Throne and Liberty: Patch Notes (January 3)

Take a look to the updates applied through regular maintenance on Wednesday, January 3, 2024.​ The patch notes were translated from Korean from the official website, so we apologize for any translation errors.

Milestone: Frenzy of Wraiths

‘Queen Bellandir’, the queen of sandworms, appears across the vast Stonegard Wastelands

  • The first Archboss, ‘Queen Bellandir’ appears
  • ‘Queen Bellandir’ can be found at Sandworm Lair every Sunday at 10PM (Korean time).
Korean Time Local Time

The secrets of ‘Grayclaw Forest’ hidden under the moonlight are revealed

  • The dynamic event ‘Lift the Moonlight Spell’ is now open with new rules.
  • Kowazan, the leader of the Lycan clan and the ruthless ruler of Grayclaw Forest, appears.
  • ‘Kowazan’ has different forms during the day and night, and appears in the form of a ‘Lycan’ at night.
  • Grayclaw Forest’s Boonstone and Kowanzuki Riftstone will be unlocked.
  • [Dynamic Event] Grayclaw Forest: Lift the Moonlight Spell
  • [Field Boss] Kowazan
  • [Boonstone] Grayclaw Forest
  • [Riftstone] Kowazan
  • [Guild Raid] Kowazan

※ The dynamic event ‘Lift the Moonlight Spell’ can only be done at night.

‘Saurodoma Island’ is now open

  • South of Daybreak Shore, the lizard habitat ‘Saurodoma Island’ will be opened
  • Saurodoma Island can be accessed only by riding the ‘Gigantrite’.
  • [Field] Saurodoma Island
  • [Gigantrite] Saurodoma Island route added

※ Gigantrites’ route have been added, and all Gigantrites pass through Saurodoma Island.
※ Depending on the route, Gigantrites that can be boarded appear at Starlight Observatory, ‘Titanreach Ruins’, ‘Veder Lookout’, and ‘Purelight Tower’.

Update details

Party dungeon experience improved

  • The daily recharge and maximum reserve of ‘Contract Tokens: Dimension’ have increased.
  • ‘Paola’s Dimension Chest’ can now be produced through ‘Dimensional Crystal’.​

■ ‘Contract Tokens: Dimension’ recharge/reserve amount adjustment

LevelDaily chargeMax. Reserve

■ ‘Dimensional Crystal’ crafting formula

  • You can craft ‘Paola’s Dimension Chest’ with 40 ‘Dimensional Crystal’ obtained when clearing level 50 of Paola’s Dimension Circle.
  • When using ‘Paola’s Dimension Chest’, you can select and obtain one of the items below.
    : Karnix’s Nether Sword
    : Shaikal’s Purity Scepter
    : Toublek’s Thunderous Soul
    : Rex Chimaerus’s Rake Bow
    : Magnaduke’s Taunting Blade
    : Karnix’s Hell Bow
    : Lequirus’s Thorny Edge

■ Cursed Wasteland

  • Reduced the number of monster placements in breakthrough areas.
  • Avolos Hydromancer and Pyromancer debuffs “Dark Flood” and “Dark Burning” duration reduced from infinite to 5 seconds.
  • Avolos Aeromancer skill damage is reduced by 80%.
  • Watcher of the Wall Blath and Belrog are now instantly summoned when using Dark Agglomerate.
  • Adjusted the pattern and difficulty of Blath, Watcher of the Wall.
    : No longer summons Avolos Hydromancer.
    : Increased his health by 67%.
  • Fixed an issue where Blath and Belrog would pull in targets and then bounce them back when using their special patterns.
  • Dark Shaikal has been fixed to stare at the target for 4 seconds before using his ‘Dark Breath’ skill.
  • Changed the scavenger hunt required by the Exploration Codex “Lights Over the Wasteland” from “Immaculate Moonstone” to “Moonstone”.

