Ranking System

Rewards are given every day based on your daily rank.

What Is the Ranking System?

It is a leaderboard system for characters within the same server.

They are ranked on a daily basis and will receive rewards for the day based on their ranks.

Growth Ranking

This category is ranked based on a character’s accumulated EXP points.

The top 1,000 players are featured on the leaderboard every day.

Activity Ranking

This category is ranked based on the Activity Points that a character acquires by playing in-game content.

※ The rank score reflects 100% of the Activity Points for the day and 90% of them acquired until the previous day.

The top 1,000 players are featured on the leaderboard every day.
 ▶ The Activity Points are rewarded from the following activities:
 ▶ Completing Contracts, Guild Contracts, participating in Dynamic Events, Archboss events, Field Boss events, and opening Mystic Globes

Kill Ranking

This category is ranked based on the Kill Score that a character acquires by dueling other characters.

※ The rank score reflects 100% of the Kill Score for the day and 90% of it acquired until the previous day.

The top 10 players are featured on the leaderboard every day.
 ▶ The Kill Score can be earned by dueling other players (excluding defeating others who refused to fight back).
 ▶ The Kill Score feature is available to players who are Lv. 11+.
 ▶ The score is rewarded only when a player defeated another player directly, or contributed some of the damage points that were afflicted to the defeated player.
 ▶ If you are defeated by another player, your Kill Score decreases.
 ▶ The score is modified depending on the level difference between the victor and the defeated.
 ▶ If you repeatedly defeat the same player, the score earned will decrease.
 ▶ If your opponent does not fight back within a minute, no score will be given.

Guild Ranking

Guilds are ranked daily based on their Guild Activity Points.

※ The Guild Activity Points are the sum of the guild’s content score and their guild members’ activity scores.

The top 10 players are featured on the leaderboard every day.



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