the ‘Akidu Valley’ area has been eased.
  • The conditions for using world and party recruitment chat have been strengthened.
    ※ Please check ‘Corrections’ for corrections to other content/system-related errors.

 Fixed error in entering unopened dungeons

  • Modified so that monsters in dungeons that are not open due to milestone do not appear.
  • Fixed an issue where players could enter some dungeons that were not open due to milestone.
    ※ We apologize once again for the inconvenience caused by unfair play, and we will provide separate guidance on measures to be taken.

 [Battle] Mechanism when hitting ‘Sleep’

  • When the target is hit by ‘Sleep’, the basic attack has been changed to stop temporarily.
    > The attack will resume when you input a basic attack again or use an attack skill.

 [Operation] Clasp operation

  • Improvements have been made to better operate latches at similar heights while moving by gliding.

 [Field] Change the detection method of field monsters

  • When a monster chasing another target returns to its original location, it has been changed to return without detecting the surroundings.

 [Field] Akidu Valley Balance

  • The overall monster population is set to decrease, and the quantity increases as the number of players in Akidu Valley increases.
  • The probability of applying the Orc Hunter’s Horn effect has been reduced from certain to 40%.
  • The probability of applying the Orc Executioner’s attraction effect has been reduced from certain to 20%.

 [Special Dungeon] Taedal’s Tower Balance

  • The damage of the Magic Ball Fury skill used by the 10th floor ‘Oblivion Skeleton Commander’ has been reduced by 50%.

 [Guild Battle] Boonstone / Riftstone

  • Changed so that teleportation is only possible when the occupied Boonstone / Riftstone is in a protected state.
  • Changed so that entry into the dimensional space is only possible when the occupied Riftstone is in a protected state.
  • The boss in the dimensional space has been modified to not reappear after maintenance.

 [Base] Movement route improvement

  • The route has been modified to make it easier to access the ‘Artisan Street’ production NPC from Kastleton’s ‘Liberation Plaza’.

 [Chat] World and Party recruitment chat

  • World chat/party recruitment chat has been changed to be available for level 6 and above.

Adventure Codex Improvements

– We have improved the progress through the essential adventure codex to make it smoother.

  • Adventure Codex Chapter 4. The Terrific Trio of Carmine Forestt > The difficulty level of ‘Rescue Operation’ has been lowered.
  • Adventure Codex Chapter 4. The Terrific Trio of Carmine Forest > In ‘Appendix ▶ The Abyss Contract’, Circe’s appearance method has been modified to become faster as she absorbs souls.
  • Adventure Codex Chapter 6. The Song of the Vienta Dwarves > In ‘Dimension Circle Researcher Paola’, the goal of the cooperative dungeon has been changed from ‘Specter’s Abyss’ to ‘Temple of Roar’.
  • Adventure Codex Chapter 9. Pact Between Fire and Darkness > In ‘Investigation in the Flames’, the archetype effect for players who stealth using an artifact has been modified to match the detection range of the Orc Shaman.​​

Exploration Codex Improvements

  • We have relaxed the conditions for elements that are affected by a specific environment or are difficult to operate.
  • We have strengthened some of the guides during exploration.


  • Guide hint text has been added to guide conditions for exploration that can only be performed after progressing through the Milestones.​

 Exploration related to Elemental Tree Harvest

  • Hunting Ground ‘Elemental Tree Harvest’ Stamina has been modified to recover when breaking through the old spirit tree during exploration.
  • Hint text has been added to guide the re-challenge of ‘Elemental Tree Harvest’.​

