Throne and Liberty CBT: First Impressions

Only one day has passed since Throne and Liberty korean CBT started, and there are tons of opinions. This is the first time we can actually see the game in action, with honest gameplay and player’s opinions. The main concern is, as we all expected, the autoplay and also, the combat system. It was known there was going to be some kind of autoplay content on the game, but no one really knew how much of the gameplay was going to be automatic. The thing is, it’s a lot.

Many testers, and also a lot people that did not even play the game and just watch some videos, are trashing the autoplay features, the combat system, and also the game optimization and the cash shop. But the autoplay is not bad for everyone, there’s a lot of people that uses that feature, and it doesn’t have to be a deal breaker if implemented in a good way, a balanced way. But it doesn’t seems to be the case, is not looking good.

That’s all then? The game is 100% autoplay and you can just let your character do everything on its own? Well no, there’s content in which you need to play yourself, there’s PVP, bosses, dungeons, occupations battles and sieges, end game content; it might get better once you make some progress. And is that enough? Well, it’s been only one day since the CBT started, and it is a beta, so changes can be done if something is not working. Will they change the whole combat and autoplay system? probably not. I mean, they could, but how long would it take? we already waited for Throne and Liberty to be release for what, about 12 years? once again, is not looking good.

But hey, we can always try to make it better, we can’t expect to change it completely but maybe something, let NCSOFT and Amazon know what we think needs to change and wait for the best. Who knows, stranger things have happened, probably.



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