■ Temple of Roar / Temple of Slaughter

  • During the battle with ‘King Chimaerus’ / ‘Rex Chimaerus’, if the player stands on the statue, they will receive poisoning damage.
  • Fixed an issue where the range of ‘King Chimaerus’ / ‘Rex Chimaerus’ long-distance skills did not reach the battle stage area.
  • Fixed an issue in [Temple of the Roar] where the target of an Ancient Zombie Mutt summoned by the Ancient Shade Wizard would not progress in combat if they were in a certain location.
  • During the Exploration Codex [Temple of Roar/Temple of Slaughter > Forbidden Experiment], the goal of ‘Surviving after being infected by King Chimaerus/Rex Chimaerus paralyzing poison’ was changed to ‘Surviving after being hit by King Chimaerus/Rex Chimaerus fireball’.​

■ Death’s Abyss

  • Unmovable walls have been added to the lake and altar.​

■ Underground Cave of Destruction

  • Fixed an issue where the larvae skill used by Lequirus exploded faster than the set time.

■ Tyrant’s Isle

  • Fixed an issue where the player was unable to operate if Toublek died while transformed into a rat.

■ Specter’s Abyss/Temple of Roar/Underground Cave of Desperation

  • Drop reward probability has been lowered.

Improved party gameplay

  • A ‘token system’ has been added to facilitate communication between party members.
  • Improved the convenience of joining parties.

※ We plan to continuously improve party play gameplay. 
※ Improvements related to party contribution will be further updated on January 10th.

■ Party Leader Token

  • A ‘Token System’ has been added where the party leader sets a specific goal and shares it with party members.
    • You can set it as a shortcut key input to the target or the object the mouse is pointing to, and if both targets exist at the same time, a mark is set to the object the mouse is pointing to.
    • You can change the shortcut keys in preferences. (Shortcut – Shortcut – Party Token)
      : Default value: Ctrl + F1 ~ F8

※ It is planned to be expanded to operate with mouse operation through the UI in the future.​

■ Join a party

  • It has been improved so that you can apply to join another party even while you are in a party.
    • When you select [Party Recruitment > Join] or apply through [Party Chat Link], a ‘confirmation window’ will be displayed.

■ ‘Party recruitment’ system error correction

  • An issue where the number of party members was not displayed correctly has been fixed.
  • An issue where recruitment posts from previous parties remain when creating a new party has been fixed.
  • An issue where party recruitment posts for parties that were disbanded by logging out remained, has been fixed.
  • The game screen has been improved to not zoom in/out when using the mouse wheel on the party recruitment bulletin board.

Weapon Appearance system is added

  • You can apply the weapon appearance purchased at [Mirror Boutique > Weapon Appearance].

■ Weapon appearance system 

  • You can enter the system through [Menu > Mirror Boutique > Weapon Appearance].
  • Weapon appearances are divided depending on the weapon type, and you can select and apply the weapon appearance that matches the type of weapon you have.
    • Weapon appearances are applied on a per-character basis, and the same weapon appearance cannot be held multiple times.
    • If you have multiple weapons (equipment), each weapon can be applied individually.

Skill effects changes

  • Skills that are less effective than intended or less usable will be adjusted.
  • Fixed an issue where some skills behaved abnormally.

※ In the case of battle balance, we plan to continuously monitor the play situation and improve it.

​■ Sword

  • The damage amount of [Annihilating Slash] has been changed.> Damage by level and damage inflicted on weakened targets are adjusted as follows.
Damage per levelDamage on weakened targets
Epic level 1160% + 13240% + 19210% + 16310% + 23
Epic level 2160% + 15240% + 23210% + 18310% + 28
Epic level 3160% + 18240% + 26210% + 22310% + 31
Epic level 4160% + 20240% + 30210% + 24310% + 36
Epic level 5160% + 23240% + 34210% + 28310% + 41
  • Fixed the issue where [Counter Barrier] intermittently counterattacks twice.
  • Fixed an issue where the vitality recovery effect of [Resilient Mind] did not work.
  • Fixed an issue where the defense increase for [Aegis Shield (Rare)] was applied at a lower value when the character reconnected.
  • Fixed an issue where [Morale Boost] did not reduce the cooldown time of some skills.
  • Fixed an issue where the binding effect of [Chain Hook (Epic)] was not linked to additional functions for binding targets of other weapons.

■ Dagger

  • The cooldown time for [Knife Throwing] has been changed to 18 seconds (Previously 24 seconds)
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘reduced skill recovery amount received’ effect of [Knife Throwing] was deleted by other movement speed reduction effects.

