Throne and Liberty: Patch Notes (January 24th)

Take a look to the updates applied through regular maintenance on Wednesday, January 24, 2024.​ The patch notes were translated from Korean from the official website, so we apologize for any translation errors.

Milestone: The boundary between Courage and Cowardice

‘Siege War: Stonegard Castle’ is underway.

  • At the end of the last [Brilliant Growth] of [Milestone: Change and Challenge], the guild ranked 1st in the guild rankings will be selected as the first corps of the Stone Guard Castle.
  • The first siege will be opened sequentially for each server from February 2nd to February 4th.
    ※ The siege schedule and detailed information for each server will be announced through a separate notice.

Update details

The first ‘Resistance Event’ begins.

  • The first ‘Resistance Event’ will begin after the regular maintenance on Wednesday, January 24th.
  • You can acquire new ‘Resistance Skills’ through the ‘Resistance Event’.

■ Progress schedule

  • The ‘Resistance Event’ is a 3-day event from Wednesday to Friday and is held once every two weeks.
  • The final ranking will be calculated on Saturday, the day after the end, based on the scores over the three days.

■ Score points

  • Any user who has completed the ‘Prologue, Island of Star Children’ codex can participate.
  • During the progress period, you can receive rewards by accumulating a designated number of points according to the ranking achieved in ‘Dynamic Events’.
  • For each day, only the two highest scores obtained from ‘dynamic events’ participated in during the day are reflected in the ranking.
    ※ Information for each day resets as of 6 a.m. the next day.
    • The points you can earn vary depending on the type of dynamic event, and the higher the dynamic event, the higher the score.
    • [Dispute] dynamic events can achieve higher scores than [Peace] region events.
    • You cannot earn points in [Guild] dynamic events.
      ※ If you log out or leave the area without receiving the ranking reward, you will not be able to earn points.​

■ Earn rewards

  • Personal rewards
    • You can receive rewards based on the scores you earn (sum of the two highest scores per day).
    • Depending on the accumulated score, you can obtain ‘Parchment by grade’, ‘Improvement Book/Training Book by grade’, ‘Precious Resistance Parchment’, and ‘Precious Training Book: Omnipotence’.
  • Daily ranking rewards
    • You can earn ranking rewards according to your daily ranking.
    • Depending on your ranking, you can obtain ‘Precious Training Book: Omnipotence’’. (Daily ranking up to 500th place, maximum 3)
  • Comprehensive ranking rewards
    • You can receive ranking rewards based on your cumulative score over 3 days.
    • Depending on your ranking, you can obtain the ‘Resistance Event: Active Skill Selection Chest’ up to 500th place in the overall ranking.
    • Depending on your ranking, you can obtain between 2 and 16 ‘Precious Training Book: Omnipotence’. (Differentially up to 1,000th place)
      ※ You can collect 10 [Precious Resistance Parchment] and use them to create ‘Resistance Event: Use Skill’.
      ※ [Resistance Event: Active Skill Selection Chest] You can select and acquire one of the ‘Resistance Event: Active Skill Selection’ for each weapon.
      ※ [Resistance Event: Use Skill] Exist for each weapon, and cannot be developed with the regular ‘Precious Training Book: Weapon’.
      ※ [Precious Training Book: Omnipotence] This is a training book used to grow all epic skills, including resistance skills.

The ‘Dynamic Event’ progress schedule and some rewards have been adjusted.

  • Changes have been made to increase the number of simultaneous dynamic events.
  • The appearance rules for [Peace], [Dispute], and [Guild] modes in dyamic events have been strengthened.

■ Simultaneous Dynamic Events

  • The number of simultaneous dynamic events increases from 7 to 9.
    • Among the dynamic events, the three below are always held in [Peace] mode.
      : The Wolf Hunting Contest / Starlight Stones Ritual / Lantern Seed Festival
    • Excluding the three above, three of the remaining six regions are in [Dispute] mode.
    • One type of ‘Dispute’ area event takes place in [Guild] mode once every 6 hours.​

■ Compensation adjustment

  • Rewards for the The Wolf Hunting Contest, Starlight Stones Ritual, and Lantern Seed Festival will be changed.
    : Marind, which was provided as a rank reward, will be changed to a Improvement Book/Training Book reward of the same class.
    : ‘Contract Tokens: Abyss’ is not provided in the target region event.

Skills and equipment effects changes

  • Adjusted the balance of some skills and fixed an issue where they were working differently than intended.
  • The skill effects of some hero equipment have been changed to be more useful. 

■ Staff

  • The burning duration has been changed so is not halved due to weather or local wetness effects.
  • Fixed an issue where [Judgment Lightning] could not be used further due to a Heavy Attack in certain situations.
  • Fixed an issue where [Flame Condensation] ‘s skill’s bash increase effect per burning stack was not applied intermittently.​

■ Greatsword

  • Fixed an issue where the effect of Weapon Mastery’s [Complete Stun] was not applied intermittently to the stun effect of [Iron Point Parry].

