Players can buy and sell items using various currencies.

Using Shops

Players can use shops by interacting with merchants located in bases.

Sundries MerchantSells various consumables. Can be purchased with Sollant.
Contract Coin MerchantSells Growth Stones, Enchanting Diagrams and other consumables. Can be purchased with Contract Coins.
Guild MerchantSells various items that helps the battle. Can be purchased with Guild Coins.
Equipment MerchantSells a basic list of weapons. Can be purchased with Sollant.

Purchase Items

Players can talk to merchants to buy or sell items.

1Items and their prices are listed.
2The type and price of the selected item are listed. Press the Purchase button to buy it.

Batch Buy

The Batch Buy feature enables to put pre-designated items into the shopping cart.

Batch Buy Settings
 ▶ Sets the number of items that will be put into the shopping cart when the auto-add feature is used.

 ▶ The auto-add feature will automatically add items that were already specified in the Batch Buy settings.

Sell Items

You can sell unwanted items from the Sell tab in the Shop for Sollant.

1Press the Sell tab to go to the selling window.
2A list of items from my inventory is displayed. Unsellable items are shown as deactivated.
3he type and the number of the items to be sold are displayed. Press the Sell button to complete the sales.

Auto-Sell Options

Set up the Auto-Sell options to put all items that meet the condition at once into the shopping cart.

Batch Sell Options
 ▶ Outlines the rule that which items will be added to the shopping cart when the auto-add feature is used

 ▶ The auto-add feature adds items to the shopping cart that meet the specified condition



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