■ Greatsword

  • The effect of [DaVinci’s Courage (Epic)] has been changed.
EpicIncreases duration by 6 secondsIncreases attack speed of you and party members by 15%
  • The damage amount of [Death Blow] has been changed.
Rare Level 1320% + 104350% +113Epic level 1440% + 178470% +193
Rare Level 2320% + 119350% +129Epic level 2440% + 193470% +209
Rare Level 3320% + 134350% +145Epic level 3440% + 208470% +225
Rare Level 4320% + 149350% +161Epic level 4440% + 223470% +241
Rare Level 5320% + 163350% +177Epic level 5440% + 238470% +257

​- The damage of [Gaia Crash] has been changed.

Hero level 1255% + 37295% + 37
hero level 2255% + 47295% + 47
hero level 3255% + 58295% + 58
hero level 4255% + 68295% + 68
hero level 5255% + 79295% + 79
  • The increase in vitality regeneration of [Robust Constitution (Rare)] has been changed to 84 (Previously 28).
  • Changed the stat increase due to the [Vital Force] effect to be visible in the character window.
  • Added information that allows up to 10 stacks to be added to the [Indomitable Armor] skill tooltip.
  • The duration of the debuff has been indicated in the [Will Breaker] skill tooltip.

■ Crossbow

  • The mana recovery amount of [Mana Recoup Technique] has been changed.
Epic level 1325390
Epic level 2365440
Epic level 3405490
Epic level 4445540
Epic level 5485590
  • Fixed an issue where the quick slot only showed a duration of 1 second when using [Selfless Infiltration].

​■ Longbow

  • The conditions for using [Decisive Sniping (Epic)] again upon a critical hit have been changed.
    • The waiting time for reuse has been changed to 6 seconds (Previously 3 seconds).
    • Even if the casting of [Decisive Sniping (Hero)] on cooldown is canceled in the middle, the skill can be used again while the standby time lasts.

■ Staff

  • The additional damage per ignition stack of [Inferno Wave] has been changed as follows.
  • The mana consumption and damage of [Judgment Lightning] have been changed.
    • Mana consumption changed to 400 (Previously 310)
    • Damage by level and wet target area damage have been changed as follows.
Damage per levelDamage to wet target area
Hero level 1630% + 133780% + 166420% + 88520% + 110
hero level 2630% + 171780% + 214420% + 114520% + 142
hero level 3630% + 209780% + 261420% + 139520% + 174
hero level 4630% + 247780% + 309420% + 164520% + 206
hero level 5630% + 285780% + 356420% + 190520% + 237
  • The width of the [Ice Spear] has been increased three times.
  • [Serial Fire Bombs] has been changed to apply 1 stack of ignition to all enemies within a 3m radius around the target being hit .
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Burning’ effect applied to a target in the ‘Wet’ state did not increase damage from the magic wand’s [Curse Explosion] and the dagger’s [Predatory Strike].

■ Wand

  • The damage of basic attacks increases by 10% per stack to the target of [Touch of Despair] .
  • The duration of the [Full of Corruption] effect has been changed to 9 seconds (Previously 6 seconds).
  • An issue where the duration of [Touch of Despair] was abnormally increased due to other skill effects when stacked 3 times has been corrected.

Improved usability

  • Move mouse click (classic mode) and mouse cursor removal (action mode) functions have been added.
  • The experience of using some skills has been improved.
  • Improvements have been made so that the set ‘shortcut keys’ are maintained on other PCs.

■ Classic mode

  • An option has been added to move to the selected location by left-clicking the mouse.
    : You can enable or disable it in [Preferences > Gameplay > Character].
    : When the option is activated, if you select the selected target again, it will move to that target.

■ Action mode

  • When you press the [Left Alt key], a mouse cursor that can manipulate the HUD UI is displayed.
    : The key can be changed in [Preferences > Shortcut Keys].

■ Shortcut key settings

  • Now, when connecting from another PC, previously set shortcut keys will be maintained.
  • The ‘left/right mouse click’ used for ‘screen rotation’ / ‘targeting’ has been improved so that it is not assigned to a shortcut key.
  • The default shortcut keys for ‘Astral Vision’ and ‘Summon Guardian’ have been changed.
    : The default shortcut for “Summon Guardian” has been changed to [C].
    : The default shortcut key for using “Astral Vision” is changed to [R].
    : The shortcut key for using “Astral Vision Based on My Character” is [Alt + R].

