Throne and Liberty CBT: Developers Note

Just a few hours before the start of the CBT, the developers of Throne and Liberty made a post telling us a little more about what this Beta test will be about. You will find bellow the translated Developers Note.

Thank you for your interest in ‘Raslan’. It’s a shame that everyone who supports this test can’t be there. I look forward to the opportunity to meet more of you in the future.

The reason we made this ‘developers note’ before the test is to share the purpose and current status of the test we have prepared, as well as to say hello to you.

This note contains the reasons for the beta test, what things can be tested, and what the development team is currently struggling with.

Why are we running this Throne and Liberty beta test?

As I mentioned in the beta test announcement video, the main reason we put together the Raslan advancement team was that I needed the opportunity to receive objective evaluation outside of the development team.

This isn’t the first time we’ve opened up TL to people outside of the team. There were several internal tests and recently a “final test” was done with a small number of users. All previous tests have been very helpful in improving TL, but we wanted to collect a fair amount of feedback from an environment comparable to a real service, rather than an account set up for testing.

After much consideration, I decided that it would be best to do a larger beta test. And this was the result of judging that conducting a large-scale test that can receive feedback from many users and maintain various general issues such as server/maintenance/update/operation is an essential process to provide fun and stable game service.

This beta test is a path to complete TL together for everyone who loves MMORPGs more than anyone. Among the things that you will experience in the test, there are many things that are already known to the development team and they are preparing to improve them. If the game data of many people and their valuable opinions are added together, we can find the best direction. We will be keeping an eye on the various opinions left on the bulletin board, community, CBT quiz, etc. and we will actively reflect them, so send us all your opinions.

What about beta test content?

With the test starting on the 24th, we’ll introduce the content you can experience and tell you what aspects of the data and feedback we’re trying to collect.

What can be done in this Beta test?

During the one week trial period, most of the content you will experience is an unchanged version and the highest level that can be reached in the trial is lv 30. The ‘Queen Blendy’ boss to be introduced during the trial, it’s the only content outside of the level 30 cap. Originally, it’s a boss that can be found in higher level sections, but I thought it would be fun content, so that a lot of players with good gear can attack together, so I decided to balance it for this test.

The system that allows you to equip two weapons at the same time is also an important point of this test. When it comes to equipping two weapons, it’s easy to think of “swapping classes”, but the choice in TL is different. The TL weapon system is a method of equipping a secondary weapon in addition to the main weapon. 

As a result, the skills used in battle are diversified, and the passive skills corresponding to two weapons can be applied to the character at the same time. I’m interested to see what combination you prefer and if multiple combinations are created. The ‘Memorial’ system, which opens up new world content through the cooperation of all players on the server, is also of interest to the development team. We hope that this system, which requires unity across the server, will give your game and the MMORPG community a new boost of life.

Play with a guild

I think MMORPG is a genre where its value is only shown when the players are together, above anything else. TL’s content and systems are designed to be more fun with other people.

Especially when you join a guild, the fun is doubled. You can enjoy exclusive guild content such as guild quests, guild raids, and occupation wars, as well as share rewards for individual participation in local events with all guild members. Through guild activities such as receiving effects, both you and the guild can feel the growth experience. We hope this test will be an opportunity to find valuable connections to start a guild and gain experience to build a stronger and more solid guild.

We’d love to hear what you have to say about our business model

We are very aware that the point that worries you the most about TL is the business model. This is the part that worries us the most as well. Through this beta test, we would like to reveal TL’s business model and hear your various opinions. The business model presented to you in this test is not complete. The version prepared so far is being released in the process of reviewing various improvements within the development team, and based on the data and feedback collected through the beta test, we will show you the full result through the official service. 

However, I would like to clarify that none of the products we have prepared so far have been intentionally hidden. It is the will of the development team to set up the business model in such a way that users in the global market can understand it from the preparation point of view of a global service. Feel free to share with us your impressions, ideas, complaints and other thoughts about the business model.

Putting the trade-focused economic system to the test

Besides growth and content, I think the factor that makes MMORPGs more active is the ‘economy’. In TL you can earn money by selling the rewards earned as a result of playing on the Marketplace, and the fees generated in the process are designed to be redistributed to players through some direct or indirect competitive content.

The ‘Resilient Event’, which can be experienced in this beta test, is one of the exchange fee redistribution system. However, please note that random rewards are applied to the Resilient event because the trading fee charged during this beta testing period will be very small. Also, since some abnormal games carry too much risk of item oversupply or otherwise, on the contrary, to recover an economy that collapsed due to someone’s monopoly, we have implemented some measures. However, we are also wary of the fact that prepared security measures can damage the willingness to actively participate in the economy. We will try to find a reasonable solution before service.

Check the environment to provide stable service

Setting up and maintaining the server so that numerous users can gather together and play stably is also an important point to check through beta testing. We will prepare a stable formal service by collecting various exceptions that can occur in the service environment. There is a big difference between internal testing and the service in a real environment. Therefore, regular inspections are scheduled every morning to ensure stability. In addition to regular inspections, temporary inspections may be carried out for various reasons. We ask for your understanding. ​TL is the most fun game to play together. If you join us in completing TL through this Raslan advancement team, we will definitely reward you with a nice experience. We are waiting for you in the world of TL. Thank you!



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