 Relax performance conditions

  • Windhill Shores > ‘Unidentified Contaminant’ In this stage, the size of the platform on the sea has been adjusted to be twice as large.
  • Nesting Grounds > ‘One Flew Over the Terror Bird’s Nest’ In this stage, the height of the nest was lowered so that you could approach the Terror Bird’s eggs by gliding from the collapsed Starlight Observatory without wind conditions.
  • Moonlight Desert > ‘Queen’s Blessing’ In the stage, instead of collecting wind flowers that changed to sandstorms, we have modified it to collect star trees and fruit star trees.
  • Daybreak Shore > ‘For the Ally’s Rests’ In this stage, the locations of some sailors’ belongings have been modified to make them easier to find.
  • Daybreak Shore > ‘Measuring Cooperation’ It has been modified so that even if the surveying devices are operated simultaneously in the step, they are processed individually.
  • Fonos Basin > ‘Resistance’s Role Model’ The catapult has been modified to operate 3 seconds after operating the catapult operation lever in the stage.
  • The Raging Wilds > ‘Hero of the Catapult’ The catapult has been modified to operate 3 seconds after operating the catapult operation lever in the stage.
  • The Raging Wilds > ‘Cowardly Apprentice Wizard’ In the stage, ‘Life-Containing Tough Tree Bark’ has been modified to drop from Temitran regardless of rain.
  • Ruins of Turayne > ‘Contamination Investigation’ The duration of magic in this stage has been extended from 30 seconds to 45 seconds.
  • Shattered Temple > ‘Lost Souls’ In this stage, the magic fire duration has been extended from 30 seconds to 60 seconds.​

■ Adjust performance speed and difficulty

  • Windhill Shores > ‘Suspicious traces’ In this stage, the cat’s movement route has been reduced and the abilities of the Archium Legion have been lowered.
  • Urstella Fields > ‘One-Eyed Hawk’ > ‘Check the energy of the stars’ Reduced the play time of the stage.
  • Abandoned Stonemason Town > ‘Stonemason’s Confession’ > ‘Find masonry tools after killing the basilisk’ The drop probability of masonry tools has been increased in this stage.
  • Abandoned Stonemason Town > ‘A Powerless Little Friends’ In this stage, the respawn time of high-concentration magic stones has been shortened from 20 seconds to 3 seconds.
  • Moonlight Desert > ‘Sands that Make Money’ The stage was shortened so that there was no effect of the sand ball rolling in place.
  • Sandworm Lair > ‘Monster Researcher’s Requests’ Sandworm eggs mutated in the stage have been modified to only appear in the Blood Mushroom Harvesting Area event.
  • Daybreak Shore > ‘For the Ally’s Rests’ ‘Sailor’s Keepsake’ of sea crabs in stages The drop probability has been increased.​

The effects of some skills are changed

  • Some skill effects have been adjusted to improve the phenomenon of not being able to respond in combat situations by providing high damage for a short period of time.
    ※ In the case of battle balance, we plan to continuously monitor the play situation and improve it.


  • Fixed an issue where [Resilient Mind] was not applied when using defensive skills.
  • Fixed an issue where the vitality recovery tooltip for [Resilient Mind (Epic)] was displayed as 9, different from the actual effect.
  • Fixed an issue where the provocation time increase effect of [Spectrum of Agony (Epic)] was not applied.
  • Fixed an issue where additional evasion did not work for a target that was provoked by [Experienced Evasion (Rare)].
  • The maximum number of people provoked by [Provoking Roar] has been changed from unlimited to 6.
  • Fixed an issue where [Provoking Roar] unintentionally caused damage to nearby targets.


  • [Decisive Sniping] has been modified so that it can be canceled by jumping while casting.
  • [Decisive Sniping (Epic)] The number of additional times it can be used again upon landing a critical hit has been changed from unlimited to a maximum of 2.


  • The movement speed reduction effect of [Ice Spear] has been changed from 34% to 51%.
  • The damage by level of [Ice Spear] has been changed as follows.
Epic level 1210% + 27330% + 32
Epic level 2210% + 33330% + 40
Epic level 3210% + 39330% + 48
Epic level 4210% + 45330% + 56
Epic level 5210% + 51330% + 64
  • The ignition icon has been modified to display when the ignition effect is applied with [Inferno Wave].
  • The additional damage per ignition stack of [Inferno Wave] has been changed as follows.
Uncommon, Rare3%5%
  • The maximum health increased by [Mana Amp (Epic)] has been changed from 700 to 1200.