※ Shortcut keys already in use will not be changed, and will only apply if the shortcut keys are reset through ‘Full Reset’ or ‘Page Reset’.

■ Battle

  • Improved the handling of using skills on the target you are pointing at with the mouse.
    • Can also be used on friendly targets.
      : Can be used by pointing the mouse at the party window, target scanning, and my character information UI.
      : We have improved the phenomenon of being used on a target when operating without a target being pointed at.- Added control options for using direction and positioning skills.
    • You can set it in the [Gameplay – Character – Attack – Aim at target pointing direction/positioning skill] option.
      : If the option is turned on, the direction of the target the mouse is pointing at. The location of skill use is corrected by location. (default)
      : If the option is off, you can use it precisely in the desired location.
  • Fixed an issue where beneficial skills were not used when there were no friendly targets.

Gameplay experience adjustments for some content/systems

  • ‘Contract Tokens: Abyss’ has been modified so that it can be obtained directly with points.
  • Dynamic Event – Effort reward rules and rewards are changed.
  • Usability of latch operation has been improved.
  • We have improved the situation where it is difficult to recognize the use of a mana regeneration potion.

■ ‘Contract Tokens: Abyss’ acquisition rule change

  • ‘Contract Tokens: Abyss’ provided in local events and quests has been modified so that it can be obtained directly as points.
    • It does not accumulate beyond the maximum accumulation value.

■ Dynamic events and change rewards

  • In [Blood Mushroom Gathering], the re-appearance time of blood mushrooms and thick blood mushrooms has been reduced.
  • The number of blood mushrooms has increased in [Blood Mushroom Gathering].
  • The re-appearance time of professional grave robbers in [Hidden Brown Mica] has been reduced.
  • Even if you participate in multiple local events taking place at the same time, you will only receive reward for your efforts once.
  • Skills ‘Training Book’ and ‘Improvement Book’ have been added to the local event effort rewards, and the amount of parchment rewards has been lowered.
  • Activity points have been changed for local events where a player can rank multiple times.
    : Starlight Stones Ritual – 1st place: 50 points > 20 points
    : Operation: Talisman Delivery – 1st place: 50 points > 30 points

■ Field boss balance

  • Shattered Temple: The damage of ‘Eternal Flame’ used by ‘Ahzreil’ has been reduced by 40% and the burning effect has been removed.
  • Manawastes: ‘Malakar’ has been modified to use the paralysis skill even if a specific target is not in sight.
  • Shadowed Crypt: Fixed an issue where ‘Minezerok”s Wave of Death skill could be avoided by moving and jumping.

■ Field and dungeon balance modifications

  • Fixed a problem so that monsters that die in field dungeons do not appear earlier than the set re-appearance time.
  • [Fonos Basin] The frequency of Orc archers and Fire Orc archers has been lowered so that they use less rage skills.
  • [Ruins of Turayne] The frequency of sloth zombies has been lowered so that they use less rage skills.
  • [Akidu Valley] ‘Orc Fighter’ has been modified to not use the skill to call allies.
  • [Temple of Sylaveth] The monster has been modified to not summon its fellow ‘Shade Assassin’.
  • [Shadowed Crypt] The monster has been modified to not summon its fellow ‘Shade Assassin’.

■ ‘Fonsiné’s Blessing’ application rule change

※ ‘Fonsiné’s Blessing’ is a buff to protect the player in PvP situations.

  • Applies for 30 seconds when a character is teleported to a conflict area or resurrected.
  • When entering a conflict area on foot, this applies for 5 seconds.
    • The applied “Fonsiné’s Blessing” will be canceled when you take the next action, even if 30 seconds have not passed.
      : Attack other player characters
      : Monster attack
      : Manipulating in-game objects
      : Wand – Use [Rapid Heal] and recovery and buff skills

■ Improved latch control

  • Changed the horizontal distance at which the latch can be used from 12m to 14m.
  • The delay time between using the latch and moving has been changed to be shorter.
  • Changed the wait time to reuse a latch once used from 4.5 seconds to 1 second.​

■ Change item settings

  • Changed the cooldown time of Mana Regeneration Potion to 30 seconds (Previously 1 second).
  • The ‘Extraction Flame’ and ‘Convert Potion’ items by grade have been changed to unsellable by NPC merchants.

