Amazon Games talks about major changes for Throne and Liberty: PVP, Autoplay and P2W

MeinMMO editor Alexander Leitsch was able to play Throne and Liberty at Gamescom 2023, and interview Merv Lee Kwai from Amazon Games

We all know at this point which are the main concerns about Throne and Liberty western release. Fortunately, quite a few of this problems such as the static combat system, P2W, the autoplay, seems to be being addressed by the developers. There’s been some good signs that the fanbase was heard, and that work is being done to improve.

A few more details surfaced now from Gamescom 2023, where Alexander Leitsch, editor of MeinMMO, played Throne and Liberty and interviewed Merv Lee Kwai from Amazon Games. In his article, he declares that he found “some details that make the game suddenly look better.

PVP Changes

The Global version of Throne and Liberty will have a mainly a PVE world. There will be a combat stage for the different areas every 2 or 3 days. This will be announced beforehand, and on that moment the outpost area will become a PVP zone.

PvP will also be available at some world bosses and events, the PVP zone will be marked with a ring. If you don’t enter this ring, you won’t be flagged for PvP. 

There will certainly be situations where you accidentally end up in PvP. But I’ve managed to completely avoid PvP in the open world so far. […] If you stay outside the marker, you cannot be attacked, by anyone.

Merv Lee Kwai in an interview at gamescom 2023

Merv also states that on the western version there won’t be free PVP during the night, without restrictions and karma system. However, there are certain dungeons that only open at night which in turn are PvP. Amazon is also currently experimenting with pure PvE dungeons. 

This seems to change the PVP focus of Throne and Liberty, but when asked about this, Merv assures that Throne and Liberty will be a PvP MMORPG. The battles to take control for each area outpost in the open world can involve any number of players.

What I love about Throne and Liberty is that everything takes place in the open world. So many different things can happen as a result. Other guilds can join the fight and choose sides. But they can also cheat on each other.

Merv Lee Kwai in an interview at gamescom 2023

And let’s not forget about Castle sieges. There is only one castle in the game so far and the siege will take place every 2 weeks.

Guilds will be able to form alliances to avoid friendly fire on sieges, and those alliances can be cancelled at any time, even during the battles, that should be fun. And another fun feature is the tax collection. The guild that wins the siege will be benefit with the taxes of the different areas, but in order to get the cash, they will have to transport the taxes from the outposts all the way to the castle. Other guilds will be able to attack the tax caravan to steal a part or all the tax money. That sounds really fun, right?

There’s no Autoplay so far for Throne and Liberty global version

One of the most important changes is the deactivation of the Autoplay feature. However, this is not a final decision. Amazon completely disabled the autoplay feature, but the will monitor whether the deactivation is well received. The autoplay future will be determined by the player’s feedback.

No P2W on shops

Amazon claims that there will be no Pay2Win in Throne and Liberty Global version. One example is the token that allows players to continue farming for 8 hours after logging out. That item won’t be present on the global version of Throne and Liberty.

Throne and Libert for Consoles

Amazon is very interested on Throne and Liberty console version. The console version will be present on the next test and they hope to launch the PC and console version at the same time. And yes, there will be crossplay between the platforms.

Combat System

We alredy know that the static combat issue have already been addressed and revised by NCSoft. Alexander already tested the new combat version for about 30 minutes, but did not comment about it yet. Hopefully we will have a follow up article soon.

A few more general things:

  • Green grade items can only be upgraded to +6, rarer items up to +12
  • You can fail the upgrade, but the item won’t be broken or downgraded.
  • You can craft your own equipment.

Source: MeinMMO



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