Throne & Liberty “PLAY NOVEL” June/2022

In June 2022, stories of Throne & Liberty “Play Novel” will be released sequentially on

NC’s official Instagram.

Be one of the first to experience the fascinating worldview of Throne & Liberty through this new type of interactive novel.


Throne and Liberty – Character Creation

Character customization is limited to humans in Throne and Liberty. We can create a character based on a real image that we can upload to...

Amazon Games will Publish Throne and Liberty

The wait is over, the editor of the global version of Throne and Liberty was confirmed. Amazon Games will publishThrone and Liberty worldwide. NCSOFT announced that the...

Throne and Liberty will launch within the first half of 2023

NCSOFT released its financial report for the fourth quarter of 2023, discussed its immediate plans, and also held a Q&A session with investors. Hong Won-joon,...