  • The rate at which continuous damage is converted to instant damage with [Curse Explosion] has been changed from 130% to 100%
  • The health conditions for the shield created by [Curse Explosion (Rare)] have been changed as follows.
    : Before change: 120% of the total damage caused by the curse explosion is generated as the shield’s life force.
    : After change: For each stack of [Touch of Despair] applied by the caster to the target, 1000 is created as the life force of the shield.
  • The special effect of [Curse Explosion (Epic)] has been changed as follows.
    : Before change: Additional damage equal to 80% of the total damage caused by curse explosion.
    : After change: 34% additional damage per stack of [Touch of Despair] applied by the caster to each curse explosion target.

 Guardian Skill

Fixed an issue where the skill that ‘Stheno’ fires every 1 second was incorrectly listed as 0.5 seconds in the tooltip.​

The effects of some equipment items have been modified

  • The skill effects of some epic equipment have been changed to be more useful.
  • Some underutilized attribute effects have been changed to more useful effects.

 ■ Balance correction

  • The equipment skill effects of the weapons below have been changed.
[Ahzreil’s Demonic Blade]BeforeRestores 4 Mana when hit with a basic attack
AfterRecovers 50 mana each time you attack with [Shield Throw] skill.
Recover up to 5 times per skill
[Chernobog’s Beheading Sword]BeforeWhen blocking a melee attack, there is a 5% chance to inflict damage to the attacker for 3 seconds (6 seconds to monsters).
Sleep: Curse applied. Reactivation time limit: 20 seconds
AfterWhen blocking a melee attack, it inflicts damage to the attacker for 3 seconds (6 seconds to monsters).
Sleep: Curse applied. Reactivation time limit: 20 seconds.
Changed to apply sleep after a slowdown effect of 3 seconds, similar to the magic wand’s sleep skill.
[Junobote’s Destroyer Blade]BeforeWhen attacking an enemy with health below 50%, there is a 10% chance to apply a debilitating effect that reduces stun resistance by 120 for 3 seconds.
AfterWhen stunning an enemy with less than 50% health, increases the duration of the stun effect by 0.5 seconds.
[Minezerok’s Dagger]BeforeAttacks have an 8% chance to hit for 9 sec.
Debilitate: Curse reduces skill damage amplification by 20
AfterAttacks have an 8% chance to hit for 3 sec.
Debilitate: Apply a Curse that reduces Melee Defense by 200
[Toublek’s Strafing Bow]BeforeCritical Hits against enemies below 20% Health
30% more base damage. 6 second cooldown.
AfterCritical Hits against enemies below 25% health
45% base damage as bonus damage. 6 second cooldown.
[Grand Aelon’s Sacred Bow]Before5% chance to gain 80 Life on Hitting Attacks in the Rain
After5% chance to heal for 50 Life on hit.
Increased Life regeneration in rain by 2
[Talus’s Resonance Staff]BeforeWhen stunned, you are Petrified: Frozen for 1 second to protect yourself.
60 second reactivation limit (duration grows)
AfterWhen stunned, you are Petrified: Frozen for 1 second to protect yourself.
60-second reactivation timeout (cooldown reduction grows)
[Queen Bellandir’s Annihilation Crossbow]BeforeCritical hits have a 10% chance to inflict
Apply a debilitating effect that reduces the target’s Ranged Evasion by 60. Stacks up to 3 times.
After20% chance to Critically Hit for 50 per second for 3 seconds
Deals damage over time, stacking up to 3 debilitating: Poison effects
[Queen Bellandir’s Blade]BeforeOn hit, apply a debuff that reduces base damage by 13 for 4 seconds. 15 second reactivation timeout.
After[Annihilating Slash] skill activation for 2.1 seconds
Creates a sandy inferno that pulls in all enemies in a 5 meter radius
[Queen Bellandir’s Domination Wand]Before5% chance to deal 60 additional Damage on Attack Hits
AfterDebilitate: Ignite has a 5% chance to apply Explosive Bomb.
The explosive charge detonates after 3 seconds, dealing 300% base damage to the target,
600% base damage to all other enemies in a 3 meter radius.
[Tevent’s Screaming Bow]Before10% chance to have Attacks on Hit for 9 seconds
Slowed by 2% Movement Speed: Apply Poison
AfterEvery time you attack with the [Strafing] skill
Trigger an additional projectile for 30% base damage
[Tevent’s Cuneiform Bone]BeforeCritical Hits grant 9% increased skill cooldown for 4 seconds.
20 second reactivation limit
After15% chance to apply Curse for 30 seconds
Apply Debilitate: Curse for 25 damage over time per second
[Tevent’s Massacre Blade]BeforeCritical Hits grant 60 increased Melee, Ranged, and Magic Evasion for 4 seconds.
15 second reactivation limit
After[Camouflage Cloak] grants all enemies in a 3 meter radius
100% damage, with a 70% chance to Collide: Knockback
[Tevent’s Blade of Despair]BeforeYour skills deal 13 damage over time per second for 6 seconds.
Debilitate: Apply Poison. 10 second cooldown.
AfterStun, collision hits explode after 1.5 seconds at the target’s location
Creates a 1.5 meter radius area that deals 150% base damage
  • The level-specific effects of the equipment skills of the weapons below have been adjusted.
[equipment name]change effectLv. 1Lv. 2Lv. 3Lv. 4
[Charging Sword of Berserk]Activation probabilityBefore6%9%12%15%
[Worship of Destiny Budubong]Reduced amount of recovery receivedBefore2%3.5%5%6.5%
[Magnaduk’s provocative sword]Activation probabilityBefore15%24%33%42%
[Kowanzuki’s Palace of Death]Increased attack speedBefore691215
[Instant Death Palace in Malacca]Increased party member movement speedBefore3%4.5%6%7.5%
[Carnix’s Hell Palace]Increased rangeBefore4%6%8%10%
[Double Key’s Woorehon]Increased Critical StrikeBefore12182430
[Shaikal’s Pure Scepter]Target’s mana reductionBefore16222834
[King Mine Boom’s Mysterious Hall]Additional recovery per secondBefore150225300375