■ Equipment skill effects

  • The equipment skill effects of the weapons below have been changed.
[Queen Bellandir’s Blade]BeforeMovement speed reduction effect 20%
AfterMovement speed reduction effect: Movement speed reduction remains for 1 second even after 60% sand swamp range.
[Tevent’s Massacre Blade]BeforeWhen using Camouflage Cloak, deals damage equal to 100% of the base damage to all enemies within a 3m radius and has a 70% chance to apply the Collision: Push effect.
AfterCooldown of [Camouflage Cloak] is reset if you kill an enemy within 3 seconds.
When using Camouflage Cloak, deals damage equal to 100% of the base damage to all enemies within a 3m radius and has a 70% chance to apply the Collision: Push effect.

The playing experience of some content has been adjusted.

  • Changed the rules for recharging contracts.
  • Changed the drop rate for “Contract Tokens: Abyss” from killing field monsters to fulfilling requests.
  • Some quests have been changed to make them easier to complete.

■ Contract

  • “Contract Rights” are recharged even on days when you are not online.
    ※ However, charging exceeding the maximum quantity is not possible.
  • Contract Tokens: Abyss points provided as a fixed reward for quests have been increased to 50 points. 
  • The goal of the quest to acquire a specific collection provided at a level 50 hunting ground has been changed to the goal of acquiring all collections.
  • The quantity of ‘Silver Smelting Tools’, the quest goal of the destroyed temple, has been increased.
  • The number of monsters that appear when proceeding with ‘Fonos Brazier’ in the Fonos Basin has been reduced.

■ Field

  • Changed so that ‘Contract Tokens: Abyss’ cannot be obtained when defeating field monsters.
  • Monster rewards for Golden Rye Pastures, Windhill Shores, Blackhowl Plains, Urstella Fields, Carmine Forest, and Nesting Grounds will be changed to focus on crafting materials.
    • Equipment and Lithographies dropped in those areas can be found in higher-level hunting grounds in Moonlight Desert and above.
      : Click on the hunting ground information on the map to check the items available for monsters in that area.

■ Paola’s Dimension Circle​

  • [Butcher’s Canyon] The range of ‘Magna Duke’ spinning attack and stomping attack has been increased.
  • In [Tyrant’s Isle], the stamina of ‘Oil Jar’ has decreased and ignition damage has increased.
  • [Underground Cave of Desperation] & [Underground Cave of Destruction] Fixed an issue where explosion ants would disappear when abnormal status occurred while using the explosion skill.​

■ Gate of Infinity

  • Content scheduled to run on January 29th [Swirling Firestorm] will be changed to [Drop! Lightning! Destroy!].​​

Other conveniences and improvements have been made.

  • The number of ‘hostile guild’ settings has increased.
  • Other UI inconveniences have been improved.

■ Guild

  • Hostile guild relationship settings are increased to a maximum of 40.
  • Guild raids have been changed so that you can participate only 7 days after signing up.
  • In [Guild Distribution], when the exchange sale period expires, the sale is displayed as failed.

■ Battle

  • When the target selection method is ‘Search by Order of Priority’, the action of targeting nearby monsters if there is no targetable target has been removed.

■ UI

  • Usability has been improved so that the last tab operated in the transformation window can be maintained.
  • After switching skills, a red dot has been improved to display on the switched skill. ​

■ Content Notifications

  • The setting value of the ‘Show pins’ filter has been modified to be maintained until the game connection is terminated.
  • An improvement has been made to automatically switch to the [All] tab when all rewards are obtained in [Content Notification Management > Rewards].​

■ Find a party

  • A party recruitment bulletin board has been added to Vienta Village.
  • [Party Recruitment Ad Board] Party recruitment posts are only maintained for 30 minutes after registration.
  • The [Find a Party] channel icon and chat color have been changed to distinguish it from [Party].​

■ Environment settings

  • A button has been added to change the value in 0.1 increments in [Preferences > Gameplay > Camera > Character Position on Screen].
    : When changing the value, a button to change the changed value to the initial value is also activated.
  • You can automatically or manually change the size of subtitles displayed in in-game cutscenes in [Preferences> Gameplay> UI> Video].
    : When [Automatically adjust subtitle size] is set to ‘On’, the size of the subtitles changes depending on the monitor resolution.
  • A convenience feature has been added that allows you to fold and unfold the HUD panel at once.
    : You can change the shortcut key for hiding the HUD panel in [Preferences > Shortcuts > UI > Other].

