Throne and Liberty: Patch Notes (January 17th)

Take a look to the updates applied through regular maintenance on Wednesday, January 17, 2024.​ The patch notes were translated from Korean from the official website, so we apologize for any translation errors.

Milestone: Change and Challenges

Defeat ‘Tevent’, Courte’s Wraith, who appears in ‘Ruins of Turayne’

  • ‘Tevent’ begins with ‘Dispute’ on Wednesday, January 17th at 10 PM (Korean time).
  • Every Wednesday through the following Tuesday, two Archboss, Queen Bellandir and Tevent, will alternate between “Peace” and “Dispute”.

The mad owner of the forest, ‘Grand Aelon’, appears in ‘Purelight Hill’

  • The field boss ‘Grand Aelon’ appears in ‘Aelon’s Sanctuary’.
  • New boonstone and riftstone will be unlocked.
  • [Field Boss] Grand Aelon
  • [Boonstone] Grand Aelon
  • [Riftstone] Purelight Hill

New event in ‘Fonos Basin’, the center of the Orc power

  • The dynamic event ‘Festival of Fire’ with new rules is now open.
  • [Dynamic Event] Festival of Fire
  • [Boonstone] Fonos Basin

A deeper abyss, ‘Syleus’s Abyss 5F, 6F’ are opened and a new boss appears

  • ‘Nirma’, who causes typhoons and lightning, appears in ‘Syleus’s Abyss 5F’.
  • In ‘Syleus’s Abyss 6F’ appears ‘Aridus’, who rules over insects.
  • [Field Boss] Aridus
  • [Field Boss] Nirma
  • [Guild Raid] Aridus
  • [Guild Raid] Nirma​

Update details

New content [Gate of Infinity] is added in the special dungeon

  • You can challenge the single-person dungeon ‘Revenge and Resurrection’ and ‘Maze of Death’.

■ Gate of Infinity

  • Added [Gate of Infinity] content to compete for fastest clear times for one week.
  • Players level 50 or higher can participate, and can enter through [Menu> Special Dungeon> Gate of Infinity].
  • Your ranking is based on the highest score you achieved during the time period, with no limit on the number of times you can play.
  • Gate of Infinity opens two challenge contents per week according to the schedule.

Skill Transfer system has been added

  • The ‘Skill Growth Replacement System’ has been added to allow you to freely change the weapon you use.
  • You can use the ‘Skill Transfer Book’ to change the skill growth values ​​of different weapons.

■ Skill Tranfer system

  • You can select the skill to change by clicking the ‘Convert’ tab in ‘Skill Enhancement’ in [Menu > Skill].
  • When switching skills, you can exchange the level and growth values ​​of the selected skill.

Skill quick slots enhanced

  • ‘Skill Quick Slot Set’ has been added, and various skill sets can be used.
  • The ‘Quick Slot Lock’ function prevents mouse click errors.

■ Skill Quick Slot Set

  • You can change the skill quick slot set at the bottom of [Menu> Skill].
    : You can switch and use registered sets by setting shortcut keys. [Preferences> Shortcuts> Shortcuts> Quick Slot Set]
    ※ The quick slot set cannot be changed while the skill’s cooldown is in effect. 
    ※ Changes can be made immediately in safe areas. 
    ※ For some skills (Transcendence Skills, etc.), you can change the quick slot set even if the cooldown time is in effect.

■ Quick Slot Lock

  • A lock function has been added to fix the position of the quick slot icon.
  • You can turn the lock button on or off by clicking the lock icon on the left side of the quick slot area of ​​the HUD.
    : When set to locked state, it is not possible to change or release the position of skills or items by dragging the mouse.​​

Maximum Inventory Slots Expanded

  • You can expand the space of your bag by pressing the [Inventory Expansion] button on your bag.
  • Depending on the slot expansion section, you can expand by consuming Sollant or Lucent.

■ Inventory space expansion cost

Slots Range CostExpansion Slots
~150250,000 Sollant5 spaces
~200100 Lucent5 spaces

​※ The Inventory system provides a basic 130 slots per character and is not shared with other characters in the account.

