Throne and Liberty: Release delayed until October and Global Closed Beta in May?

Korean Media with NCSoft inside sources, claims that release was in fact delayed and a global CBT will take place on May

According to Korean media, Throne and Liberty will be released in October 2023. Moreover, we are talking about both the Korean and global version, distributed by Amazon Games. We can also expect a CBT at the end of May, for both South Korea and America. Conditions for participation are not yet disclosed.

After an internal discussion, NC decided to delay Throne and Liberty release. Not all the team was on board with this option, and apparently Senior Vice President Kim Taek-heon, who oversees the NCsoft business, insisted on delaying the release of ‘TL’ to the second half of the year.

Throne and Liberty: Release delayed until October and Global Closed Beta in May?
Senior Vice President Kim Taek-heon

Korean media claims that on the 19th, NC’s ‘TL’ development and business organization had a meeting with the distribution business team of Amazon Games, and started building a collaboration system. On the 20th, a source familiar with NC’s situation quoted an insider’s message and said, “At the end of May, NC and Amazon decided to conduct ‘TL’ CBT in Korea and North America, respectively.

The source also said, “Although NC and Amazon had no plans for a simultaneous release, they have decided on a plan to open at the same time, and reduce the gap in terms of service as much as possible.

Throne and Liberty was originally scheduled to release in May, but some analysts concluded that due to collaboration with Amazon Games and Diablo IV release as a competitor, management decided to postpone Throne and Liberty release date. This information was leaked a few days ago, and now seems to be confirmed by Korean media. There’s no official announcement yet.

There was two other leaks last week, one from an alpha tester, that despite the NDA, shared details from the last internal Alpha Test, and also the system requirements of Throne and Liberty appeared online. This information has not yet been confirmed.




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