UI improvements

  • A shortcut button to [Archive] has been added to the main menu.
  • Changed so that you can check the remaining time of day and night.
  • The information visibility of content notifications has been improved.

■ Main menu

  • A button to go directly to [Storage] has been added to the main menu.
  • The design of the [Coupon] button has been changed to a separate button to make it more recognizable.

■ Remaining time of day/night displayed

  • The time remaining until the day/night change is displayed on the world map.
  • When you hover the mouse over the time display icon on the minimap, the time remaining until the day/night change is displayed.
  • The design and font have been enlarged to better recognize day and night within the map.​

■ Improved content notifications

  • The new “Guild Contract” will be registered in the content notification without the target target being displayed on the map.
    : [Content Notification > Target Target Display] is registered as off.
  • The shape of the mark for guild requests has been simplified.
  • When a mission is completed or a new item is registered among the items registered in the content notification, the item is scrolled to be visible.​

■ Improved environmental settings

  • [Preferences > Sound] has been improved so that environmental sounds can be adjusted separately from effect sounds.
  • A function to change the contrast of UI icons in [Preferences > UI] has been added.​

■ Map UI improvements

  • Minimap zoom in/out and transparency settings have been improved to be saved.
  • Simplified approach to transparency setting function.
  • Hunting ground information has been improved to be maintained even when a pin is placed or the map is zoomed in/out.​

■ Bag and item UI improvements

  • We have strengthened awareness of selectable items by strengthening the expression of items that cannot be sold/purchased/used.
  • Shortcut keys have been added to confirm/cancel with [Y], [N], [Enter], and [ESC] when performing the box opening, melting, and pop-up functions in the bag.
  • Added the ability to view detailed items in item tooltips- The name of the guide has been changed to ‘View detailed figures’ > ‘View enhanced figures’.​

■ Other UI improvements

The design of the completed codex has been changed to make it easier to recognize.- The design has been changed to better recognize the code selected in the exploration codex.- The friendly target UI can now be edited independently.- The position of the stat application button has been adjusted so that it does not overlap with the chat toast message.- The scrolling of each UI list has been modified to respond more quickly to the movement of the mouse wheel.- In guild distribution, the UI position has been moved so that the “Distribute only to participants” setting is displayed together with “Enter distribution in bulk.”​​

Improved adventure and exploration codex

  • Improvements have been made to inconveniences while progressing through the adventure and exploration codex.

■ Adventure Codex

  • The quantity of traps used in [Act 7. [Sandstorm Overlord > Magic Amplification Gear Materials] has been increased and the re-appearance time has been reduced.
  • The level of the orcs that appear in [Act 9. [Pact Between Fire and Darkness > Investigation in the Flames] has been lowered to level 45 and the quantity of orcs has been reduced.
  • [Act 10. Nightmare Déjà Vu > Invaded Purification Tower] The location where you respawn when you die during the upper layer has been corrected.​