Weapon-specific skill effects changes

  • Additional improvements have been made to the staff and Greatsword.
  • Some skills with errors have been normalized.
  • Weapon-specific skills that can be acquired through the Resistance event have been added.

■ Greatsword

  • Each time [Valiant Brawl] deals a critical hit, the remaining cooldown time of [Valiant Brawl] is reduced by 15%.
  • If [Stunning Blow] deals a critical hit, the duration of ‘Stun’ increases by 1 second, and ‘Shock’ increases by 2 seconds.
  • If [Ascension Slash] deals a critical hit, the duration of ‘Prone’ increases by 1 second.
  • The effect of [Cold Warrior] has been changed.
Uncommon, Rare, EpicIncreased critical strike on stunned targets(225 to 360 by level)Stuns, increases damage to shocked targets(180 to 288 by level)
Epic specializationIncreases strike power by 90 against stunned targets.Critical hit increases by 90 when stunned or shocked.
  • The effect of [Indomitable Armor] has been changed.
Epic10% chance to hit Heroes for 2 seconds
Increased Damage Reduction (15-23 per level).
Stacks up to 10
When attacked, there is a 25% chance
to increase close range, long range, and magic defense for 2 seconds.
(232~435 by level).

Up to 3 stacks
  • The issue of the Greatsword [Devastating Tornado] intermittently disconnecting has been corrected.​

■ Staff

  • The special effect of [Flame Condensation Technique (Epic)] has been changed.
EpicBurning duration increased by 0.6 secondsPer 1 stack of burning applied by the user to the target increases skill’s Heavy Attack by 10
  • If [Judgment Lightning] deals a critical hit it grants an additional use, and if the second [Judgment Lightning] deals a critical hit, the cooldown time is reduced by 30%.
  • If [Scorching Wave] deals a critical hit, 2 burning is applied to nearby targets.
  • [Lord of Frost] When using this ice-type skill, the ‘frost’ effect is additionally applied.
  • The ‘Frost’ target applied by the caster is added to the aoe conditions of [Mystic Shield], [Chain Lightning], and [Judgment Lightning].​

■ Sword

  • Fixed a bug where [Shield Throw] increased heavy attack would also be dispelled by your basic attack instead of your next skill.
    : The tooltip content has been improved to clearly indicate the effect of the skill.​

■ Dagger

  • An issue where when two or more users attack the same target with the [Inject Venom] skill, the target’s health is restored has been corrected.​

■ Longbow

  • An issue where the ‘Move Speed ▲’ effect that exists in the [Check] and [Support] branches of the longbow’s ‘Weapon Mastery’ was not applied has been corrected.​

■ Common

  • One use skill has been added to each weapon.
    ※ Newly added skills can be obtained as rewards from the Resistance event. 
    ※ Detailed skill values ​​may change upon update on January 24th.​

■ Combat error correction

  • An issue where the battle of a monster that could not find another battle target would be reset when the player was frozen or petrified has been corrected.
  • When a monster’s status abnormality is hit, an icon is also displayed on the damage plotter.
  • An issue where [Junobote’s Void] of ‘Junobote’s Destroyer Blade’ did not increase the duration of ‘Shock’ has been fixed.
  • An issue where the prowess and critical hit stats did not increase when strengthening ‘Kowazan’s Twilight Blade’ has been fixed.​​

Guild features improved

  • Time selection and item acquisition processing options have been added when distributing guilds.
  • The scope of guild requests has been changed to apply based on chronology opening rather than level.

■ Guild distribution

  • When proceeding from [Guild Distribution] to [Member Sale], we’ve added a time to choose from.
    : Additional selectable time: 1 minute/15 minutes/20 minutes
  • The boss kill item acquisition processing option for [Guild Distribution] has been added and the name has been changed.
    : The existing ‘To Guild Chest’ has been renamed to ‘To Guild Chest after waiting 5 minutes’.
    : ‘Instant guild acquisition’ has been added, to allow guild earns to be processed immediately when an item is dropped.
  • Improved [Guild Distribution] to allow you to see the purchase application status of individual distribution items.
    : If there is a change in guild distribution items, you can check it with red dot.
  • In [Guild Distribution], if a new bid is added when the remaining time for “Guild Bid” is 30 seconds or less, it will be extended by 15 seconds.

