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Menu and UI Introduction

Check out the basic screen elements and features.

Control Method

Keyboard and Mouse

TL keyboard guide

Xbox Wireless Controller

How to use the Xbox Wireless Controller.

Touch Pad

TL touch pad guide

PlayStation Wireless Controller

How to use the PlayStation Dualsense Wireless Controller.


Quick Slots

UI for quickly using a skill or an item.

Content Notifications

UI to check content that is registered or currently progressed by the player.

Edit HUD

You can change the HUD UI as you like.


Character Details

Shows the Character Details.


How to craft the items you need.


Another name for expressing yourself.


You can use various skills unique to each weapon type.

Weapon Sets and Swapping Weapons

A weapon swap system that enables to swap two weapon sets quickly.

Death and Restoration

Choosing a resurrection point and restoring EXP after death.


Every item that a character can equip.

Weapon Mastery

A system that enables a character to obtain an effect according to the EXP gained as they use their weapon.



How characters move in the game.


You can teleport to the nearest base.


A means of transportation that can take you from one place to another.


This feature allows players to automatically move to their destinations.


Target Selection

Check out how to select a target.

Astral Vision

An object scanning system.

Defense Skills

Skills that are used to defend against enemy attacks.

Astral Hunting

It is a feature that helps users continue hunting without active player control.



A system enables players to turn into other forms to disguise themselves or move faster.

Warden´s Pledge

A guide to the Warden´s Pledge item that grants many useful abilities.



Helpers who travel together with players.

Equipment Lithograph Book

Equipment Lithograph Book

Register items to receive other items that will help playing the game.

Mirror Boutique

Mirror Boutique

You can change your characetr´s appearance and profile picture.


Environmental Change

Various Changes in Solisium happen all the time.

Dungeons and Abyss Points

A points system that helps playing in dungeons.

Zone Type

The availability of PvP and death penalties varies, depending on the zone your character is in.


You can gather materials from gatherables that appear in Solisium.


A teleportation portal that will instantly take you to a Territory



A way to view world information.

Pin System

A function to mark, check, and share a specific location in the World and the Map.



Players can achieve objetives with other players from the same server or their guild members, and unlock.



Players can buy and sell items using various currencies.

Special Shop

You can purchase special items that are not sold in the NPC Shop.



Items that are not bound can be traded between users through the Marketplace.

Divine Beasts

Divine Beasts

Gigantic flying mounts



A feature that displays the schedule for various in-game content, such as Dynamic Events and Boss battles.



Guilds are groups of like-minded people, centered around a Guild Leader, who grow together.

Guild Rewards

Join a guild to play various content with your guild members and recive various rewards.

Guild Distribution

Guild members can share items and profits earned as a guild.

Guild Base

Guild Base

Your Guild's Gathering Place.

Home Arena

Hone your battle skills by dueling with other guild members.

Guild Raid

Guild Raid

A feature that players attack bosses along with fellow guild members.

Guild Contract

Guild Contract

Guild members can work together to fulfill contracts, earn rewards, and grow their guild.

Season Pass

Season Pass

The Season Pass enables players to complete certain objetives and receive rewards for a certain period

Secret Dungeon

Taedal's Tower

Space of Trials to challenge alone.

Mystic Globes

Mystic Globes

Treasure Chets that can be found in Solisium


Field Boss

The type of monster that can be defeated cooperatively by many players for great rewards.


The overlords of each region.

Dynamic Event

Dynamic Event

Content in which multiple players can compete and earn rewards based on their ranking.

Starlight Stones Ritual

A Dynamic Event at the Bear Fields.

Battle for Whisperion

A Dynamic Event at Tuaren´s Terror

Lantern Seed Festival

A Dynamic Event at the Nesting Grounds.

Wolf Hunting Contest

A Dynamic Event in the Blackhowl Plains.

Hidden Brown Mica

A Dynamic Event at the Abandoned Stonemason Town.

Conquest War


Become the guild that owns the Boonstone in each Territory to enjoy a variety of benefits.


Become the guild that owns Field Boss Riftstone in each Territory to enjoy a variety of benefits.

Resistance Event

Resistance Event

Content in which all players compete and earn rewards based on their ranking within a given period of time.



The primary means of communicating with other players.

Emotion Expression

You can use stickers and social motions to express emotions.



Players can make a party for battle.



Establishing Relationships with Other Players.

Kill Records

A PvP record system.

Ranking System

Ranking System

Rewards are given every day based on your daily rank.

Master Skills

Skills that can change the environment temporarily, allowed for a very few special players.

Mail System

Mail System

Players can write and send mail while they are in the game.



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