Throne and Liberty will be released on PlayStation 5

Inven, the South Korean gaming portal, published a long interview with NCSOFT representatives.

The vast majority of questions turned out to be related to the company itself, but they also talked about the long-awaited MMORPG Throne and Liberty, formerly known as Project TL.

When asked if Throne and Liberty would be delayed due to COVID-19 and if it would launch as scheduled, the developers responded that once summer arrives, they can be more specific about the release schedule.
However, prior to launch, they are thinking of doing one or two stages of testing, although this has not yet been approved either.

The developers kept quiet about the business model and only said that they want to create a good game first and foremost.

But now a PlayStation 5 version of Throne and Liberty is definitely confirmed: the company showed for the first time a photo showing the gameplay of Throne and Liberty from PS5. Previously, it was only said that the game would be released “on PC and consoles”.


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