■ Guild Contract

  • Under[Guild Contract], event guild contracts and dungeon guild contracts are now available for all open content.
    : Previously, higher level content was provided as a guild contract as the guild level grew, but after the change, all content will be provided as a guild contract.​

■ Guild Base

  • A healing incense burner and a practice scarecrow have been installed in the Guild Base and Legion hideout.​

■ Guild UI

  • The [Guild Skill] UI has been improved so that you can check the guild resources required to use the skill even if you have not met the level conditions.
  • The [Guild Benefits] page has been improved to prevent scrolling when checking benefits by guild level.
  • When reconnecting from the dimensional space of [Guild Raid], you will always enter the first map entry location.
  • When a boss is defeated in a [Guild Raid], a kill notification is displayed.​

‘Paola’s Dimension’ gameplay has been adjusted.

  • Fixed an issue where the breakthrough section could be progressed quickly in an unintended manner.
  • We’ve relaxed play patterns for some bosses.

■ Paola’s dimension

  • When reconnecting from [Paola’s Dimension Circle], it has been improved so that you can enter near the activated ‘Dimension Circle Resurrection Orb’.
    : If there is no activated Dimension Circle Resurrection Orb, enter at the first starting location on the map.
  • In [Paola’s Dimension], the direction of the character and the direction of the camera when resurrected have been modified to match.​

■ Temple of Slaughter

  • King Chimaerus and Rex Chimaerus’ paralyzing poison effect has been modified so that it is maintained even when transformed into a guardian.
  • The use time of the inhibitor lever has been reduced to 1 second.
  • When the inhibitor lever is successfully used, all mid-air latches have been modified to disappear.​

■ Tyrant’s Isle

  • Killing Raptilians has been added to the progress goal.
  • The number of progress goals for rescuing kidnapped sailors has been reduced.
  • An issue where gliding transformation did not work intermittently when rising a geyser has been fixed.
  • Fixed to only output the line when the double key is successfully eaten.

■ Cursed Wasteland

  • The issue of being stunned by a light crack when a character is pulled from Belrog’s special pattern has been corrected.

■ Butcher’s Canyon

  • The placement of monsters in some breakthrough sections has been adjusted downward.
  • A veil has been added before encountering the Orc Shadow Elder, and the veil is removed when the Orc Butcher is defeated.
  • When the battle with Magna Duke begins, the curtain is activated so that entry is impossible.
  • Characters designated as targets of the Fiery Sheep transformation have been modified to not be able to use ‘Escape’.​​

Content and Systems gameplay adjustments

  • Some rewards from quests have been strengthened, and items from the quest coin merchant have been added.
  • Goods requiring recovery have been alleviated.
  • The patterns of some floors of Taedal’s Tower have been improved/modified.
  • Gigantrite’s boarding location has been added, and its appearance cycle has been changed.

■ Enhanced contracts rewards and added coin merchant items

  • The amount of Sollant in the quest reward has increased.
  • The increase in the amount of Sollant that can be obtained as a reward from level 2 and 3 quests has also been increased by 2 and 3 times.
  • You can purchase the items below with quest coins from a Contract Coin Merchant.
ItemsPriceDaily purchase limit
Rare blessing bag200 coins1 time
7 types of premium resistance weapon lithograph2,000 coins1 time

※ The name of the existing ‘Lucky Pocket’ has been changed to ‘Rare Blessing Pocket’, and the icon has also been changed.

■ Recovery cost reduced

  • The quantity of Sollant and recovery coins required to recover a level 45 to 50 character upon death has been reduced to approximately 50%.​

■ Taedal’s Tower

  • 12F Answers in the Sand
    : Movement speed has been modified so that even when hit by Scorpus’ sandstorm, movement speed does not decrease.
  • 13F Drop! Lightning! Destroy!
    : The device projectiles have been improved to appear connected by lines.
  • 19F Reaching for Higher
    : The phenomenon of getting stuck in the footrest in special patterns has been fixed.
  • 20F Revenge and Resurrection
    : An issue where the Poison was not cleared intermittently has been corrected.
    : The issue where the resurrection animation did not appear when the Revenger Skeleton Commander was silent has been fixed.
    : An issue where the Revenger Skeleton Commander would not be revived if a status abnormality was applied and then quickly defeated was corrected.

