Throne and Liberty: World Map

Interactive Map – Thone and Liberty

A way to view world information

World Map

Basic Structure

Shows the regions and details of the entire continent of Solisium. 

1Region ListA list of regions on the continent of Solisium.
They are categorized into Bases, Territories, Ruins, Castles, and Dungeons.
The Territories show monster information.
2Region DetailsShows the details of the selected region.
Drag to explore other areas, and wheel to zoom in and out of the area.
3Current LocationA map icon indicating your character’s current location.
4Go to Current LocationWhile viewing a different region, click to return to your current location and center it on the screen.  
5LegendA full description of an icon represented on the map.
6Address and Weather InformationShows the address (Dominion/region names) of the current region, as well as environmental information for the Dominion.

Territory Info

Shows a list of monsters in the Territory and their information, as well as a list of item drops.

To Check Elite Monsters

Use the Check Location button in [Territory Info] – [Elite Monster Info] to check the spawn location of an Elite Monster.

1Check Location ButtonShows the location of the Elite spawn.
2Spawn Location DisplayShows the spawn location when the Check Location button is clicked.

If an Elite monster has spawned, it will be displayed on the map and minimap via the Elite Monster icon.

Minimap and Compass

 ▶ You can examine the surroundings, centered on your current location.
 ▶ Check out the environmental information such as names and area characteristics.
 ▶ You can adjust the opacity of your minimap.


 ▶ You can analyze the distance and direction of nearby objects, centered on your current location.
 ▶ Check out the environmental information such as names and area characteristics.

* In Settings, you can select between the minimap and compass.



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