■ Exploration Codex

  • The target quantity required to achieve the exploration codex goal has been lowered.
    ※ If the changed target quantity has already been reached, experience points will be automatically paid and item rewards can be obtained.
    • Blackhowl Plains
      : [Return of the Age of Wolves > Have a wolf tail in the wolf hunting competition] 50 > 30
    • Urstella Fields
      : [Butcher in the Field > Gathering items from the Urstella Fields] 3 times > 2 times
      : [Seven Monument Stones > Starlight powder held at the Starlight Monument Festival] 60 > 40
    • Carmine Forest
      : [Light Up the Forest’s Night > Kill lantern spiders at night and collect luminous body fluids] 5 times > 3 times
    • Nesting Grounds
      : [Seeds Popping > Lantern seeds held at the Lantern Seed Festival] 70 > 50
    • Fonos Basin
      : [Land of the Wild, Fonos Basin > Obtain Marind Ore when it rains] 3 times > 1 time
    • Ruins of Turayne
      : [Slaughterer from the Grave > Defeat the skeleton soldiers and skeleton archers under Tevent’s control] 10 times > 2 times
      : [Chaos for Purification > Defeat reinforced specimens in Runaway of Darkness] 3 times > 1 time>
    • Purelight Hill
      : [Kobi’s Kotoris, Quillix Research > Defeat Kotoris and collect Kotori branches and Kotori fruits] 10 times > 6 times
      : [Kobi’s Kotoris, Quillix Research > Defeat Kotoris and collect Kotori’s thorns] 7 times > 3 times
      : [Kobi’s Kotoris, Quillix Research > Defeat Kotoris in Nesting Grounds and collect Koikoi’s thorns] 3 times > 1 time
      : [Raining Hill > Defeat the warthog that ate the tough herb] 4 times > 1 time
      : [Raining Hill > Gathering wild flowers that bloom when it rains] 10 times > 1 time
      : [Raining Hill > Defeat Kotori when it rains] 10 times > 3 times
      : [Ruler of the Forest > Surviving Grand Elon’s Thorn Prison] 3 times > 1 time>
    • Shattered Temple
      : [Temple Ruled by Death > Explode Azrael’s Totem] 3 times > 1 time
      : [Requiem to Seal the Darkness > Holds fragments of light in the Requiem of Light] 100 > 80>
    • Syleus’s Abyss, floors 3 to 4
      : [Escape the Abyss > Destruction of Soul Armor] 3 times > 1 time
      : [Escape the Abyss > Defeat the Wandering Soul Swordsman or Wandering Soul Knight that appears after the Wandering Soul enters the Soul Armor] 3 times > 1 time
      : [Escape the Abyss > Explode Cornelus’ Death Mark alone] 2 times > 1 time
    • Syleus’s Abyss, floors 5 to 6
      : [Elder’s Minion > Collect Dragon’s Bloodstone] 10 times > 3 times
      : [Miserable Record of Despair > Waking up a sleeping comrade using the bee summoned by Aridus] 3 times > 1 time
    • Shadowed Crypt
      : [The Being Left in the Darkness > Defeating the evil spirit of the abyss] 3 times > 1 time
    • : [The Being Left in the Darkness > Surviving Mine Zerok’s soul extraction] 2 times > 1 time
    • Abandoned Stonemason Town
      : [Intimidating Breath > Defeat Trapped Basilisk] 5 times > 1 time
      : [Bonanza Hidden Brown Mica > Defeat professional grave robbers in hidden gold mica] 3 times > 1 time

Modified effects of some equipment

  • The skill effects of some hero equipment have been improved and modified.

■ Effect modification

[Lequirus’s Grip]ChangeWhen stealth is activated due to the effect of [Lequirus’s Ambush], the basic attack is stopped.
[Chernobog’s Beheading Sword]ChangeSleep triggered by the effect of [Chernobog’s Incubus] does not stop basic attacks.
[Queen Bellandir’s Blade]Existing[Annihilating Slash] For 2.1 seconds when using the skillCreates a sand hell that attracts all enemies within a 5m radius.
Change[Annihilating Slash] Creates a 5m radius sand swamp at the location where the skill is used.The sand swamp reduces the movement speed of enemies within the area by 20%, disappears after 2 seconds, and pulls enemies within the area to the center with a 70% chance.

■ Error correction

  • Fixed an issue where [Minezerok’s Bridle] of ‘Minezerok Dagger’ lasted for 9 seconds differently from the tooltip, and where it was applied repeatedly.​​

Gamepad usability improvement

  • The ‘Lock On’ function has been improved to enable better use.
  • The added party token function can now be used on gamepads.

■ Automatic lock-on

  • When defeating a locked target, the target attacking me or the target close to me has been improved to be locked on first. 
  • An automatic lock-on activation option has been added to the Settings > Gamepad menu (Enabled by default).