​■ Attribute effect change

  • ‘Fear Hit’ as a trait has been changed to ‘Fraud Hit’, and ‘Fear Resistance’ has been changed to ‘Found Resistance’.
    : First Class Resistance Longbow / Shaikal’s Longbow / Super Resistance Longbow / Rough Wavy Ring / Ring of Deadly Accuracy
    : Transcendence Magic Ring / Rough Flame Necklace / Mitran Leaf Necklace / Crusader’s Necklace / Slayer’s Necklace
    : Sword Holder’s Cloak / Master Assassin’s Cloak / Venomous Scorpion’s Cloak / Commander’s Dignity / Rugged Shock Bracelets Knight’s Resistance Bracelet
    : Ghost’s Frost Abandon / Rugged Vitality Belt / First-Class Guard Belt / Passionate Vitality Belt / Tukun Iron Belt​

Error correction

  • Fixed an issue where the 3 set effects of Robert’s Set, Sophia’s Set, and Lutein’s Set did not work properly.​​

UI convenience has been improved

  • Convenience has been enhanced to enable battles and content progression more smoothly.
  • The design of some low-visibility items has been improved.
    ※ Please check ‘Corrections’ for other system and UI-related error corrections.​

 Battle UI

  • When you click on the portrait in the My Information window, it has been changed to select your character instead of entering the character window.
  • When you click on a party member’s portrait in the party information window, you will now select the party member instead of the business card.
  • Food, elixir, ‘imbalance in experience’ Debuff information has been changed to be displayed in the party information window.
  • ‘Experience imbalance’ applied when a certain amount of recovery waits have accumulated. Fx has been added to recognize debuffs.​

 Content Notifier

  • When clicking on the adventure final reward, the codex window has been modified to display the final reward details.
  • The text has been modified to flow so that all compensation details can be confirmed.
  • Improved the expression of the Remove Pin and Remove Notification buttons.
  • The design of the pin registration and cancellation status list has been changed to make it easier to view.
  • Increased recognition of the hint icon in the exploration codex.​

 Map/Mini Map

  • The schedule has been improved so that regional events with a high regional level are placed at the front.
  • The size and visibility of area names in the weather area at the bottom right of the map have been improved.
  • Visibility has been improved by adding a background when overlapping icons are displayed on the map.
  • The function has been improved to focus on the content in the notification viewer on the minimap.

