Throne and Liberty Introduces New 3v3 Cross-Server Arena

Since its launch, the MMORPG Throne and Liberty has been continually developed by its creators. On July 3, 2024, during the scheduled maintenance, a new cross-server 3v3 arena was introduced. This is a trial version, and the developers will make adjustments based on player feedback.

Basic Rules and Mechanics

  1. Participation Requirements: Only characters at level 50 or higher can join. This ensures that only players with significant experience can participate, enhancing the competitive level and enjoyment of the battles.
  2. Availability: The arena is accessible 24 hours a day, with participants selected from all servers. This constant availability allows players from different time zones to join at any time.
  3. Team Formation: Players can form teams in advance or be matched randomly if they enter solo. This flexibility caters to both solo players and those who prefer to compete with friends.
  4. Restrictions: Teams cannot have more than two types of weapons, and combat transformations and several enhancement items are prohibited. These restrictions are designed to balance the matches and ensure no strategy or weapon combination is overly dominant.
  5. Arena Maps: Two arenas are available: a celestial amphitheater and a magical laboratory with a changing battlefield. These arenas offer different environments and tactical challenges, keeping battles fresh and exciting.
  6. Game Modes: Available modes are ranked matches, regular matches, and training. Ranked matches allow players to compete for higher ranks, while regular and training matches provide opportunities to practice and improve without the pressure of rankings.
  7. Victory Conditions: The first team to reach 200 “battle points” within a 5-minute time limit wins. Points are awarded every 30 seconds based on kills and completed eliminations. The scoring mechanics incentivize both active combat and defensive and team strategies.
  8. Preseasons: The first preseason will run from July 3 to July 24 to test mechanics and gather feedback. The second preseason will be from July 24 to August 21, focusing on class balance with a combat system update. These preseasons are crucial for adjusting game balance and improving player experience.
  9. Rewards: Players can earn unique titles during the first preseason, encouraging early participation and rewarding players for their efforts.

Additional Details from the Official Video

The official video provides a detailed overview of how the 3v3 arena works. To access the arena, players must open the main menu and select the arena option. Once inside, they can participate in cross-server matches in regular, ranked, and friendly modes. In ranked matches, players can compete individually or in teams of three, while in friendly matches, teams can invite pre-formed teams to compete.

Maps and Game Mechanics

The arena includes two distinct maps: the “celestial amphitheater” and the “magical laboratory.” Each time players enter the arena, one of these maps is selected randomly. During combat, players are identified by specific colors: blue for their own team and red for the enemy.

To win, teams must reach 200 battle points within a 5-minute limit. Points are awarded every 30 seconds based on kills and eliminations. Players start with two “battle tokens,” which are lost upon death and gained by eliminating an enemy. These tokens affect the number of points a team can earn, adding a strategic layer to the battles.

Buffs and Penalties

Thirty seconds into the combat, three types of buffs appear in the respawn area. These buffs offer various advantages, and players must choose the one that best fits their playstyle. Additionally, there are penalties for leaving the match early, discouraging unsportsmanlike behavior and promoting fair competition.

Ranks and Classification

The ranking system is divided into four levels: Recruit, Elite Soldier, Captain, and Grand General. To reach the highest rank, players must have a score of 2200 and be in the top 100. Ranked matches use a point-based matchmaking system, ensuring teams face opponents of similar skill. Winning against higher-skilled teams awards more ranking points, incentivizing players to continually improve.

Events and Rewards

The inaugural season, which runs until August 21, will include special events where players can earn unique titles and other rewards. These events not only reward players for their performance but also encourage active participation throughout the season.

For a more detailed guide on the new arena, you can watch the official video on YouTube here.

Explore new possibilities and challenge players from other servers in this exciting update to Throne and Liberty!




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