More details about Throne and Liberty: Global and Korean Release, New Combat System, PVP, P2W and more

MeinMMO shared more information about their experience playing Throne and Liberty at Gamescom 2023

In the latest article, Alexander Leitsch, editor of MeinMMO, shared his interview with Merv Lee Kwai from Amazon Games. And now he shared a bit more about his experience playing the latest version of Amazon Games Throne and Liberty.

As he stated before, the main changes were related to a few of the biggest concerns that surfaced during the latest test of the NCSoft version: Dynamic combat, PVP changes and Autoplay.

In the following video, you can hear Alexander Leitsch answering a few questions about his experience playing Throne and Liberty and the release dates for Korean and Global bersion. The interview is in German, but YouTuber Senns subtitled it, thank you Senns! Be aware that the translation was made with google translator, so some details might get lost. You can also check out our summary below the video.

Throne and Liberty Global: Combat System Changes

To sum up, Alexander was able to play the first 40 mins of the game, and the changes in the combat system are noticeable from the beginning. Now you can move around while attacking, for some skills you will have to stay in place about a second to charge, and then you can move. In his words, the combat is not as good as Black Desert or New World combat, but is way better as we seen on the korean beta test.

Throne and Liberty Global Release: 2024 – Throne and Liberty Korea Release: late 2023

He asked Amazon about the beta test and release date for western Throne and Liberty, but he didn’t get a specific date. As it was already known, Throne and Liberty was planned to be released on late 2023, but now it will be during 2024. They also shared that Korean version is expected to be released later this year, possibly on December.

They didn’t give any details about the Beta test, but Alexander thinks, and we of course agree, that if the game is to be released on december for Korea and on 2024 globally, they cannot delay a beta test too for too long.

Throne and Liberty Global: PvP Changes

He also address the reduction of the PVP in the game. This was a blow for all the hardcore PVP fans, and a good news for all the PvE fans. But even with the PVP reduction, the most bloodthirsty players should still have fun in Throne and Liberty, there will be a lot of ways to kill each other in game. There are quite a lot events, boss fights, instances, sieges and more in which PVP is going to be active. The fortress battle player limit reduction is indeed a bit disappointing, now the battles are limited to 50 vs 50. But who knows, maybe they will increase this limit it the future.

Throne and Liberty Global: P2W

About the monetization system, Amazon assures that Pay 2 Win will not be present on the global version. One of the biggest complaints about this was related to a cash shop item that allow players to continue farming for 8 hours after logging off. But, since auto combat is now turned off on global version, this item will not be available.

Throne and Liberty Global: Autoplay

The disabling of Autoplay is not definitive, if users claim collectively for the auto play to come back, they will bring it back. This not seems likely to happen, but it might. And, if the autoplay comes back, will the pay to win cash shop item be back too? Well, I personally hope we never know.



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