■ Gigantrite

  • The ‘Titanreach Ruins’ boarding location has been added to the world map under the region name ‘Flag of Liberation’.
  • Gigantrite has been changed to appear every three hours starting at 2 o’clock.
    ※ Gigantrite additionally appears only at 9 PM on Saturdays.​

■ Lithograph Book

  • The material items required for some Lithograph Book have changed.
    : The material item in the ‘Blessed Moonlight Touch’ lithograph book, ‘Reflection Alter Ego Secret Art Pants’, has been changed to ‘Reflection Strike Gloves’.
    : The material item ‘Reflection Strike Gloves’ in the ‘Aura of Settled Moonlight’ lithograph book has been changed to ‘Reflection Alter Ego Secret Art Pants’.​

■ Field Boss

  • The peace:conflict ratio of the field boss that appears at 8 PM has been modified. 
    ※ After the update, the field boss peace:conflict ratio is set to 3:3.

■ Conquest War

  • The area size of some Boonstones Conquest Battles, and Riftstones Conquest Battles has been reduced.
  • Improvements have been made so that players who do not belong to a guild are not displayed in the Riftstone Conquest UI.

■ Base

  • The physical strength of the practice scarecrow placed at the base has been increased and has been modified to allow status abnormalities to be applied.
  • A Incense of Recovery has been installed at the arena.

■ Field/Dungeon

  • ‘Lantern Spider’ has been added to appear when a spider cocoon is destroyed in the Carmine Forest.
  • The number of ‘Infiltration Unit Knight, Archers, and Soldiers’ in the Nesting Grounds has been reduced.
  • Added the Steadfastness buff to the Sandworm Boss in ‘Sandworm Lair’.
  • The soul armor respawn time on ‘Syleus’s Abyss 3F-4F’ has been changed to 1 minute.
  • The quantity of souls wandering on ‘Syleus’s Abyss 3F-4F’ has been increased.
  • The respawn time of ‘Luminescent Coral’ in ‘Saurodoma Island Lava Cave’ has been reduced to 30 seconds.
  • Gems have been replaced with equipment growth stones in the Hunter’s Pouch reward list in Blackhowl Plains. 
  • A new bonfire has been placed in the Blackhowl Plains.​​

Simpler and more effective Items

  • The crafting formula has been changed to make it easier to create cooking and remedies.
  • The production-dissolution quantity of some gems has been changed to match the production-dissolution quantity of growth stones.
  • Items sold in the store are added/removed.

■ Cooking and elixir formula

  • Changed to use Quality Remedy as materials when making Rare Remedy.
  • When cooking and making remedies, it has been modified so that they can be made right away without using the ingredients sold by the general store.
    : The following items being sold by general goods merchants will be discontinued, and materials already purchased and in stock can be resold at the same price as the previous sale price.
    : Discontinued items: Quality Smoked Meat, Quality Golden Rye, Quality Dried Root, Rare Golden Rye, Rare Dried Root

■ Gems

  • The quantity required to produce higher grades of Rubrix, Stalon, and Emeret and the quantity of lower grades obtained when melting have been changed to match the quantity of production/melting of growth stones.
When producing higher grades105
When dissolving lower grades105

​※ When manufacturing from normal grade to advanced grade, 2 normal grade quantities are required. 
※ When dissolving from advanced grade to normal grade, you can obtain 2 normal grade quantity. 

  • The general, premium, and rare grades of Rubiks, Staron, and Emeret’s general store sales prices have been adjusted.