​■ Right-click operation

  • Improved the ability to move to the skill growth screen by right-clicking while checking skills.
  • We have improved the ability to go to the Use/Equip/Growth page by right-clicking on the bag or quick slot.​

 Character Information

  • The position of the stat application button has been modified so that it does not overlap with chat messages.
  • The display position of the title red dot has been modified.
  • The stat UI area has been changed to always maintain the same size.​


  • When killing a monster, the kill message has been changed to be displayed only in the chat window rather than as a system message.
  • Added a configuration option that allows you to select the display of quick slot tooltips on the HUD during battle.
    : Preferences – Gameplay – UI – Display HUD quick slot tooltip during battle
    : The default value is ‘Do not print during battle’.
  • Convenience has been improved by changing the location of coupons and review ratings in the main menu.
  • In the Einar Priest UI, the recovery goods option has been placed closer to the recovery button and the goods name has been displayed directly.
  • The description of the tooltip has been supplemented to recognize the party leader assist function.
  • The design of the tab has been changed to better recognize the submenu.
  • Recognition of the icon on the right functional menu in the tooltip has been improved.
  • When changing the HUD size in the settings, help has been added to enhance awareness of the font size change.
  • Personal Relationships > We have improved the friend tab by placing it at the top so that you can check friend requests right away.
  • The Mirror Boutique has been modified to display the available Solant/Lucent.
  • The visibility of the special store movement button in Mirror Boutique has been improved.
  • The button text has been modified to change when purchasing a premium pass.
  • In the initial settings, a description for taking out the mouse cursor has been added to the “Action Mode” description.
  • Guild Donation > The representation of recommended donation resources designated by the guild leader has been improved.​

Gamepad usability has been improved


  • Fixed an issue where the screen would look towards the floor when approaching a target that was locked on.
  • Fixed an issue where the same target was not designated as an attack target again after the lock was released.


  • Fixed an issue where scrolling was not possible in the pop-up within ‘Create Character’.
  • Fixed an issue where character rotation was not possible in costumes/emotes.

 Operation guide error

  • Fixed an issue where the Stellavision operation guide was displayed differently intermittently when changing the operation type.
  • “Improved armor performance” Fixed an issue where the operation guide related to opening the bag was incorrectly displayed in the codex contents.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Character Rotation” operation guide disappears when entering character creation.
  • “Sell” at the merchant NPC. Fixed an issue where the “Back” operation guide disappears when switching tabs.


■ System error correction

  • An issue where items in the bag could not be used intermittently after resurrection if the bag was opened before death has been fixed.
  • An issue where the Whisper tab disappears when entering the game after moving to the character selection window with the Whisper tab selected has been fixed.
  • An issue where, when participating in a guild distribution and opening a limited price sales window and another guild member applies for a purchase, the amount appears to be 10 has been corrected.
  • An issue where the item acquisition date was not displayed properly in guild distribution has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where the sprint transformation ‘Rosette Leo Purple’ was consuming stamina even when not in combat.
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Receive All Rewards’ button in the growth log did not work intermittently.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on the map icon in the rubbing book did not move to the map window.
  • Fixed an issue where some quest areas in the Moonlight Desert were designated as abandoned stonemason villages.
  • Fixed an issue where other targets could not be targeted when only the character was moved with the mouse over the target.
  • Fixed an issue where an untargetable target was targeted using ‘distance-order circular search’.​

