Resistance Event

Content in which all players compete and earn rewards based on their ranking within a given period of time.

What Is a Resistance Event?

It is ranked content that involves all players on the server.

During the event period, you can get a Placement reward, depending on your objective completion for each day of the event.

After the event is over, you can also receive better Placement rewards based on your overall ranking.

Check Schedule

You can check Resistance Event periods through the Event Calendar.

Click on a Resistance Event in the Event Calendar to see more details and Bonus Weapon groups.

Event UI

1Resistance Event ScheduleThe schedule for the currently running Resistance Event.
Divided into a schedule for Days 1–3 and an overall ranking that displays the overall standings.
2Point RewardsRewards that can be earned multiple times based on the number of points earned in a Resistance Event.
Reach the specified number of points, and you will earn the reward immediately.
3Resistance Event RankingThe standings for the selected event.
Shows each player’s name and guild information, as well as their ranking based on their points earned.
4Resistance Event InformationShows the title and description of the selected Resistance Event.
5Resistance Event End TimeShows the end time of the selected Resistance Event.
6Resistance Event Bonus WeaponsShows the Bonus Weapons for the selected Resistance Event.
Different types of Bonus Weapons are designated for each Resistance Event.
7Resistance Event Mission ObjectivesThe objectives that must be fulfilled in the selected Resistance Event.
Each Resistance Event has its own set of objective actions.
8Resistance Event Reward InformationClick this button to view the rewards for the selected Resistance Event.You can view the current event and overall ranking rewards in a separate UI.

Event Cycle

Resistance Events run for a total of 3 days each week, from Friday through Sunday.

On each day of the week, scoring runs from 6:00 AM to 5:59 AM the following day.

The Bonus Weapons that award bonus points in missions may change each week.

After the final Day 3 event, there will be a grace period of 2 additional days to earn rewards.

Event Participation

Users eligible to participate in the Resistance Event will be automatically enrolled when they log in after 6:00 AM on that day.

If you are eligible to join the Resistance Event, the Resistance Event Notifications UI will be displayed.

Event Progress

The event will run for a total of 3 days, each consisting of different objectives.

Day 1

 ▶ Defeat monsters of the designated species

Day 2
 ▶ Craft/dissolve/enchant equipment

Day 3

 ▶ Achieve Dynamic Event rankings

Event Bonus Weapon

A weapon that awards bonus points when used in a Resistance event.

Applied on Days 1–2, it grants extra points for defeating monsters and for crafting, dissolving, and enchanting equipment.

Event Reward

Shows the ranking rewards available for each Resistance Event.

You can also see the overall ranking rewards for all Resistance Events.



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