■ ‘Contract Tokens: Dimension’ changed

  • The charging stone item in ‘Contract Tokens: Dimension’ has been changed to be able to be stored in the warehouse.​​

Party gameplay enhanced

  • The information displayed in the party window has been strengthened.
  • The rules for party invitations have been improved when remaining alone in a party.
    ※ We plan to continuously improve party play convenience.​

■ Party UI

  • [Party] has been improved so that you can check all party members’ weapon sets.​

■ Party invitation

  • Improvements have been made so that you can receive [Party Invitations] from other players when you are the only party member remaining in the party.​

■ Party Token

  • By shortening the time limit for continuous use of tokens, you can select the next target more quickly.

■ Party recruitment

  • When registering [Party Recruitment], a mark has been added to the HUD to let you know that a party is being recruited.
  • An issue where the [Party Recruitment] post was not deleted when all members in the party logged out has been fixed.
  • An issue where players who logged out in [Party Recruitment] were displayed together with the number of party members has been fixed.​​

Other conveniences and improvements have been made

  • You can check automatically changed sentences by using the ‘Automatic Translation’ option in chat settings.
  • Changed so that sprinting or gliding transformation is possible immediately during a basic attack.
  • Clasps have been added throughout the field for convenience of movement.

■ Chat automatic translation

  • Russian/Traditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese are available in chat.
    : Only Korean/English is available in areas other than chat.
  • A function has been added to display Russian/Chinese (Traditional/Simplified)/English/Korean used by other players by translating them into the language you use.
    : You can check individually translated sentences by clicking the ‘Translate’ button in the chat window.
    : You can check automatically translated sentences by using the ‘Automatic Translation’ option in chat settings.

■ Operation

  • Changed so that sprinting or gliding transformation is possible immediately during a basic attack.

■ Move

  • Clasps have been added throughout the field for convenience of movement.​

■ Notifications

  • Content that can be checked in [Notifications Management] and is not displayed in [Notifications] because the pin has not been registered has been improved so that a ‘Notifications’ is not displayed on the map and world.
  • The ‘Content Marker’ that guides codex and requests has been improved to be displayed regardless of the ‘Nameplate’.
  • The [Batch cancellation of Pins] function in [Content Notifier Management] has been improved to switch to [Batch registration of pins]/[Batch cancellation of pins].​

■ Map/Minimap

  • Currently progress content is displayed together in [Menu > Map > Schedule].
  • Improved map responsiveness.
    : The collection icon has been modified to disappear from the [Map] as soon as the collection is acquired.
    : The normal elite icon has been modified to disappear from the [Map] as soon as a normal elite monster dies.​

■ Stellarite automatic equipment function removed

  • Stellarite is no longer automatically equipped when replacing equipment.

■ Character window

  • The tooltip for the ‘Attack Distance’ stat says ‘Attack distance only applies up to a maximum of 30m.’ Text added.​

■ Environment settings

  • A function to reset all shortcut keys has been added in [Shortcut Keys].
  • [Camera] – A function has been added to directly enter the value of [Character Position on Screen].
    > After selecting the option, you can use the direction keys to move in the desired direction in 0.1 increments.​

■ Terms and conditions

  • If you agree to the terms and conditions once, the terms and content notices have been changed so that they will not be displayed thereafter.

Adventure/exploration Codex improved

  • We have strengthened areas where the adventure codex is difficult to progress or lacks explanation.
  • We have eased the difficult objectives in the exploration codex to make them easier to achieve.
  • Among the exploration codex goals, the goal of destroying the ‘pattern of a specific boss’ has been changed to ‘defeat the boss’.

■ Adventure Codex

  • Chapter 2. The Demise of the Gray-Fanged
    : The guide text has been modified to receive a reward by pressing the H key when proceeding with ‘The Importance of Skills Development’.
  • Chapter 3. Veterans Never Die
    : When ‘Acquiring the Shaman’s Chest’, the respawn time of the goblin magic tool has been changed to 10 seconds.
    : During the ‘Guard the Starlight Observatory Ruins’, the number of Goblin Shamans that appear has been reduced to three.
  • Chapter 4. The Terrific Trio of Carmine Forest
    : During ‘Retrieve the Mana Recording Devices’, the probability of obtaining a Mana Recording Device when destroying a pile of spider eggs has increased.
    : When conducting ‘Examine the Destroyed Carriages’, the location of the broken wagon has been corrected.
    : When conducting ‘Investigate Chief Terror Bird Nest’, the location of the Captain Terror Bird’s corpse has been modified.
  • Chapter 10. Nightmare Déjà Vu
    : During ‘Assemble’, the presentation of ‘Pillar of Immortality’ has been changed and related goals have been strengthened.
    : The issue of not being able to communicate with Lunar-0 at a certain location during ‘Clay’s Magic Communication Device’ has been fixed.​