Fixes and Improvements

■ Correction of content errors

  • Archboss
    : Fixed an issue where Tevent’s charge could be blocked with a defense skill.
    : Fixed an issue where Queen Bellandir’s motion would tremble intermittently.
  • Field Boss
    : Fixed an issue where a user under the moonlight spell of dimensional space Lycan Kowazan could avoid the execution skill at a specific location.
    : Shadowed Crypt Minezerok’s Soul Stealing has been modified so that it is not canceled by the Longbow’s ‘Purifying Touch’.
  • Paola’s Dimension Circle
    : When successfully escaping from [Butcher’s Canyon] in the Burning Sheep state, the state has been changed to be canceled.
    : Fixed an issue in [Butcher’s Canyon] where the Burning Sheep status could be canceled with the dagger’s ‘Fatal Stigma’ skill.
  • Guild Request
    : [Syleus’s Abyss 5F, 6F] Fixed an issue where the goal was not updated.​

■ System

  • Content Notifications
    : Fixed an issue where only the title was displayed in the hint for codexes without a hint.
  • Party
    : Fixed an issue where the party leader was not delegated to another party member when the party leader was disconnected.
  • Chat
    : Fixed an issue where the whisper target was not displayed properly after teleportation intermittently.
    : Fixed an issue where the chat window would not be closed with ESC when manually entering the whisper target.
  • Preferences
    : Fixed an issue where if the [Display language] was changed while accessing the game, the chat’s ‘automatic translation’ would proceed to the previous language.
    : Fixed an issue where help and tutorials were displayed only in Korean even if the [Display language] was changed.
  • Dynamic events
    : Fixed an issue where empty slots were displayed in the reward window.
  • Mirror Boutique
    : Fixed an issue where character rotation was not possible.
  • Etc
    : Fixed an issue where, when attempting to delete a banned character, the status was incorrectly displayed as connected.​

■ UI modifications

  • Skill Window
    : The presentation has been improved to make it easier to recognize when switching quick slot sets.
    : The display of the skill set selection pop-up has been modified.
    : Fixed an issue where selection items did not switch when clicking on a skill from another group.
    : Fixed an issue where the highlight display flashed every time the same group skill was clicked.
    : Streamlined defense, use, and active skill title images.
    : Fixed an issue where, when an opportunity to reuse a skill of a sub-weapon occurred, a blinking effect was displayed as if other skills could also be reused.
    : Fixed an issue where the reuse time was displayed along with the reuse animation when a reuse opportunity occurred in a subweapon skill.
  • Produce
    : We have improved the skill growth book and description to be displayed together.
    : Fixed an issue where the entire window would close when skipping the presentation with the ESC key.
  • Character business card
    : Fixed an issue where the cursor position was displayed incorrectly when inputting a whisper.
  • etc
    : Fixed an issue where the mouse position changed in [Transformation > Growth].
    : The value set in [Preferences > Manually adjust cursor size] has been improved to be applied to the cursor when examining the codex in progress.
    : Fixed an issue where a different icon was displayed in the slot when Stella Boom was not worn.
    : [Battle Pass: Lottie’s Star] All rewards have been received, but the issue where the red dot is exposed has been fixed.
    : The expression of the world tree leaves in the dead state has been changed.
    : Infinite Dungeon HUD Guide The size of some fonts has been changed and the time icon expression has been added.
    : The design of the indicator UI that shows the location of NPCs and objects has been modified to improve readability.​

■ Graphics/direction modifications

  • [Character Information] has been modified so that when all stats are used evenly, all numbers can be checked using the up and down scroll bars displayed in the increased stat.
  • We have improved the UI of the special store storage button. 
  • Modified so that the same display is displayed when expanding a bag in the warehouse.- Fixed an issue where the item cooldown display direction in [Bag] was displayed in the opposite direction.
  • Fixed an issue where the icon would pop when clicking on the list in [Map].
  • Fixed an issue where the NPC target marker was shaking left and right when the camera was rotated.
  • The appearance of the hero equipment ‘Wind Soul’s Mind’s Eye’ has been changed.- Fixed an issue where the beard would disappear when wearing the headdress ‘Light of the Midnight Sun’.​

■ Mouse operation

  • When performing a drag and drop operation, the icon has been modified to move even if there is an icon at the drop location.
  • A mouse wheel motion function has been added for convenience in manipulating dialogue options.
  • Fixed an issue where right-clicking and dragging was not possible in some lists.​

■ Gamepad error correction

  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Growth’ control key could not be pressed in skill enhancement.
  • Fixed an issue where item tooltips in the bag were not displayed in the correct location.
  • Fixed a layout error that was displayed when the attack target could not be controlled.
  • Fixed an issue where the Stellavision list appeared transparent during an anti-personnel counterattack.
  • Fixed an issue where disabled combo boxes were working.



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