Throne and Liberty: New Closed Beta Gameplay

NCSoft showed a new video from the company’s internal beta test. They also released a new story map that takes us into some new details of the game’s setting, characters, and story.

The video includes some of the key features of Throne & Liberty: We see some character creation, exploration, and some large-scale encounters with big world bosses and extensive PvP castle sieges, with many players on screen competing to lead their side to victory. 

Over 3,000 NCSoft employees participated in the internal test, making sure there were enough players for these big matches.

You can also see in the video how it is possible to use the environment and terrain in combat. This kind of dynamic environment is another sign that NCSoft is clearly going big after pivoting the game from a Lineage follow-up. 

Originally slated for a Q4 release, the game was pushed forward to the first half of 2023, so it’s also not surprising that the beta is still in development, but it appears to be well advanced at this point.

There is also a new “ Play Novel ” style map to interact with. 

If you walk around the map and click on the various items, you’ll get character introductions, monsters, boss encounter details, and mini-episode stories of things like facing sandworms and making discoveries, history, and much more. 

If you’re looking to dig into the details, setting, objectives, lore, and elements that drive this game’s setting, then this is where you should start.


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