​■ ​Party Token

  • The token system has been added so that it can be operated with the gamepad.
    : You can change the shortcut keys in preferences. (Gamepad – Customize – Party Tokens)
  • How to control: Aim at the target and click R2+R3 (Xbox: click RT+RS)​

■ Error correction​

  • Fixed an issue where the maximum number of menus provided in item tooltips was more than 4. 
  • Fixed an issue where the focus moves to the top when changing the control key in a custom item.
  • Fixed an issue where the drop-down menu did not work in chat.
  • In the case of operation preset type 2, an issue where the skill page switching function and the skill use function are executed at the same time has been corrected.
  • Fixed an issue where the detransformation shortcut key guide was displayed incorrectly in the gliding operation tutorial.
  • The recovery UI has been improved so that the pad cursor appears in the center rather than the top left.
  • An issue where the Guardian skill cooldown was displayed incorrectly has been improved.
  • Hunting ground content notifications have been changed to display within the minimap.
  • Fixed an issue where focus was not displayed when changing the Stella Boom.
  • Fixed an issue where other items in the bag were used when using the long press on the bag.


■ Guide tips

  • Added guide tips to guide you through some useful gameplay tips.
    : You can set a shortcut key to use the skill on the target you are pointing to in [Preferences] – [Shortcut Key].
    : You can set a shortcut key for using the skill for yourself in [Preferences] – [Shortcut Key].
    : Friendly targets refer to party members, guild members, and guild members of guilds with which a friendly relationship is established.
    : If you select a region on the map, you can check the weather in that territory.
    : You can check the wind direction on the map or minimap.
    : In action mode, you can use the mouse cursor by pressing the Alt key.
    : You can set shortcut keys for selecting the next target and selecting the previous target in [Preferences] – [Shortcut Keys].
    : You can set the Astral Vision target selection shortcut key in [Preferences] – [Shortcut Key].
    : (Gamepad only) After running Astral Vision, press and hold the Y key to enter operation mode to select the Astral Vision target.
    : You can set a shortcut key for selecting party members in [Preferences] – [Shortcut Key].
    : You can adjust the UI size through [Preferences] – [Game Play] – [HUD] settings.
    : You can set the icon to display on the map or minimap by setting an icon filter on the map.
    : When killing a target that did not fight back, the kill score does not increase.
    : Contract Tokens: The amount of charge increases according to the level of the dimension.
    : If you block another player, you will not receive messages, party invitations, or guild invitations from that player.​

■ System Modification

  • An issue where a pin could not be created if the character name was written with the maximum number of characters has been fixed.
  • An issue where the guild and party chat tabs are maintained when a character is in the lobby and logs in after being kicked has been fixed.
  • An issue where, when purchasing immediately from a guild distribution, the item is distributed immediately instead of remaining in the distribution history for 7 days has been corrected.
  • An issue where, when manually distributing in guild distribution, the distribution amount did not change to 0 even though it was deleted, has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where icons in the location expression range could not be manipulated when [Content Notification > Check World Map Location].
  • An issue where first place in a local event did not receive compensation when leaving the area has been fixed.
    : At this time, the reward will be delivered by mail.
  • The interval has been increased so that the functional merchant’s waiting action dialogue at the base does not occur frequently.​

■ Content modification

  • Fixed an error in [Adventure Codex].
    : [Act 9. Pact Between Fire and Darkness > Conspiracy of the Taron Guild] Fixed an issue where Jarek caused Arthur Taron to appear once more during the process.
    : The issue of Benny disappearing during the [Act 9. Pact Between Fire and Darkness > Taron Guild Conspiracy] has been corrected.
    : Fixed the issue where Harden’s helmet was floating in the air during [Act 10. Nightmare Déjà Vu > Hat’s Heart].
    : We have corrected an issue where progression was not possible when selecting a character during [Act 10. Nightmare Déjà Vu > Lycan’s Corridor].
  • Fixed an error in [Exploration Codex]
    : Fixed an issue where the target area of ​​’Orc Text’ was displayed incorrectly during [Fonos Basin > Orc’s Language].
    : During [Windhill Shores > Suspicious Trace], the judgment area of ​​the trap placed in the instant space has been modified to match its appearance.
    : During [Manawastes > Eye that desires magic], we have corrected an issue where the goal was not updated when some collection codexes were acquired in the Manawastes.
    : Fixed an issue where [Specter’s Abyss], [Temple of Roar], and [Underground Cave of Desperation] would not be opened properly at the training level.
    : In [Elemental Tree Harvest Festival], an issue where stamina was not recovered when passing through a spirit tree in combat mode has been corrected.
  • Exploration Codex [Abandoned Stonemason Town > Won! Golem’s Manastone] When using to exit the dungeon in progress, the arrival point has been changed from Vienta Village to the abandoned stonemason village instantaneous stone.
  • Fixed the issue where ‘Parrot Mail’ in ‘Ruins of Turayne’ was floating in the air.
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Orc Shadow Elder’ in ‘Akidu Valley’ was incorrectly displayed as ‘Orc Shaman’ in the map icon description.
  • Teleportation stones that do not work have been removed from the Gigantrite schedule displayed in [In Progress Schedule].
  • Fixed an issue where some monsters disappear when they fail to find their way during battle.
  • An issue where monsters would occasionally use their charging skills in place has been corrected.
  • Fixed an issue where honey pot ants did not appear in certain locations in the dungeon ant cave.
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to enter the destroyed temple through the wall of the tower where the ‘Soul Magic Sphere’ was located.
  • The ‘Scarecrow’ in Fang Village has been modified to be attackable.​
  • Usage tooltips have been added to the descriptions of Potion of Conversion and Flame of Extraction.
  • Fixed an issue where the level was displayed incorrectly on the world map in Paola’s dimension circle.​

