Throne and Liberty: Guild Contract

Guild members can work together to fulfill contracts, earn rewards, and grow their guild.

What Is a Guild Contract?

A Guild Contract is a task shared by all members of a guild, and it is automatically assigned based on the guild’s Level.

By working together to accomplish the goal, you and your entire guild can earn Guild Coins and other items as rewards.

Guild Contract Types

There are 3 types of Guild Contracts: Territory, Dynamic Event, and Dungeon, and they progressively become available based on your guild’s Level. Guild Contracts vary in the number of times they automatically start per day, depending on their type.

Guild Contract IconsDescription
Territory Contracts require you to defeat specific types of enemies in different regions.
Dynamic Event Contracts require you to participate in a specific Dynamic Event and fulfill certain conditions. 
Dungeon Contracts require you to defeat monsters in a specific dungeon.


Start a Guild Contract

Guild Contracts start automatically when they become available.

An active Guild Contract can be changed to a different one by the Guild Leader, Advisor, or Guardians, and all the currently accumulated Contributions will be reset.

Changing a Guild Contract costs Guild resources, and the cost increases with the number of changes made. Also, changes can be made only a limited number of times per day for each type of Guild Contract, and this number is reset at 6:00 A.M. each day.

1Guild Contract TabYou can select information related to Guild Contracts in the Guild UI.
2Current Guild ContractsShows a summary of your current open Guild Contracts.
3Completion RecordsShows a summary of your completed Guild Contracts for the past week. 

Guild Contract Progress

Guild Contracts enable guild members to work together on a common goal.

1Screen MessageNotifies you of the start and end of a Guild Contract with a screen message.
2MinimapDisplays the location of the Guild Contract targets in your vicinity on the minimap.
3Contract Target IndicatorsIcons appear above targets that are connected to Guild Contracts.
4Content NotificationsCurrently active Guild Contracts appear in the Content Notifications.

Open the Guild Contract Details window to see everyone on the Guild Contract and their Contributions.

1Guild Contract ObjectiveShows the Guild Contract objective and progress to date.
2Guild Contract RewardsShows the Guild Contract rewards information.
3Guild Contract ContributionShows the members who have contributed to the Guild Contract by rank, and the number of members currently on the Contract.

Guild Contract Complete

When a Guild Contract is completed, another one is automatically started. Note that there are only so many Guild Contracts you can complete per day for each type.
 ▶ Territory Contracts can be completed an unlimited number of times to activate the next one.
 ▶ Dungeon Contracts from Dynamic Events can only be completed once per day. If you complete the current one the next day, then only one other Contract will be restarted for that day.

1Guild Contract Personal RewardsShows the Guild Contract objective and progress to date.
2Guild Contract Completion HistoryYou can check your Contributions, the top 3 contributors, and the winner of the Special rewards in the Completion History.

Guild Contract Rewards

Guild Contract rewards are awarded immediately upon completion, and the guild members can collect them through the Guild Reward section of the Guild UI.
 ▶ Guild rewards consist of Guild EXP and Guild resources.
 ▶ Basic rewards are given to all guild members for completing a Guild Contract.
 ▶ Contribution rewards are given to those who contribute to the completion of a Guild Contract, depending on their Contribution. Each 1% Contribution increases the amount of rewards received.
 ▶ Special rewards are given to only one member who contributed to the completion of the Contract, depending on the probability.

Recommended Regions for Guild Contracts

Open the Map – Territory information for the Territories where you can fulfill ongoing Guild Contracts.



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