■ Exploration Codex

  • Immunity to status abnormalities has been added to field escort targets.
  • Golden Rye Pastures
    : The time to collect the medicine sack in ‘Retrieve Herb Sack’ has been reduced.
    : Adventure Codex prerequisites have been added to ‘Retrieve Herb Sack’, ‘Farm Owner’s Worries’, and ‘Cursed Rain’.
  • Windhill Shores
    : Adventure Codex prerequisites have been added to ‘A Sailor’s Letter’ and ‘Unidentified Contaminant’.
    : Additional pollution meters have been deployed in the ‘Examine the Contamination of the Shore’.
    : The ‘Examine the Contamination of the Shore’ has been modified to generate more samples of contaminated organisms.
  • Carmine Forest
    : In ‘Light Up the Forest’s Night’, the location of night display trees has been modified to be displayed on the map.
    : The issue where the marker was not exposed to the lantern spider in ‘Light Up the Forest’s Night’ has been fixed.
    : In ‘Friend of Morokai the Turncoat’, when Morkus casts multiple lightning bolts, the goal of hiding behind the firewood has been changed to kill Morkus.
  • Fonos Basin
    : In ‘Resistance’s Role Model’, the number of orcs located in the progress area has been reduced.
  • Monolith Wastelands
    : In ‘Dastardly Morti Guild’, the number of Sandflame Bandits that appear in the Morti Guild Base has been reduced.
    : Adventure Codex prerequisites have been added to ‘Desert Plunderers’.
  • Moonlight Desert
    : The acquisition time of a bundle of moonlight sand in ‘Sands that Make Money’ has been reduced to 1 second.
    : The number of sand storms that appear in ‘Beyond the Sandstorm’ has increased.
  • Saurodoma Island
    : A hint about destroying the Crystal Tree has been added in ‘Tyranny of the Reptilians’.
  • Underground Cave of Desperation
    : In ‘Life in the Herd’, both poison sacs and empty poison sacs have been modified to be included in the target, and the stamina of the poison sacs has been reduced.
  • The Raging Wilds
    : It has been modified so that vibrant tough tree bark can be obtained even when defeating Temitran, who has become violent in ‘Cowardly Apprentice Wizard’.
    : The goal of acquiring Talus’ shield during the battle with Talus in ‘War of Trees and Stones’ has been changed to defeat Talus.
  • Abandoned Stonemason Town
    : In ‘Intimidating Breath’, the goal of being petrified by Chernobog’s breath has been changed to defeat Chernobog.
  • Shattered Temple
    : The goal of blowing up Ahzreil’s totem in ‘Temple Ruled by Death’ has been changed to defeat Ahzreil.
  • Purelight Hill
    : In ‘Ruler of the Forest’, the goal of surviving Grand Aelon’s Thorn Prison has been changed to defeat Grand Aelon.
  • Syleus’s Abyss 3F-4F
    : In ‘Escape the Abyss’, the goal of detonating Cornelius’ death mark alone has been changed to defeat Cornelius.
  • Syleus’s Abyss 5F-6F
    : In ‘Miserable Record of Despair’, the goal of waking up a sleeping comrade using the bee summoned by Aridus has been changed to defeat Aridus.
    : In ‘Miserable Record of Despair’, the goal that must be selected as a target of Nirma’s attention has been changed to defeat Nirma.
  • Shadowed Crypt
    : In ‘The Being Left in the Darkness’, the goal of surviving Minezerok’s soul extraction has been changed to defeat Minezerok.
  • Grayclaw Forest
    : In ‘Revealed Fangs’, the goal of surviving Kowazan’s dagger spell or moonlight spell has been changed to defeat Kowazan or Lycan Kowazan.
  • Sanctum of Desire
    : In ‘Minions of the Sanctuary’, the goal of answering Junobote’s problem has been changed to defeat Junobote.​