■ UI modifications

  • When using “Mystic Portal” or “Mystic Glove”, guidance has been added regarding situations in which the items cannot be used because there are items in the temporary storage.
  • A description of obtaining rewards for killing Paola’s dimension circle has been added to the activity score acquisition content.
  • Fixed an issue where the product UI size was displayed differently on the exchange.
  • Fixed an issue where the World Fin icon and distance information overlapped.
  • Modification has been made to allow world and HUD manipulation even while the coupon window and review rating window are displayed.
  • Fixed content notification tooltip display issue.
  • Fixed an issue where the item tooltip pop-up was replaced with the quick slot item tooltip.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing ESC while receiving a reward would close the entire window.
  • Fixed an issue where the full-window chat UI was displayed on the HUD after closing the full-window.
  • Fixed an issue where the size of the list was not unified depending on the length of the text in the production list.
  • An issue where the guild “recommended donation” description was not displayed to guild members has been fixed.

■ Graphics/performance modifications

  • The appearance of ‘Morokai’s Corrupt Sword’ has been changed.
  • [Paola’s Dimension > ‘Death’s Abyss’] Lighting in the boss area has been added.
  • Fixed an issue where the door to the ‘5th floor of Syleus’s Abyss’ was not visible before opening the Milestones.
  • The appearance of the bag placed down when escorting a member in the Moonlight Desert has been changed to a box.

Event & Promotions Information

[Promotions] “Battle Pass: DaVinci’s Star Pass”

  • “Battle Pass: DaVinci’s Star Pass” sales begin.
  • Costume: [Indomitable Commander] has been added.
  • Amitoi: [Demon King Joker], Dash Morph: [Fluffy Almiraz] are added.

[Promotion] Glakia Skin

  • Weapon Appearance: ‘Glakia Weapon’ series appearance sales begin.
  • You can apply the weapon appearance purchased at [Mirror Boutique > Weapon Appearance].

■ Finished events

  • The ‘Solisium Grand Star Tree Festival’ has ended.
    : Gigantrite’s Christmas decorations and Boba are removed.
    : Christmas decorations in each town will be removed.
    : Additional rewards that can be obtained when completing quests and party instance dungeons are removed.

※ Event exchange merchants can use it until January 10th.

Known issues

We will do our best to quickly correct any abnormalities occurring in the game below. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

■ Battle

  • The ‘Movement Speed ​​Increase’ effect that exists in the [Contain] and [Support] branches of the longbow’s ‘weapon proficiency’ does not apply.
  • When the player is frozen or petrified, the battle of a monster that cannot find another battle target may be reset.
  • When an opportunity to reuse a skill of a secondary weapon arises, a blinking effect is displayed as if other skills can also be reused.

■ Battle Pass – Lottie’s Star 

  • There is an issue where the Get All Rewards button for the expired Battle Pass Lottie’s Star Rewards does not work. 
    • You can obtain rewards by clicking on individual rewards.
  • There is an issue where the battle pass level changes to level 49 when you receive the ‘Arcane of Excellent Recovery’ with less than 10 star crystals.




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