 Content error correction

  • Fixed an issue where some skills were working abnormally when fighting with the Nightmare Leader on the 19th floor of Tidal Tower.
    : Longbow – Punishment Shot
    : Longsword – Resolute charge, chain hook, shield throwing
    : Greatsword – Spike Charge
    : Crossbow – Nimble leap, resilient rolling
    : Dagger – Stance of sneak attack
  • In a situation where two or more guilds are competing in a dimension stone occupation battle, an awkward message has been corrected so that an awkward message is not displayed when one side fails.
  • Fixed an issue where the target would not move when starting to escort it.
  • Fixed an issue where the guide area was incorrect when attempting to talk to Felix, the quest manager at the Watch Station Camp, and Yoan, the quest manager at the Tower of Purification, before level 50.
  • In ‘Moonlight Desert’, ‘Sandworm Lair’, ‘Wind Flower’ Fixed an issue where reward and gathering conditions were set low.
  • Fixed an issue where the collected items from ‘Abandoned Stonemason Village’ were placed in the ‘Moonlight Desert’
  • The locations of collectibles that cannot be collected in ‘Ellio Fields’ have been corrected.​

  Adventure Codex Edit

  • Act 1. The Custle Street Tragedy
    : ‘Zenith’s request’ > ‘Investigation of Luxurious Books’ The text related to manipulation has been modified to be clearly visible in the steps.
  • Act 2. Gray Fang’s End
    : ‘Crisis of the Lord’s Aide’ Fixed an issue where the conversation selection button appeared continuously in stages.
  • Act 4. The Three Musketeers of the Dark Red Forest
    : Fixed an issue where the player got stuck in a wooden prison in ‘Rescue Operation’.
    : ‘Rescue Operation’ Fixed an issue where a death penalty was given to the player in some sections.
  • Act 5. Holy Blood Oath
    : Fixed the issue where the marker was not displayed in ‘Blood Ritual’.- Act 6. Vienta Dwarf’s Song
    : In ‘Dimensional Researcher Paola’, we corrected the phenomenon where the target inside the cooperative dungeon was exposed on the world map.
    : Some typos in Henderson’s dialogue have been corrected.
  • Act 7. Lord of the Sandstorm
    : In ‘Sandworm Suppression Team Support’, the blood ants that appear by examining the ant holes have been modified so that they do not get stuck in the terrain.
  • Act 8. devil’s smile
    : ‘On the abandoned tower’ Fixed the issue of getting stuck on an altar in a stage.
  • Act 9. Contract of Fire and Darkness
    : In ‘Investigation in the Flames’, the camera effect has been modified to not occur when using a relic after resurrection or reconstruction.
    : Fixed an issue where the door could not be opened due to the stealth effect in front of the cave entrance door in ‘Investigation in the Flames’.
    : In ‘Escape from the Canyon’, ‘Benny’ was modified to have a conversation without getting on the pulley.​

Exploration Codex Modification

  • Wind Hill Coast
    : ‘Unidentified contaminant’ An issue where dialogue and objectives were displayed as 30 seconds in a stage has been corrected to 1 minute.
  • Nest Meadow
    : ‘Little friend flying in the sky’ Fixed an issue where the voice was incorrectly linked to someone’s message in a stage.
  • Wedge desert
    : Desert Plunder > ‘Investigation of Stone Statues in Greenwell Village’ The camera direction in the stage has been modified so that it does not interfere with the battle.
    Fixed an issue where the name of the Morty Guild was spelled incorrectly in the guide text for the Despicable Morty Guild.
  • Abandoned Stonemason Village
    : ‘Successful bid! Golem’s Magic Stone’ Reduced the amount of time the camera stays still during each stage.
  • Dawn Coast
    : ‘For the peace of my colleagues’ Hint text has been added to guide the conditions for the ghost louver to appear in the stage.
    : ‘Surveying cooperation’ Text related to the northeast wind has been removed from this step.
  • Abyss of Sileus 1st~2nd floor
    : ‘The beginning of the abyss’ > ‘Defeat the Immortal Skeleton Commander’ Modified to display the execution area in the step.
  • Sylabes Temple
    : ‘Researchers of Darkness’ > ‘Defeat the Dark Wizard of Insanity’ Modified to display the execution area in the step.
  • Ant Cave
    : ‘The beginning of misfortune’ > ‘Defeating Giant Acid Ants’ Modified to display the execution area in the step.
  • Hill of Purification
    : ‘Fixed an issue where the passage of time did not appear in the lighthouse stage of Solisium.​