■ Collection Codex

  • [Near Kastleton]
    : ‘Oath of the Resistance’ has been adjusted to be placed inside Kastleton.
    : The layout of ‘Hobs’s Memo Page 3’ has been adjusted.
    : The placement of ‘A Laslan Shepherd’s Song’ has been adjusted.
    : The layout of ‘Page 4 of a A Tax Collector’s Memoir’ has been adjusted.

Gamepad usability has been improved

  • The combat experience has been improved by applying filters based on regional movement.
  • The newly added skill growth conversion system and quick slot set changes can also be controlled with the gamepad.

■ Improved combat experience

  • Responsiveness has been improved when continuously controlling skills.
  • Improvements have been made so that players who cannot attack in PVE areas are not targeted.
    : When leaving the PVP area, the last filter is saved, and when re-entering the PVP area, the saved filter is applied.
    : When entering the PVE area, the attack target filter is disabled, and only monsters and field objects can be attacked.
  • A feature that allows you to check the cooldown time of page 2 skill quick slots has been added to the HUD.

■ Content Notifier

  • Improvements have been made to reduce panels other than those required during local events, sieges, archbosses, conquest battles, and tax transport.

■ Skill system

  • The skill growth conversion system has been added so that it can be operated with the gamepad.
  • The quick slot set change system has been added so that it can be operated with a gamepad.​

■ Bag expansion

  • The bag expansion system has been added so that it can be operated with a gamepad.​

■ Error correction

  • Fixed an issue where the click sound was played repeatedly when using a skill.
  • Fixed an issue where the token remained in use when the target was killed.
  • Fixed an issue where “Close” was not displayed in the overlay operation guide when changing the operation type.
  • Fixed an issue where the pad cursor was not visible on certain screens.
  • Fixed an issue where teleportation stones were not selected within the request area on the map.
  • Fixed an issue where the location changed when zooming in/out on the map.
  • Fixed an issue where the probability payment box result window was not displayed.
  • Modified the red dot to be displayed on the portrait only when stat points and titles are acquired.​​


​■ Content modification

  • An issue where zombies did not provide chaos water in the area where Adentus appears in ‘Dark Destroyers’ has been fixed.
  • An issue where ‘Requiem of Light’ and ‘Ahzreil Event’ occurred simultaneously in a destroyed temple has been fixed.
  • The phenomenon of friendly NPCs placed in the hunting ground moving has been fixed.
  • The location of ‘Pastures Owner Beren’ in Golden Rye Pastures has been modified.
  • The opening conditions for the ‘Resistance Event’ have been changed from [Milestone Chapter 6. The boundary between Courage and Cowardice] ‘Honorable Protection’ to [Milestone Chapter 5.Change and Challenges] ‘Watcher of the Fonos Basin’.

■ UI modifications

  • HUD
    : Fixed an issue where the output order of buffs and debuffs was applied in reverse in the My Information window.
    : Fixed an issue where only 5 acquisition messages were displayed when acquiring items in batches.
  • Chat
    : “Group chat icon color” has been changed to distinguish between [group chats].
    : Intermittently in the chat window, “{0} has withdrawn from the party.” Fixed the issue where a message was displayed.
    : Fixed an issue where item tips were displayed on a lower layer than the HUD when popping up in simplified chat mode.
  • Character information
    : The location and expression of information has been improved to make it easier to recognize stats with a consumption point of 2 or more.
  • Map / Minimap
    : The issue where other players’ locations were not updated intermittently on [Map] has been fixed.
    : The UI has been improved to look organized by unifying the width of each menu UI on the map.
    : The minimap transparency slider operation UX has been improved.
  • Guild
    : The issue where the quantity of resources I own was not displayed properly in [Donation] has been fixed.
    : The issue where the benefits of the origin stones held in [Conquest] were not displayed properly has been fixed.
  • post
    : The positions of the “Write Mail” and “Receive Recent 50” buttons have been changed.
  • Skill growth
    : A bag function has been added to enable management of growth materials.
  • Added mouse control function
    : We have improved the drag & drop function on the Merchant NPC / Equipment Enhancement / Exchange (Sell) screen.
    : The mouse double-click convenience function has been applied to the request, guardian, army toy, and transformation windows.
  • Fixed an issue where the favorites and acquisition destination UI were dimmed.
  • Fixed an issue where selection was not possible when clicking on the item area in the request UI.
  • Fixed an issue where the zoom level also changed when panning by dragging the area name.
  • Fixed an issue where the item tradeable display changed when continuously clicking on Paola’s dimensional list.
  • The size of the default cursor displayed on the inspection screen has been enlarged.
  • Fixed an issue where the region expansion/contraction UI in the region list did not move depending on the action.
  • The behavior has been modified so that the function can be closed without selecting an option when calling the relationship setting UI.
  • Fixed an issue where the horizontal length of the icon increased when the operation mode, bag, and main menu button shortcuts were designated as combination keys.
  • Improved sound effects when settling sales on the exchange.​

■ System Modification

  • Inventory
    : When updating a bag, the red dot is no longer displayed in the main menu.
    : If there is no temporary storage list, the temporary storage window has been modified to automatically close.
    : Improved the issue where the bag opening animation slows down.
  • Mirror Boutique
    : We have improved the ability to check the quantity of items that need to be used at the top of the costume.
  • An issue where the local event and field boss icons in the field were displayed during [Paola’s Dimensional Jin] and [Codex] has been corrected.
  • The issue of receiving 1 additional contribution reward when one person achieves 100% of [Guild Request] has been fixed.
  • An issue where abnormal text was displayed when information could not be retrieved intermittently from [Character Business Card] has been fixed.
  • The issue where [Character Business Card > Character Name] could be copied and changed to a different name has been fixed.
  • An issue where [Character Business Card] could not be closed intermittently using the ESC key after using [Character Business Card > Whisper] has been fixed.
  • An issue where the photo in [Character Profile] appears larger than when the profile was taken has been fixed.
  • An issue where the language in the UI did not change intermittently when changing [Preferences > Language / Time > Language] has been fixed.
  • [Taedal’s Tower] – The issue where the mini-map was displayed on the first floor and displayed as an unknown location on the world map has been fixed.​

■ Direction modification

  • Fixed the issue where Amitoi flies away from the player and then returns when hit by Airborne status.
  • Feedback has been displayed when hovering over the equipped weapon area.
  • An issue where the shell of ‘Queen Bellandir’ was briefly visible when printing out the appearance has been corrected.
  • In the illustration of [Collection Codex] ‘The Cruelest Festival in the World’, Calanthia’s right hand was changed from glowing purple to her left hand.​

Event & Promotions

[Promotion] Skill Conversion System 

  • A new system ‘Skill Conversion System’ has been added. 
  • You can change the growth value of skills with the ‘Skill Conversion Book’.

[Promotion] New costume ‘Traveler of the White Night’ package

  • New costume ‘Traveler of the White Night’ and headdress costume ‘Light of the White Night’ are added.
  • When purchasing the ‘Traveler of the White Night’ package, you can obtain a costume, headdress costume, and ‘Checkmate Succubi’ Amitoi.

[Promotion] New Morph and Amitoi

  • New morphs ‘Lightning Purpuma (running)’, ‘Storm Raven (gliding)’, and ‘Golden Lutrang (swimming)’ are added.
  • A new amitoi ‘Innocent and Pure Yeddy’ has been added.

[Event] New world, double up!

  • Field/Arcchoss Double Up! The event begins. 
  • Boonstone/Riftstone Double Up! The event begins.
  • Paola’s Dimension weekend Double Up! The event begins.

[Event] New world, attendance list!

  • The <New World, Attendance List!> event begins where you can obtain various rewards, including a rare blessing bag.



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