 UI error correction

  • Growth Journal > An issue where the images for the new adventure “Holy Blood Pact” and the new adventure “Nightmare of Déjà Vu” were swapped has been fixed.
  • An issue where the contents of the growth log were intermittently not visible when reconnecting has been fixed.
  • The issue where the local event icon was displayed when hovering over the guild request target on the minimap has been fixed.
  • An issue where the chat window would intermittently darken when moving between maps has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where the gamepad operation guide was displayed in some UIs in the HUD editing screen.
  • Fixed an issue where camera rotation stopped when NPC or Amitoy dialogue was displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where an area without a menu was clicked in the AmiToy Interaction UI.
  • Fixed an issue where the positions of codex markers and pin icons displayed in the world were inconsistent with camera controls.
  • Fixed an issue where the target display filter state was reset when entering an instance.
  • Fixed an issue where the pin registration expression was displayed even when the pin was not registered.
  • Fixed an issue where the location display range varies depending on the degree of magnification when checking the world map location.
  • Fixed an issue where items were not displayed in the received items window when executing ‘Receive Latest 50 Items’ in the mail.
  • When the mouse cursor is on the minimap, the zoomed position is now maintained.

​■ Other error correction

  • Fixed the situation so that some control stones do not get stuck when teleporting to an occupied control stone.

​■ Graphics/direction modification

  • The trees blocking the camera near the dark red forest control stone have been modified to alleviate the inconvenience in vision.
  • Fixed the issue of guild marks sometimes being exposed on costumes.
  • Fixed the issue where the pattern appeared broken when customizing the pattern for the costume ‘Outlaw’s Courtesy’.
  • Fixed an issue where the lighting became excessively bright when transcendence skill was activated in a specific area.
  • An issue where the effects of old intelligence documents in the collection codex did not disappear has been fixed.
  • Adventure Codex [Act 9. [Contract of Fire and Darkness] The movement motion of Orc transformation during progress has been modified.
  • The intensity of the adventure/exploration codex indicator displayed on the minimap has been adjusted to an appropriate level.

Event & Promotion Information 

[Event] ‘Solisium Grand Star Tree Festival’ begins

  • You can obtain ‘event coins’ when completing resistance group quests and conquering cooperative dungeons.
  • If you take the collected event coins to an exchange merchant, you can exchange them for seasonal cosmetic items.
  • You can obtain special buffs from the more colorful ‘Gigantree’ during the Big Star Tree Festival.

[View event details]

[Shop] Exclusive Christmas cosmetics will be added.

  • Costume: Protector of Innocence Package and Costume: Red Woolen Hat are added.
  • Amitoi: Winter Festival Percy and Amitoi: Rednosed Shaccoon will be added.

[Promotion details]

Known issues

We will do our best to quickly correct any abnormalities occurring in the game below. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

■ Battle​

1) Greatsword

  • If you use Annihilation Whirlwind while equipping a two-handed sword as a secondary weapon, the skill will be interrupted.

2) Longbow

  • The ‘Movement Speed ​​Increase’ effect that exists in the [Containment] and [Support] branches of ‘Weapon Proficiency’ does not apply.

​​​3) Sword

  • There is an issue where the counterattack barrier counterattacks twice in a single attack.

■ Operation

  • There is an issue where the target the mouse is pointing to is not maintained when the character is moved while the mouse is pointing at the target.​

■ Event

  • There is an issue where the map icon for ‘Festival Guide Grahil’ placed in Stoneguard Castle is not displayed.​


  • There is an issue where stamina is not recovered during battle when breaking through the old spirit tree in spirit tree harvesting.




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